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slimroast optimum with dynamine

NEW! Valentus SlimROAST Coffee now with Dynamine! The Amazing  Valentus Weight Loss Coffee just got even better!

An upgrade for Valentus  SlimROAST.  It doesn't seem possible  but it is. SlimROAST Optimum with DYNAMINE is the latest  version and it's the improved version.  Adding Dynamine  took our Valentus Slimroast smart coffee from an already smashing success and made it even better!

"This amazing weight loss coffee is an innovative product. A great tasting neurological solution for optimal performance.."

Anything that improves people's moods, boosts their energy, and drops up to 5 pounds their first week, we think is worth yelling about!

And the Valentus Slimroast coffee with Dynamine does just precisely that!​​​​

We'll get right to the point. Come along as we unveil the secrets that make this amazing happy healthy smart brew.


The Valentus Slimroast coffee was added to the product line in May '18. It comes from another great addition to the company ... world renowned formulator Kevin Thomas!

Valentus SlimRoast Optimum With Dynamine was Created By Kevin Thomas exclusively for Valentus

A special blend that is not available through any other companies. And it's quite popular. We are learning quickly that losing weight drinking a-cup-a-day is something a LOT of people are happy to do!

Part of this post will feature Kevin and his interview with Valentus CEO Dave Jordan. The remainder will focuse on the new Valentus  SlimRoast with Dynamine. We need to get you up to speed! So before the interview, here's what's in SlimRoast Coffee (now with Dynamine) and how if benefits you. 

Unique smart coffee created to:

  • Metabolize Fat to Energy *
  • Increase Energy *.
  • Crush Cravings *
  • Boosts Circulation and Oxygen  *
  • Improve Mood & Focus *
  • Help Regulate Blood Sugar *
Valentus Slimroast Coffee list of benefits

excessive weight Affects people All Over the world - Bring On valentus SlimROAST coffee!

Overweight issues are real and they affect people everywhere. We all know some that are struggling.Some of us are part of this group. Losing even a small amount can be challenging.

Valentus Slimroast Coffee with Dynamine  was created to help. Controlling weight becomes more do-able for those consuming even just one cup of SlimRoast each day.

Some call it a blessing for the ability to control weight by simply switching brands.  To have a daily solution without changing habits is convenient and it is masterful.

Valentus slimroast coffee banner

It's no worries if past attempts failed. Having a product that destroys cravings is what will finally do the job.

Cravings Control appetites - Slimroast  controls  Cravings

Valentus slimroast Coffee Crushes Cravings

The formulated neurological system within Valentus Simroast helps your brain turn off hunger triggers.

Not with any one ingredient or nutrient though. SlimRoast coffee by Valentus' special "System for Performance" can only be happen by stacking nutrients.

And now the new Slimroast Coffee with Dynamine has extra ingredients that  suppress the appetite. Phenylalanine and Griffonia Seed Extract just to name two. 


DL-Phenylalanine (DLPA) is an amino acid that contributes to many important functions within the body. It also produces neurotransmitters including epinephrine, dopamine, and norepinephrine. And it suppresses the appetite accompanied with a feel-good affect.

Griffonia Seed Extract 5-HTP 

5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) is a plant-derived amino acid extracted from the Griffonia simplicifolia plant. It converts directly into Serotonin in the brain thereby promoting happiness and suppression of the appetite. 

The Slimroast secret ... stacking nutrients

The secret ... stacking power nutrients that work together in harmony. Stacking the right nutrients that work well together allows a better performance. That's not the end of it though. The nutrient stack must reach the right places in the brain.

The result? Many, but a big one is being able to crush your cravings while increasing your energy.

  • Columbian Espresso Coffee *
  • DL-Phenylalanine *
  • Griffonia Seed Extract *.
  • Methoxyisoflavone *
  • L-Theanine *
  • Full Spectrum Cocoa Extract *
Valentus Coffee with Dynamine
  •  Dynamine  (Methylliberine)  *
  • Green Tea Extract (as VASO-6 TM) 
  • Phenylethlamine (PEA) *
  • Chromium Polynicotinate  *
  •  Beta Ecdysterone  *
  •  ALPHA-GPC - Glycerol Phosphoryl Choline  *

Valentus' SlimROAST Optimum Coffee with Dynamine is packed with wellness!

That's not Everything!

Metabolizing fat into energy and muscle is something your body will learn to do. And it will do it while regulating blood sugars.

Beta Ecdysterone 

Beta Ecdysterone, found in some plants, is a natural phytochemical that helps build muscle mass without increasing body fat. It can increase growth with little to no breakdown of tissue. This fantastic add-on to Valentus Slimroast coffee actually transforms fat into muscle.

Valentus slimroast Coffee With Dynamine

Chromium Polynicotinate 

Chromium Polynicotinate is a type of chromium  frequently found in diet supplements. It can improve response to insulin or balancing blood glucose with diabetics.

Good moods and keeping focused is another benefit of optimizing and balancing the brain functions.

Phenylethlamine (PEA)

Phenylethlamine acts as a stimulant for the central nervous system in humans. It is an organic substance that lives naturally in your body and brain. Functioning as a neurotransmitter it can assist with attention and focus.  PEA also boosts good moods and mental alertness. It's been called the love bug from it's euphoric feelings.

Dynamine and VASO-6 offer those same things. You'll get the most out of Valentus Slimroast coffee by stacking nutrients this way.

A cup a day of the coffee will keep you in balance and continue to manage those pesky sugar cravings.

Nitric oxide creation is necessary for getting the best performance from your nutrient consumption. Valentus coffeewas made for this. It provides feel-great ingredients and detox compounds driven by VASO6™ (a nitric oxide booster) for optimal oxygen delivery and circulation.

Green Tea Extract (as VASO-6 TM) 

VASO6 is an extract of green tea that is unique. It contains an abundance of amino acids and phytochemicals that are known to provide production of nitric oxids. And that's a good thing. Nitric oxide increases blood flow and expands blood vessels. It also decreases blood clotting and the problem of plaque build-up.

But we're not finished yet. We're actually just getting started. Keep reading!

Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine delivered by Vaso 6

athletes  And Bodybuilders  Go Crazy Over valentus Slimroast coffee with Dynamine™

Valentus Slimroast Weight Loss Coffee With Dynamine

It's a bodybuilders dream come to life. Most of us drink coffee anyway. It's not bad for us (unless we load it with sugar and creamer). But a coffee that promotes muscle growth, weight loss, recovery, stamina and energy is something every bodybuilder and athlete will go nuts over. And Valentus Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine does exactly that.

You might not know that Dynamine is now a top seller in some leading supplement and vitamin shops. Particularly those that service to bodybuilders.

The The Optimizing Blog author does a good review of Dynamine™. He calls it "A Potential Caffeine Alternative" and says "It’s the new-kid-on-the-block “stimulant” you’ve probably never heard of".

Here's some highlights from that article ...

Valentus slimroast Dynamine highlights

Bodybuilders Will Love These ingredients in slimroast Coffee Too!


Methoxyisoflavone (M) is being marketed to athletes as a supplement that can increase muscle mass and strength. It promotes muscle growth and toning, metabolic stimulation, and quick recovery.

Bodybuilders love Dynamine weight loss coffee

Beta Ecdysterone

You saw Beta Ecdysterone above about it's weight loss ability and converting fat to muscle. But, like Dynamine and Methoxyisoflavone, it also builds muscle and increases recovery for better faster muscle growth.

Not to mention all the average non-bodybuilding people in the gym that just want a higher quality life and longevity. These people want to live longer and live in better health. We all know the sad statistics for heart disease and therefore the importance of a healthy heart.

Well, you guessed it. Valentus Slimroast coffee to the rescue once again ...

VASO-6 (this Green Tea Extract is highly unique with trademarked delivery process)

From green tea known to stimulate the production of nitric oxide. When the body senses conditions  like physical activity it releases extra nitric oxide. Nitric oxide increases blood flow and decreases the  growth of plaque and blood clots.

Full Spectrum Cocoa Extract

Full Spectrum Cocoa Extract can help with stress, depression, and blood pressure and it promotes a healthy heart. It's also shown to increase cardiovascular health and with mood and energy.

While on the topic, Valentus Slimroast with Dynamine has other ingredients for stress. Griffonia Seed Extract is great for stress. Phenylalanine, Phenylethlamine (PEA), Dynamine, and too. And especially L-Theanine.

An amino acid usually found in tea leaves, L-Theanine is also in Bay Bolette mushrooms. That includes both green and black tea. Studies show L-theanine help people relax without being tired or sleepy. A lot of people take L-theanine to help with  anxiety and stress and to unwind.

slimroast weight loss coffee with Dynamine

ALPHA-GPC - Glycerol Phosphoryl Choline is great for learning and for memory too. A natural compound that works well with nootropics.  It's could also promote the release of calcium and dopamine. It is fast working and appears to increase acetylcholine, a chemical in the brain. This particular brain chemical is a big part of memory and learning.

So there go. That's it in a nutshell. Stacking nutrients is the way and we have an abundance of that happening here. With the new Valentus Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine we are changing lives around the world.

Phew! That was a Lot Said. Hope it  made sense!

In easy terms ...

Valentus SlimRoast Optimum coffee is the perfect drink for your healthy program! Who doesn't want a delicious Cup of Brew that does all that?

Okay! But how Is The taste?

Valentus Slimroast coffee tastes great and the results are amazing.

Try it for yourself   ...   don't take our word for it ... ! Get  back with the Team United member that showed you this page and ask for their  Order Link!

Here comes the interview, but before it begins Valentus CEO Dave Jordon starts by sharing some incredible stats about the company.

Company growth

Our growth in 2019 with SlimRoast Optimum healthy coffee has been beyond phenomenal. We project 2020 will be similar to better.

Sample Program

The SlimRoast Optimum coffee samples exploded. That program will progress and go on. The Instant Youth sampling program will be start soon.


We did more in sales in 2019 than the 5  previous years together! It's been huge growth. 2020 we believe we will break those records.

Breaking Barriers

We've had momentous growth through the normally slow times of year. We will continue opening global markets with lots more to come.

Attracting Leaders

Valentus is attracting networking leaders at a pace we've not known before. We are quickly becoming the talk of the industry.

New Products

With Dr. Joe Ahrens and his Prevail Emulin on board we raised the bar. But we're just starting. There's more coming.

Next Generation

With our high-tech next-generation health products we are getting noticed around the world. Valentus is the place to be.

Game Changer

The Valentus Slimroast coffee is game-changing. But so is Prevail Max, Prevail Emulin, M.O.R.E. Detox, and now the Skin Care product line.

New Product Formulator

Dr. Joseph Ahrens (creator of Emulin) and Kevin Thomas (creator of Slimroast optimum) are incredible add-ons to the Valentus team.

 Valentus Slimroast Coffee Formulator Kevin Thomas   Interview With  CEO Dave Jordan 

Dave Jordan:

"Here's a guy that doesn't take shortcuts. Kevin, I'll ask you to to say a few words about this product. The floor is yours take it away my man."

Dave Jordan Valentus CEO

Dave Jordan

Kevin Thomas:

"Before we get into the details, let's talk about why are we taking slimroast in the first place. What is it that are we looking for? What's the promise?

It's mood, appetite, energy. That's what we are looking for. Let's improve our hormones, our ability to recover, our mood reactions,  and get in a happier place. We want something we can feel and that's at once. Something that we'll notice right away in the first half hour after consuming Slimroast.

Appetite and Mood. Let's kill the appetite, crush our cravings, and do it without starving an hour later. Let's do that  for 4, or 5, or 6 hours. Appetite, mood, energy. And we want energy from not just the optimum coffee but also from the other atrophic nutrients and  thermogenic nutrients that work together.

So appetite, mood, and energy, that's the goal. That's what Slimroast does. People are experiencing it and that's why it is so powerful."

kevin thomas creator slimroast coffee

now the q & a Interview With Kevin Thomas And Dave Jordan

Q: Is SlimRoast Optimum coffee alkaline or acidic?

A: Slimroast is the same as all standard coffees with a pH of about five to six. It is a pH below neutral the same as other coffees.

No one should over-consume coffee. They are all slightly acidic. In the 5-6 range. Neutral is 7 pH.

Anyone on an alkaline diet for other therapies, eat alkaline foods. Slimroast nor any other coffee are alkaline forming food.  So don't overdo it. For an alkaline diet you only need one cup per day to get that the appetite, mood, energy goal.

Summary: All coffees are lightly acidic, approximately 5.5. 7 is neutral. Valentus Slimroast coffee is no different.

Valentus slimroast coffee

Q: Should I take Slimroast  along with  a specific schedule or diet?

A: Slimroast can be used on its own for crushing cravings. It's powerful enough for that. Recall the promises ... appetite, mood, energy.

That's what you want from Slimroast coffee. Using this product together with an exercise program and a good diet will increase your success in reaching your happy healthy weight loss goals.

If you take just the magic coffee alone you'll get an effect. But if you combine it with a diet and a workout program you will multiply the effect.

Summary: Valentus SlimRoast Coffee works on it's own but it works even better if used along with a healthier lifestyle.

Q: Are there any concerning negative effects long-term with taking Slimroast daily?

A: Absolutely not. There have been zero reports of negative effects from any of the Slimroast ingredients either on their own or combined. For many years we've been in the market and testing.

Doses in the millions and nothing bad reported yet. It was with safety in mind that the product was formulated. We work for a balanced body while shutting down the cravings and improving mood, energy, and focus.
There won't be a problem long-term with Slimroast coffee.

Summary: Testing dosing in the millions over the years has not shown any health risks whatsoever.

Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine

Q: A person tried  Slimroast and they crashed. They felt over- exhausted. What could make this happen and have you any suggestions for them?

A: I once knew someone who would fall asleep after drinking coffee. It doesn't happen often but it can. There are people that have sensitivities to ingredients like caffeine and some other stimulants. Those people can experience a reverse reaction. Instead of being alert and awake they might feel sluggish and tired.

Those people might cut their dose in half. They are experiencing the opposite on stimulants like caffeine than what most others do. Their body goes on tilt.

So their system overreacts, or responds differently.  For those people try a half a cup now and another half in an hour or so. Balancing it this should prevent overload for them.

Summary: Some people have different reactions. For one person it wakes them up. For another person, they get the opposite or no effect at all.  It is rare, but some can get tired. Valentus Slimroast coffee is just like any other product ... individuals results can vary.

Dave Jordan Valentus CEO

Q: Can  SlimRoast Optimum coffee cause high blood pressure or  spikes of high pressure?

A: Slimroast shouldn't have any long-term effect on blood pressure. But temporary increases or spikes generally occur immediately after consuming.

That's fairly normal with taking activators and stimulants. We're cranking the metabolism and igniting the sleeping system within us so you'll often see a temporary spike in blood pressure.

Our warning label suggests that those with high blood pressure consult with their doctors before taking Slimroast. And those that are sensitive to stimulants we advise to lower or weaken their dose.

If spikes in blood pressure are overly pronounced ... it's too much product at once. You can dilute the dose and get yourself active as well. The metabolic system is more than a response to a diet. Become active or exercise ... start moving around and circulating everything.

Summary: As with any energy or weight control product, it's best to consult your doctor before using.

Q: What about not getting results with Slimroast. I've been drinking water and eating well but not seeing results ... how do you address that question?

A: Drinking water is always a great thing to do. In fact Slimroast will even cause dry mouth. You'll get thirsty which makes upping your water intake easier.

Too often people think that they're eating well when in fact they may not be. Eating in volume doesn't necessarily mean eating smart and watching calories intake.

When a person talks about not seeing results ... remember the Slimroast promise appetite, mood, and energy. We didn't say weight loss. Weight loss is often times a side effect. But not always for every person.

Valentus Weight Loss Coffee Really Works

When we fix the appetite, adjust the mood, and manage the energy, that will usually result in pounds lost. As we take control of the body we're it's not comfort foods we are focusing on. So we're no longer consuming all the carbohydrates that create ofalse pleasure in the brain.

Consuming Valentus Slimroast coffee won't cause the pants to fall off your butt the next day. Sure you'll usually lose some, and lots of people lose more than that, but it's preferred to add it with a diet and exercise program.

People's metabolic rates differ.  Our blood types vary. No two people are the same. If you become empowered to turn away from the wrong foods and at the wrong times then you are positioning yourself for better eating.


Losing weight is just a side effect for some people. The main goal from the ingredients in SlimRoast coffee are suppression of the appetite, enhancement of the mood, and more energy. These three things will naturally promote moving more, eating less,  and a change in weight.

End Here

Q: Can  we add SlimRoast Coffee to our regular coffee?

A: Sure. You will have a super strong coffee but sure you can do that. Some people like it that way. If you don't want it quite that strong but like to add the Slimroast flavor do a half a serving or less

Everyone has their different tastes. And some love their regular coffee but also love the appetite, energy, and mood control Slimroast brings. They might want the six or eight hours worth of not being hungry.

So yes you can mix it with your regular coffee or take it just the way it is. You are welcome to become your own barista and do whatever you want.

Summary: Adding a 1/2 scoop or a full scoop to your favorite coffee will give it a more intense darker coffee. It's just a matter of taste and personal preference.

Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine testimony

Q: Can Slimroast go with the Keto Creamer?

A: Yes, for keto dieters it's a great way  to keep their ketosis without a big calorie intake.

Keto Creamer contains fat adaptogen nutrients.  So we made it to go with the coffees Your body will stay in ketosis and will will continue burning fat for energy.

Keto Creamer added to Slimroast promotes the burning of fat. Because ketones in the brain induce energy within the brain which creates satiety.

You will burn fat as energy. Then you will convert glucose energy to sugar energy so yo're burning them both which keeps you in ketosis.

Keto Creamer can also be mixed with chocolates or anything else. And It makes stuff taste good.

valentus slimroast coffee testimony

Summary: Anyone currently on a ketogenic diet and in ketosis burning fat for energy, Keto Creamer will add healthy fats with each cup in a delicious way.

Q: Are the coffee beans organic? Are they sprayed with pesticides?

A: My coffee beans all come from coffee trees in a coffee plant. That's 100%. There are two ways for coffee. Certified organic under USDA, and international  for organic certification.

The growers intent is always pesticide free but pesticides exist all across the planet. Other crops that I own are done completely organic but we still find parts contaminated. Small amounts in micro trace size. We do use highland mountain coffees and all the processing is done at organic farms.

The coffee plantations are  passed down through generations from family to family. They are not amateurs.

Valentus Slimroast Optimum transformation

These are in Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, and Brazil. Plantations with crops they really care about. It's been their livelihoods for hundreds of years.

So they are not technically certified organic but everything is tested in labs to confirm absence of chemicals and pesticides.

Summary: Valentus SlimRoast Coffee is not labeled as organic "certified" by the government. Nevertheless, the coffee has been lab tested and confirmed to be free of pesticide and chemicals.

Q: Last question ... Is it okay to have more than one cup of Slimroast each day?

A: Usually one cup is enough, but some people might want more than that. They might want one in the morning and one in the afternoon. You can also divide the dose (1/2 scoop in the AM and 1/2 scoop in the PM) for more consistent and longer hunger suppression and sustained energy.

here's a recording of the interview!

Kevin Thomas slimRoast optimum creator and CEO of Alternative Laboratories, LLC

Valentus weight loss coffee

Kevin Thomas

SlimRoast Weight Loss Coffee Creator Kevin Thomas Shares More Thoughts

To Kevin Thomas From Valentus Ceo Dave Jordan : Kevin tell us what's happening for 2019?

Sometimes people say they will get excited about building their business when the company comes out with X product.

But product X is here right now so don't wait. Valentus Slimroast coffee is a business all on it's own. It's that good of a product. An absolute game changer. So build on that

We will expand on it too. We've been manufacturing nutritional supplements for 38 years. Over 3,000 products that have turned into billion dollar enterprises. Mainly in direct sales.

We are a factory of invention . The nutritional Willy Wonka. Our facility employs all sorts of chemists and scientists. We have farms and fields all across the US. They are ours outright and that are fully integrated.

Valentus weight loss coffee

we supply  innovators Like Valentus CEO Dave Jordan

Retail brands are not something we do. Instead we look for the Dave Jordan's to partner with. We are highly selective and we choose those partnerships carefully.

We have some really cool stuff in the works. At least four different widgets that are unique we are working on that the competitors don't have. It's all very exciting as they will all make metabolic changes.

Manufacturing Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine

A product like SlimRoast Coffee that creates an  unforgettable experience when you consume it ... that's​ a life changer. We are changing lives through wellness. There is a pipeline of innovative ideas and next generation technologies. When you have an experienced industry provider in possession of those things and committed to the trade, the opportunities become endless.

We have that partnership with 
Valentus. You have the leaders. I'm coming to your conventions and your meetings and listening to those field leaders and their groups. We will be the partners and formulations moving forward.

It's means everything to approach this as a partnership. Dave ...you and I are doing really great things together.

"I've dropped inches and 4 lbs in ONE week! I'm so excited for everyone willing to give it a try. Woohoo!!"

Jana Jorgenson, Canada

"I'm enjoying my SlimRoast every morning and for the last 3 weeks and have lost 5 lbs. and my cravings too! So, I am very happy with my coffee!"

Ileana Pizarro, Puerto Rico

Try it Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

We take great pride in the quality of our products. We are confident that Valentus Prevail functional beverages are the most effective and complete weight management, energy, immune and lifestyle products on the market today. Enjoy a 90-day 100% product satisfaction guarantee. Valentus offers a pro-rated product refund on the registered customer’s first order only (any remaining unopened, sealed and re-saleable condition whole box(es) only) if returned within 90-days from original date of purchase (less shipping and handling).