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Valentus Emulin Your Ultimate Guide To Prevail Emulin

by Team United

Our goal is to enhance life by providing an option for controlled inflammation leading to improved health and longevity. 

This web page belongs to Team Valentus United, a group of independent distributors for Valentus. This is not a company page.

Valentus Independent Distributor

This Valentus Emulin Guide is your complete review to Valentus' Prevail       Emulin C & Prevail Emulin M. It is accurate, thorough, and crammed full of value. No hyping ... all factual information. So keep reading and enjoy!

Valentus Emulin C and Emulin M
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If we said you could enhance your health, minimize inflammation and pain, reduce weight, have extra energy, get better sleep, and manage your cravings for sugar with an all-natural supplement created by a two time Nobel nominated scientist, would you want to learn more about it?

We have something extremely exciting to share with you today. The new Valentus Emulin is the first and only known inflammation manager. Emulin's all-natural ingredients assist your body to overtake the adverse effects of sugar and carbohydrates that lead to inflammation.

This Is Your A-Z Valentus Emulin  Guide  

This Review of Emulin will contain all there is about Emulin (also referred to as Emulin M, and Emulin C) ... an incredibly effective and recently discovered all-natural health supplement. We'll start from the beginning of Emulin, including Emulin creator Dr. Joe Ahrens story, through Emulin's future. And everything in-between.

We suggest you go through it all, but you can go directly to any topic if you prefer.

A complete and thorough Valentus Emulin  Review Guide would have to include everything you see below. You will learn all this  about Prevail Emulin:

What Is Valentus Emulin?

Emulin is a patented blend of 3 all-natural ingredients that work in sync to manage and control carbohydrates, sugar, and inflammation in the body.

Dr. Joe  – a Nobel Prize nominee twice – discovered EMULIN. Our immune systems were designed to protect against disease but they can be compromised and fail. Emulin re-optimizes our systems to protect us again.

Minimizing the bad effects of carbs, and inflammation is a direct result of Emulin working in the body.

Those who participated in the discovery of Emulin say this... "EMULIN is the world’s first “carbohydrate manager.” The Emulin ingredients help overcome the negative effects of refined carbs that lead to inflammation.

Mission & Benefit Statement For Valentus Prevail EMULIN

We live in a world of massively excessive refined carbohydrates, mainly starch and sugar. They are in everything we consume.

Excessive carbs lead to “carb-toxicity” - increased blood fats, elevated blood sugars, extreme weight gains, inadequate sleep, and poor mental  and physical energy. Excess intake causes blood sugar peaks, leading to tiredness and constant hunger. Continued overload of carbs generates chronic inflammation – the main cause of many diseases.

EMULIN reduces the unfavorable effects of those carbs, providing consistent energy through the day.

EMULIN creator Dr. Joe Ahrens says that EMULIN would be classified a "vitamin" if it was discovered 50 years ago. Today's food has been stripped of those compounds. We add them back by supplementing with EMULIN.

Dr. Joe Ahrens Answers "What Is Emulin"

Ingredients of Valentus Emulin

The original Emulin C and Emulin M ingredients are Myricetin, Quercetin, and Chlorogenic Acid. But more importantly is the ratio of these ingredients and the way they work together. That is the discovery by Dr. Joe Ahrens and is what took a decade to sort out. Trade secrets and patents omit Emulin from duplication by outsiders.

The compounds in Emulin were intended by nature to be included in out diets. Centuries ago they were. The mixture and ration of Emulin compounds and the processing methods are all part of the dozen or so patents and protections involved with the manufacturing processes.

Emulin Review

Dr. Ahrens said, "These are the accomplishments we had in mind. 1) regulate carbs, 2) control sugar balance, 3) manage inflammation. We knew that with these three, a great many health disorders could be eliminated". 

"We created a formula and with the help of supercomputers rented from UCLA we filtered through over ten thousand compounds and bio-flavenoids. Concentrating on their effects within the target areas we eventually cut the list down to three. 

The three bio-flavenoids that when working together best controlled and managed blood sugar and inflammation".

Dr. Joe Ahrens Answers "Is Emulin All-Natural"

Valentus Emulin Review Feature #1: Dr. Joe Ahrens - Twice Nominated For A Nobel Prize 2015, 2016

Dr. Joseph Ahrens is a 2 time Nobel Nominee and founder of ATM Metabolics. As a plant physiologist by trade and after a decade of research Dr. Joe brought us the incredible Emulin C and Emulin M. The ATM mission is to explore neurological and metabolic issues and to provide treatments for those issue using all-natural plant nutrients. 

Dr. Joe Ahrens
Emulin Review
Emulin Review

“We are a research firm exploring plant metabolics and their physiological pathways. Specializing in ways to better understand and identify clues to creating safer and better therapeutics".

"We are committed to discovering new treatments for metabolic issues and neurological disorders"

One ongoing project is the further development and advancement of the Emulin formula. The job is never done with a true scientist. All of his life Dr. Joseph Ahrens has worked hard bringing to others better solutions for their health and wellness.

This has always been a passion for Dr. Joe  ... something he has worked for his entire life. He continues to study and apply himself to this dream of his. The results have been stellar with Emulin being his proudest accomplishment yet.

Dr. Joe's Education

Most of Joe Ahrens' education came from  the   University of California, Davis, as it does for so many researchers.   Before that he  studied at  the   University of Florida and the   University of Tennessee.

University of California, Davis
  • Specialist in Perishables (1989–1994) University of California, Davis
  • PhD in Horticulture - Plant Physiology (1989) minor in Tropical Agriculture, University of Florida
  • MS in Horticulture - Postharvest Technology & Food Science (1985) minor in Botany, University of Florida
  • BS in Agriculture - Animal Physiology (1981), University of Tennessee

Dr. Joe's Career

Some of Dr. Ahrens experience is a result of his varied career adventures. One of which was his position as the Director of Agriculture of Freshconsult Ges.m.b.H, Salsburg, Austria (1992–1997).

Developing shipping channels in  Belarus, Mali, and Brazil was just one of his projects there. Leading the construction of a unique in-land refrigerated container in Africa was another. Royal Dutch Shell acquired Freshconsult in 1997.

Next, In 2001 was his appointment at the Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) as Director of Research. His work here eventually led to his Emulin discovery. But before that he undertook the launching of some products including Citrus Clean, Grapefruit Slush, and his Grapefruit Solution.

Florida Citrus

Grapefruit Slush is still Disney World's highest rated beverage.

GNC's top selling food supplement was his Grapefruit Solution.

Most importantly, while working on the Grapefruit Solution something interesting occurred. He saw insulin-like activity in the grapefruit testers. And as it turned out that was the start of the Emulin discovery.

Dr. Joe launched his ATM Metabolics company. Now they could go full time into identifying the activity he saw that peaked his curiosity. He thought it could turn into something major. And it did.

The Nobel Prize Nominations

Dr. Joe Ahrens had projects along the way many considered special achievements. Those accomplishments and the global recognition as a result led to his being nominated for two Nobel nominations (2015-2016).

One of the nominations resulted from honorable work in helping to stall the spreading of Ebola in Africa.

Emulin's Nobel Nominated Scientists

Valentus Emulin Review Video #1 - Dr Joseph Ahrens' Projects With Ebola And Dengue

 Valentus Emulin Review Feature #2: The Discovery Of  All Discoveries

We've told the discovery of Emulin story many times and we will continue to do so. We do that because we believe it's a story that everyone should hear if they care about their health. It is a powerful and a very impactful story.

It started with a grapefruit study. While Dr. Joe  was director of the Florida Department of Citrus he was interested in grapefruit sales at the time. They partnered up on a project the FDOC was sponsoring to increase sales. The goal was to find out if there was something in grapefruit that could cause weight loss.

This required a very thorough and detailed study with humans. After-all, if they did indeed find something in Grapefruit that could cause weight loss, they then had to prove it. Those studies were conducted at the prestigious Scripps Institute.

The results were in and their suspicions were confirmed. There really was something in grapefruit that could create physiological changes in a human being that would result in a reduction of body weight. It was proven and the FDOC would be happy.

Something Shocking Occurred During The Studies

But something else was occurring in addition to the weight loss. The test subjects were also exhibiting change that resembled the activity of insulin. And this got Dr. Ahrens' attention in a big way. 

You can just imagine what the scientists were thinking at this point. They found something unexplainable. At least it was unexplainable at the time. And this is what scientists live for. 

This discovery had the potential of going well beyond the weight loss they had initially set out to prove. Something in grapefruit was causing a physiological change in the test subject's bodies that mimicked insulin activity. 

Joe was excited about informing his employer of this remarkable finding. They were sure that like them, the board would be keen to learn more.

Valentus Emulin Facts

To Joe Ahrens Amazement The FDOC Didn't Care

But he was mistaken. His employer didn't care at all about this other finding that had the scientists so excited. . The company was happy about the weight loss results, and that was all they cared about.

Their reaction was "You've done what you set out to do and we are content with the outcome. Now we know what we were hoping for and we do not wish to take it any further".

But of course this did not sit well with the two scientists.. They had uncovered something that could have a massive impact on the lives of people all over the world. And they couldn't just ignore it. So they didn't.

Joe Ahrens  Starts His Own Company - ATM Metabolics

So Dr. Joe launched his own company to continue what he started. He was determined to learn exactly what was behind this insulin-like activity. It had become a top priority for them.

Even though he knew it would be a long drawn out, time consuming, and expensive journey. The doctor was still determined.

So he went to work.

Gathering interest from others with the same mindset as his, he set about gathering the equipment they would need.

Acquiring access to mega-computers at UCLA began the sorting and sifting. They were able to scan across the plant kingdom exploring all combinations of compounds that could be responsible.

This sifting and sorting activity took years to complete but finally did. It was identified what they were hoping for.

Three compounds that when acting together duplicated what they had witnesses so many years ago. An unmatched discovery that could significantly and positively change people's lives.

Emulin Review

The compounds were found in the inner skins of not just grapefruit but several different fruits. Primarily fruits found in the tropics.  The compounds, they learned, could be extracted through an extremely delicate process.

Joe Ahrens was able to conclude that these 3 compounds at the cellular level were meant to be part of our diets. That's what nature intended as a protection and a management mechanism to properly direct ingested carbs and sugars in the body. 

However these nature intended phytochemicals have been long ago bred out of our diets. They still exist but in such minuscule amounts naturally they no longer serve their purpose. Our metabolisms are no longer being managed properly.

Now, (before Emulin that is) instead of these ingested carbs and sugars going to areas where they can do good, they get dumped and stored in areas that only cause harm. Eventually becoming a major contributor to chronic inflammation.

This incredible discovery, that the scientist coined as 'sugar chaperones' would go on to become what we know now as Prevail Emulin M and Prevail Emulin C

And Emulin is now the 'sugar chaperones' carrying these carbs and sugars where we want them to go. Primarily to be used as food and energy in the muscles and in the brain. 

Dr. Joe  Answers "How Did Your Team Discover Emulin"

Valentus Emulin Review Feature #3: What Emulin Does

This is slightly technical, but it's a product backed by science giving real results to real people. So it's important the people understand the science behind it and what it's actually doing in the body. 

When people learn this they know for a fact it's the real deal and that it's unique. That's why we explain the process Emulin goes through in your body to get the results it does.

There are 7 Interuption events of Emuli that start immediately after consumption. These events are "interrupters" of processes that occur normally when we eat  carbs and sugar.

Emulin Management System


Interruption Event #1: Starch into Sugar

Slowing or stopping the transfer of starch to sugar. It starts immediately after eating. It's a standard process that the body converts starch into sugar. Emulin blocks and prevents this from occurring.


Interruption Event #2:  Absorption of   Glucose

The consumption of food normally starts the body's absorption of glucose. It begins in the Upper GI tract. Emulin interrupts this event so less sugar enters the bloodstream.


Interruption Event #3: Re-routing Glucose

Emulin interupts the usual and less-than-desirable movement of glucose, and gives it a better route to follow. As an example, it steers the glucose to muscles instead of to fat cells. The muscles use it as food and energy. Also to the brain for the same positive results.


Interruption Event #4: Formation of Fat

When sugar travels to and enters fat tissue it converts to more fat. Particularly for those living a sedentary lifestyle. But with Emulin the sugar follows a better course to the muscles and brain instead of to fat cells. The outcome is more energy which burns more fat.


Interruption Event #5: Glucose Homeostasis

Normally insulin helps move glucose into cells where it's needed. But sometimes insulin doesn't do it's job so well. But Emulin acts like insulin. Where insulin falls short Emulin can fill in. The outcome is a leveling of sugar dips and spikes leading to a healthier sugar balance.


Interruption Event #6: Uneven Insulin  Release 

Insulin doesn't always release in the body the way it should. Not only does Emulin mimic insulin activity, it also enables to already existing insulin to work better, smoother, and release more. The benefit is a healthier blood sugar balance.


Interruption Event #7: Insensitive Insulin

Those who are insulin sensitive have no issues with responding to it properly. But not everyone is, and the less sensitive a person is, the harder it is for them to respond. And once again it's Emulin to the rescue. Emulin boosts sensitivity to insulin. So we get the job done easier and with less of it. 

Dr. Joe  Answers "How Does Emulin Work"

How Does Valentus Emulin Compare With Healthy Eating, And With Other Supplements?

Health foods and good nutritional supplements are always a plus. They help in a lot of areas. But not the way Emulin does. A person just won't get all of the same effects as they would by adding Emulin.

We're not saying Emulin is a magic pill, although some might swear it is. 🙂 It should be added to a healthy diet. And if you do that, regardless of the issues, there's a strong possibility Emulin will get you back on track.

Emulin Review

Dr. Joe  Answers "What Makes Emulin Different"

Lowering Sugar Intake To Reduce Blood Glucose Doesn't Work Alone

Our bodies are extraordinary, and they have a memory. They will convert back to their original state.  When the body is stripped of sugar, it will adapt by making it's own. Emulin though, has a big impact on this, slowing that adaption process considerably. Metformin, the number one prscribed drup for type two diabetes works in much the same way.

Emulin Facts

Valentus Emulin Review Feature #4: Emulin Benefits

 ATM Metabolics say's this about Emulin:

"Emulin is an all-natural compound that has the amazing ability to counter the negative effects of glucose on the human body. This will become instrumental in the treatment of hyperglycemia and may better the lives of diabetics around the world.."

"Emulin is a discovery like no other. It is a new and safe way of combating the symptoms of diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Metabolic Syndrome is an effect of aging that consists of five symptoms that often go together and that can predict diabetes."

ATM Metabolics

The 5 Symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome 

  • Obesity – particularly about the waist
  • Higher than normal blood pressure
  • Abnormally high cholesterol
  • Excessive triglycerides
  • High blood sugar levels
Emulin Review

these Conditions  Are Often Warnings Of diabetes 

*Important Note: Prevail Emulin is not just a benefit to people with high sugar or excessive blood glucose.  It also fights and lessens inflammation.Now it becomes something for everyone. If you are at all even a little familiar with the onslaught of issues inflammation can cause , then you know how impactful this really could be.

Way back in 2004 Time Magazine did a front page report titled Inflammation: The Secret Killer

Aside from Metabolic Syndrome, Emulin also counters and manages two other serious events happening in our bodies daily. These two events, or conditions, are both contributors to a heavy percentage of health problems today.

Prevail Emulin benefits occur as a result of engaging with and eliminating these two conditions.

Emulin Review

Valentus Emulin   tackles these 2 Conditions:

  • Excessive refined carbohydrates
  • Chronic Inflammation

Refined carbs are a danger to us and they breed unwanted sugar that leads to chronic inflammation.

Clearing our bodies of these toxins creates an ongoing effort that usually results in a slew of health and wellness benefits. We hear it every day fromhappy Emulin users. The product stories are fascinating.

Sugar Addiction

Dr. Joe  Answers "Why Do We Need Emulin"

Valentus Emulin Research

Research on Emulin was performed at one of the leading diabetes and metabolic facilities showing a drop in blood glucose up to 33% in comparison to the control group ( J. Med. Food. 2013 Mar;16(3):211-5).

Even though there are numerous studies documented I'm going to discuss 2 of them. Both of which are on the ATM Metabolics website.

I will update this Emulin Review page as more studies are published.

Studies Performance & Results Analysis

#1. A study Conducted by Eurofins Product Safety Laboratories on diabetic rats treated with Emulin

  • Preclinical Trials
  • 50 Diabetic Subjects Untreated With Insulin
  • 10 Non-Diabetic Subjects
  • Glucose Levels Fell Over 20%
  • Glucose Levels Gained In Placebo Subjects 
Valentus Emulin Patents

Results: up to a 27 percent decrease in glucose levels. This shows Emulin may have therapeutic potential in managing both type 2 and type 1 diabetes.

Dr. Gary Grover, Professor of Physiology and Biophysics at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and Director of Pharmacology for Eurofins, had this to say about it ...

"This is one of the most difficult and extreme research models to test with and I was very impressed with the outcome...I have never seen anything perform like this in this severe of a model, other than insulin itself...you may be regenerating B[eta]-cells"

#2. Human Clinical Trials @dgd Research Cetero Labs/Optimized Clinical Research

  • 40 Type 2 Human Diabetic Subjects
  • 10 Emulin® / 10 leading diabetes Drug / 10 Placebo / 10 Drug + Emulin®
  • Emulin® Beat The Drug Significantly in Lowering Glucose
Emulin Review

Dr. Mark Kipnes, Executive Vice President and Associate Medical Director of dgd Cetero Labs made the following comments in regard to the study ...

"Emulin® does a better job at reducing blood sugar levels in type II diabetes than metformin, the most commonly prescribed drug. Emulin®...[is] a genuine breakthrough."

"At the end of one week, those subjects on placebo had a slight increase in fasting blood glucose levels, which continued into the second week... Those persons taking Emulin® alone had an 11% decline at one week and a 20% decline by week 2".

The History of Valentus Emulin - Media Coverage

Joe Ahrens made a shocking discovery in 2001. While working on a solution for weight loss with grapefruit they saw an insulin-like activity occurring in their human test subjects. It encouraged them to work hard to isolate that activity and learn more about it.

Years later after gaining access to the equipment and resources needed to identify the active compounds, they started ATM Metabolics and began production of Emulin.

At first they called it Sugar Shocker. They later called it Emulin because it emulates insulin.

Since the beginning,  Joe Ahrens and his Emulin have attracted attention and media coverage. See below for some of those videos..

Emulin Review Featured Videos - Emulin In The News

Channel 7 Denver

Channel 6 Orlando

FOX 13 Tampa Bay

FOX News 6

A scientists work is never complete. This is merely the start of Emulin. It will continue to evolve and get better. We expect even more looks and coverage from the media moving forward.

Valentus Emulin  Testimonials

Of course our Emulin review page would not be complete without testimonials from happy product users. At tghis time we will link you to a team channel playlist. Soon there will be another page full of stories and testimonial. So come back often to get the updates.

Emulin Review Featured Video - Joan Parson's Incredible Story Of Emulin

#1 Emulin Review Bonus - Emulin and Inflammation

Inflammation comes in two forms. There is acute inflammation, and then there is chronic inflammation. One is necessary, and good. The other is unnecessary, and bad.

Our body uses inflammation as a response to injury. A defensive mechanism that is normal and needed. Inflammation responses guard the body against bacteria and viruses.

It also assists in the repair of damaged tissue and helps heal wounds faster. It is released when needed, does it's job, and then retreats. That is acute inflammation. The good stuff.

Chronic inflammation however, is different. It doesn't go away. In fact it stays and grows and creates big trouble. Chronic inflammation does not fix damage, it causes trouble.

And if left alone, it can lead to a slew or serious health challenges and conditions.


When we take in carbs and sugar the body recognizes them as toxins. And like all other toxins they get deposited into fat cells and the defenses get triggered releasing inflammation. 

If this was an occasional event the body could deal with it. But it's not an occasional event. It's a daily event for most of us. The body can't keep up with it and the inflammation continues to build ... day after day, month after month, and year after year.

This constant build-up of inflammation becomes what we call chronic inflammation.

But Emulin reroutes those sugars and carbs to other areas of the body that uses them in useful ways. Such as for fuel and food in the muscles and in the brain. Now they are not considered toxins, the inflammation is not released, and the body stays in balance.

This is how Emulin beats inflammation.

Emulin Review Bonus   #2 - Emulin for Weight Loss

Emulin is not classified as a product used specifically for losing weight. But the two often go hand in hand as you can imagine. It makes sense right?

It's well documented that excess sugar contributes to unwanted pounds. And here is an absurd statistic. People consume up to 50 teaspoons of sugar every day.

There's no question of a connection with the obesity epidemic in the world today.

One main function of Emulin is to direct the path of sugar to areas in the body that will use it in a positive way. When sugar can be used as food and energy in your muscles and in your brain it's no longer sitting and accumulating in your fat cells. 

Do you think having all this extra energy will affect your body weight in a positive way? Of course it will. Anything that will get you moving and burning calories will help. 

Emulin and weight loss

But there's something else about Emulin that is amazing. Taking it with food will block about one third of the calories. They never even get to the fat cells. They never get stored so they never become fat.

So that's one more great thing about the product worth talking about.

The result? The side effect of weight loss that is welcomed by many product users.

And we're not done yet. Athletes have a well deserved love for Emulin too. Athletes like to carb-loading before an event. It gives them energy. But the negative in that is the carb-crash that generally follows.

Bring on Emulin. A lot of athletes using Emulin get better performance on an equal amount of carbs. And with no carb-crashing! No that is something to get excited about for any athlete.

The Future of Valentus Prevail Emulin

What's in the future for Prevail Emulin? One can only imagine. We mentioned once that a scientists work is never done. This will be no exception. We already know they are hard at work making something amazing even more amazing.

Dr. Joe Ahrens is passionate about making Emulin available to people all over the world. And there are ongoing studies and work happening that involve other products that contain Emulin. We know there's an exciting future for all of us that are involved with Emulin in some way.

Hopefully this Emulin review had brought some clarity and some value your way. We would love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to leave us a comment below.

Emulin Blend

How To Purchase Valentus Emulin 

If you are wondering where to buy Emulin+, it can only be purchased through a Team United member rep of the Valentus Company. Valentus has exclusive rights to the product and it's the only way they sell it. So please get back with your friend who showed you this page. 

Or you can leave a comment below and we'll connect you with someone.

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