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Emulin History – Emulin on TV – Emulin In The News

Today we'll be talking about some Emulin history. It goes way back. Over a dozen years with TV appearances.

I had no idea there was such an extensive Emulin history. But it's a good a story and the track record is worth sharing. 

There shouldn't be any surprise of Emulin in the news. Nutritional products are advertised everywhere now. On TV, in the news, online, on billboards and in the mail.

Emulin In A Class Of It's Own

But Emulin is different. Much of the media attention is about the discovery more so than a sales pitch or advertisement. The re-discovery of a lost vitamin that every human needs to regulate the bad stuff we take in daily.

We just want to share the Emulin story and sharing the Emulin history is a great way to do it. The creators thought so too and that's why Emulin is in the news.

The Emulin history is what makes it unique

There's a big demand for good nutritional products these days. More people are getting it every day. Good health means longer life but today's food is nothing like it used to be. So we have to supplement if we want the right amount of nutrients.

It's also a saturated market. Everyone trying to get a piece of the pie. And let's face it there are some products out there that are not high quality.

But how does the average person know what's good and what's not? Who has time to take a course in nutritional and ingredient education?

They are all made to sound amazing. Anyone good at ad copy can do that. But, they are not all amazing. Some are great, some are okay, and some are just lousy.

 learn How to get to the facts

Yes we do want good nutritional supplements but we have to learn the difference.

Study the products and who developed them. Find out their history and what studies have been published.

This will tell you how credible and worthwhile the product is.

Peeling back the layers will reveal what's laying underneath. A little due diligence will go a long way. 

Emulin backed by Nobel Nominated Scientists

So let's learn how to determine what products are real and beneficial, and which ones are simply backed by good advertising.

Any company you are looking at should be transparent with their documentation of the science and research that's been conducted. You should also be able to follow the journey of the development of the product.

If a product is new be well aware of the gamble. It's all a gamble but when backed by good science and good documented research the chances of it failing are reduced dramatically. 

Most health products on the market are offshoots of one another

They might have ingredients resembling each other but in varying doses.

Ingredients can have various names as well but the bottom line is that like products can be made to sound very different or new. 

Therefore it can be difficult to know which ones are truly unique. New product discoveries that will have an above average impact on peoples health and on their lives are quite rare.

Consider yourself lucky for finding Emulin. The Emulin history and it's track record being on TV and in the news is almost unheard of for an MLM product.

Emulin M and Emulin C Are Life Changing Products

knowing The Difference

Research over a number of years is a good indicator that a product is unique and special. We are all after a game changer are we not? If a product were not that, chances are the creators would not spend the money to research it for multiple years.

To do that with a run-of-the-mill product wouldn't make a lot of sense.

Emulin is one of those life changer products. The Emulin history, science, and published studies prove that.

But the Emulin owners are not done yet. Truthfully, they are just getting going. They will keep working hard to make Emulin, an already incredible life-changing product, even better.

We expect to see Emulin on TV and in the news many more times. We think the history of Emulin is just starting.

Emulin History - Emulin In The News

Today you get a treat of seeing some of this Emulin History. We have some videos of Emulin in the news for your enjoyment. The videos are old and  a little grainy but that's part of the attraction. It's obvious the creators have been at this a long time.

This is just the beginning as we gather all the Emulin history we can. So stay tuned to this page in the future for ongoing updates.

The Emulin history and the news coverage of Emulin and Emulin on TV  had an impact on me. It had a lot to do with holding my attention when I first began checking Emulin out.

There are ongoing Emulin studies too so it's going to get exciting. This is what we say the Emulin history is just starting.

And now that Emulin is out and available to anyone the testimonials are pouring in and they are amazing.

The product creators and scientists are right to keep updating Emulin. It is an incredible product that is only going to get better.

Emulin Discovery | Emulin In The News | Local 6 News Orlando | Jan 7, 2009

Emulin In The News video #1

In 2003 Dr. Ahrens  discovered the physiological insulin changing  activity with grapefruit users that ultimately led to Emulin. Local 6 News Station in Orlando, FL first reported on Emulin in the year 2009

Emulin on the Orlando news
Emulin Discovery | Emulin In The News | Local 6 News Orlando | Jan 7, 2009

Emulin Discovered | Emulin on Fox 13 News | Tampa Bay | Jan 18, 2011

Emulin In The News video #2

In 2011 FOX 13 News in Tampa Bay did a piece on Emulin and Dr. Joe Ahrens. This is the first of many news coverage for 2011 and beyond which we will share .

>mulin on FOX News

Emulin Discovered | Emulin on Fox 13 News | Tampa Bay | Jan 18, 2011

Emulin In The News | Denver Channel 7 | Joe Ahrens Emulin Presentation

Emulin In The News video #3

Channel 7 News in Orlando interviews with Joe Ahrens.   Dr. Joe explains the discovery and the effects and benefits of Emulin.  He states "we recognized that when people ate things that had high sugar in them, they did not develop diabetes".

Emulin on Denver News

Emulin In The News | Denver Channel 7 | Joe Ahrens Emulin Presentation

Emulin can only be purchased through a rep of the Valentus Direct Sales company in Sioux Falls, SD. You'll be able to order through the reps website. And be sure to have a look at the complete line of Valentus products!

Thanks for taking the time today and we hope to connect with you soon. Be sure to watch this blog for future posts and we would love it if you leave us a comment below. Let us know if you got any value from the content.

So be sure to reach out to the Team United member that showed you this website and get your questions answered. And try some Emulin you will love it!

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Emulin Benefits – 15 Untold Benefits of Emulin You Need To Know About

We believe the Emulin benefits are so rewarding the supplement will become one of the highest discussed health and wellness products of  modern times.

In this post we will focus on those benefits. Which is okay by us ... we find it an easy topic. After all, the benefits are so impactful they almost seem too good to be true.

The truth is, all these amazing benefits are the result of the three main functions of Emulin.

Before continuing let me just clarify there is only one Emulin (with two variations M & C). Also known as Prevail Emulin, it is available from one company only. Prevail Emulin M and Prevail Emulin C are available now through the Valentus Direct Sales Company in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

So keep reading and you will get some facts about Emulin benefits.

Valentus Emulin Exclusive Rights

The Emulin Jouney Begins With A Story Of Discovery

A discovery for the ages. It starts with a Nobel nominated scientist working with grapefruits for weight loss. During his studies, Dr Joe Ahrens recognized something that caught his attention. There was an activity occurring that resembled insulin.

Identifying the cause of this activity was not going to be easy, but it had to be done. After all, Dr Joe is a scientist and it's not something he could ignore. He had to know what was going on. What had he stumbled upon?

It took years of research, but finally he and his crew isolated and identified the compounds creating this insulin-like activity.

Joe Ahrens Creates Emulin Benefilts

The active compounds, he discovered, work together in synergy. The combination was concealed well but their diligence paid off. And now, years later, we are reaping the benefits that Emulin provides.

This breakthrough has been epic. The Emulin benefits are changing lives.

The conclusion: Emulin Benefits are Life Changing

Emulin Plus (now Prevail Emulin) manages three conditions that are always occurring in our bodies.  These three things are significant contributors to many if not most of the health problems that take place today. The Emulin benefits come from the management of these three conditions.

Valentus Prevail Emulin Plus manages  these 3 things:
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Refined carbohydrates
  • Sugar Levels
Hear Dr. Joe's Announcement Of their discovery that emulin not only manages sugar but inflammation as well

Inflammation Is  good ... and bad

Here's something that we want to make sure everyone realizes. Ingesting refined carbohydrates leads to inflammation. And inflammation leads to a huge number of health issues including diseases.

Inflammation dangers can be hard to understand because it is good and needed, but bad too. Short term, or Acute inflammation is good. There is a reason for it. It is part of our body's defense against injuries and stress.

Short term Inflammation assists our immune systems and is considered to be a necessary body function.

Inflammation Relief One Of Emulin Benefits

Chronic or excessive inflammation is just the opposite. It's a killer. It wreaks havoc and is proven to contribute to life threatening illnesses.Consuming a lot of refined carbs frequently brings on chronic inflammation.

Sadly for us, we are overwhelmed by triggers of acute inflammation (the good kind) in today's society. It's just too much. The inflammation becomes out of control and instead of protecting our organs it  attacks them. This is when acute inflammation becomes chronic inflammation, and chronic inflammation is very bad.

But we have Emulin, and the Emulin benefits often overcome the dangers of chronic inflammation. Keep reading to see what some of those benefits are.

Refined Carbohydrates are hazardous to our Health

It's true. Refined carbs ARE a hazard. They become unwanted sugar and ultimately chronic inflammation.

Refined Carbohydrates are "Empty Calories"

“Also referred to as "empty calories", refined carbohydrates are empty of anything beneficial and have absolutely no nutritional worth, yet the majority ingest them excessively day-to-day.

They are refined to be more user friendly with all the more chemical substances included so they taste great. They are also developed for easier storage and a long life span.

Not being actual food they can sit on a shelf a very long time and still pass on as digestible. The body just can not preserve itself in a healthy and balanced way after long term consuming of these non-nutritional food-like chemicals..”

Prevail Emulin Plus  - the first and The only patented all-natural carbohydrate manager

Emulin Blend for Emulin Benefits

The discovery of the compounds that make up Emulin led to the creation and then the production of Prevail Emulin C and Prevail Emulin M. It is an unequaled finding and the Emulin benefits are changing lives.

Emulin gives our bodies the ability to manage refined carbohydrates, thus controlling the resulting inflammation.

Carbohydrates become sugar shortly after ingestion.  That sugar stores in cells and triggers the discharge of inflammation. 

The three compounds in Prevail Emulin work together to keep us safe by providing a better path for carbohydrates to follow. Those carbs then become food and energy for muscles and in the brain. They are burned up in the process. Whatever remains is discharged from the body.

Clearing poisons from our system brings a ripple effect resulting in wonderful health benefits that excited Emulin users are describing.  The stories are impressive and exciting.

These are just a few of the incredible Emulin benefits when we manage carbs and inflammation in the body.
  • Healthier Heart
  • Healthier Skin
  • More Energy
  • Less Cancer Risk
  • Better Digestion
  • Better Sleep
  • Improved Dental 
  • Flatter Stomach
  • Liver Protection
  • Crushed The Cravings

And there's plenty more. Weight loss is one, and better brain health is another. Better brain health includes sharper clarity, clearer focus, and less fog.

Those that exercise should see better workouts and faster recovery times. Another huge one is pain relief brought on by inflammation. Joint pain, headaches,  and even migraines are reported.

Another fantastic Emulin benefit is it's ability to block carbs . Emulin creator Joe Ahrens talks about this. A person taking Emulin 15 minutes before meals can expect 1/3 of the calories not making it into the body.

And lets not forget blood glucose. Some of you with blood glucose challenges will be pleasantly surprised when you get on Emulin. Blood sugar is managed too.

Emulin Benefits are the result of a properly working immune system

 Emulin corrects the body so it can perform the way nature intended. It tunes the immune system. So technically, Emulin is not fixing issues and fighting disease. That's what the body does. An immune system operating up to par can ward off just about any invaders.

Yoga Another Benefit of Emulin

The human body is super resilient. It will normally function well for a very long time without giving in to illness and disease. But the continual slamming of inflammation will compromise  the immune systems over time.

Emulin helps the body fight off disease. The Emulin benefits are the result. 

So I'll say it again. We are hearing product stories from Emulin users that are enough to make you want to cry in joy for that person.  

Get back with the Team United member that gave you this information. Ask to see some of those stories yourself!


How Good Is Emulin for Inflammation? Does It Really Help?

What a great question! Who wouldn’t want to know? Emulin for inflammation is a subject we need to cover. 

I think we all suffer from some degree of inflammation. 

Wouldn’t you agree? So let’s explore further this topic. Because if Emulin is good for inflammation there’s a heck of a lot of people in the world who need to know about it.

emulin for inflammation image

You may have heard us say that Emulin purges inflammation from the body. Yes, we sure have said that but we’re glad that you are here. We don’t want you taking our word for it. We want instead for you to read this and learn just exactly how and why Emulin is for inflammation.

Our goal is to educate people about Emulin and why it works so well. And that is just what we are going to do. In this post, we will explain the relationship Emulin has with inflammation. That will require explaining what inflammation is.

Consequently, you will know exactly why we talk so much about Emulin for inflammation. It will all make sense to you.

Emulin is not a fabricated product

 We love telling the Emulin story. After all, this is not your average fabricated product like so many others on the market today. Rather, Emulin is a discovery. A discovery of unmatched proportions in recent times.

Emulin would be classified as a vitamin if not for modern regulations that prohibit that from happening.

Two scientists in Florida discovered Emulin. These two Nobel nominated scientists did the unthinkable to pursue something they knew was unprecedented. They didn’t know exactly what it was yet. But they knew what it was doing and that was enough to go all in.

The image below will give you a good idea why there was excitement by whatever it was they found ...

emulin for inflammation tutorial

That's a little technical and it says a lot. Don't worry, today we will keep it simple for you and we will keep to the Emulin for inflammation topic.

So the two doctors quit good corporate positions, took their own savings, started a company, and went to work for a decade to bring Emulin to the world. And now we have Emulin for inflammation, for carb management, for sugar control, for losing weight, for better skin, and for more life-changing benefits.

That barely covers the birth of Emulin. Sometime you’ll want to do yourself a favor and hear the rest of the Emulin story.

But just what is taking place that makes Emulin for inflammation?

but what exactly is inflammation?

Another great question. Because if we know that, we will understand better why Emulin for inflammation. It will make far more sense.

So now we'll take a couple minutes and explain what inflammation is, where it comes from, and why it's bad. Then we'll talk more about why or how Emulin is good for inflammation.

So keep reading! 

There are two kinds of inflammation. Acute and Chronic. We all have Acute inflammation. Whether we are diseased or not, it's there. It's part of our body's defense. 

But there are different stages of it. It starts as Acute, which is good, and often becomes Chronic, which is bad.

Acute inflammation is what comes to our rescue when we are being invaded by something. That can be an injury, a bee sting, stress maybe, or toxicities in the air we breathe or the food we eat. They also call this low grade inflammation. It helps our bodies fight back and heal or overcome whatever the event is.

Low-grade or acute inflammation is easy to recognize. It goes through a process while fighting whatever is invading. We think the process is the injury but it's really the inflammation healing the injury.

5 typical results of acute inflammation are:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Heat
  • Pain
  • Loss of Function

what causes inflammation?

Acute inflammation doesn't kick in just for injuries. Stress causes inflammatory chemicals to release as well. The stress could happen from our emotions, or a bad diet, or even the environment that we live in.

Even those who are healthy have inflammation building up to dangerous levels. It's just no match for today’s toxin-filled world. There's no getting around it.

We are fortunate today. We have Emulin for inflammation. Keep reading and we'll explain how it can change your life.

Emulin for inflammation human

There's so many triggers today causing the body to continually release these inflammation chemicals. Our bodies just cannot keep up. Eating sugar products and refined carbs is a good example. The body sees those food like substances as a toxin. And as with any other toxins coming in, the soldiers come out to battle.

So the constant bombarding of inflammatory signals builds up and turns dangerous. Over time it becomes "chronic inflammation" and this is the bad stuff. Chronic inflammation is known to promote disease. 

It's so gradual we don't know it's happening. We think the signs are normal for aging. Not until it becomes problematic do we even realize it.

 acute inflammation is good and we all have it

So let me just say again. Acute inflammation is normal and good. A response to injury or trauma. We all have it. Every one of us. It's something we need to function and stay well. 

The problems begin when acute inflammation becomes chronic inflammation. The environment we live in today is a recipe for this occurrence and for most of us is unavoidable. Unlike acute inflammation, chronic inflammation is not good. It's dangerous and it leads to disease.

And that is exactly why we are so blessed to have access to Emulin for inflammation now. 

 Inflammation was coined as the "silent killer by time magazine in 2004

Chronic inflammation is the reason why inflammation was called the "Silent Killer" on the cover of Time magazine in 2004. They knew back then that chronic inflammation played a huge role in a lot of different health conditions. Some of those conditions are dangerous and even deadly.

So we all need something to combat chronic inflammation. For some of us it is Emulin for inflammation. For others it is lifestyle changes. We believe the magic formula is those two things combined.

Silent Killer Time Magazine Cover 2014

And as word gets out more and more of us will be using Emulin for inflammation in our daily regimens, along with those lifestyle changes. Emulin disrupts the process that takes place allowing acute inflammation to store and build into dangerous levels

As a result, we'll be enhancing the quality of our lives and extending the length of our lives..

So When Does Acute Inflammation Become Chronic?

Here's the layman's definition: Toxins are stress events that the body takes action to defend. Most of us consume massive amounts of carbohydrates (which immediately turn to sugar upon ingestion).

These carbs and most sugars are not natural foods so the body sees them as the toxins. And like all toxins they get dumped into fat cells to store. Meanwhile inflammatory signals are released.  But it's occurring constantly and this creates a problem.

This continual bombardment of inflammation day after day after day eventually becomes chronic inflammation.

The body just cannot keep up. It's all day every day. A constant pounding and bombarding of inflammation. Day in and day out, a silent war, compounding and multiplying. This is when it becomes chronic inflammation.

And here's some of the techie version:

Dr. Joe Ahrens Creator of Emulin

"Our bodies discharge white blood cells to help restore injured tissues which in turn releases potent substances or chemicals. Chronic inflammation works similarly. When we eat processed foods those chemicals confuse our bodies and resemble a threat which causes a discharge of white blood cells. Those white blood cells over time begin to attack the healthy tissue".

 Dr. Joe Ahrens

what are the dangers of chronic inflammation?

This ongoing attack on our organs greatly raises the risk of several severe health issues like diabetes, heart disease and strokes. It's now known that diabetes and heart attacks are often associated with chronic inflammation. Kidneys and lungs and other crucial organs are at risk too.

It's become a problem of huge proportions. The world is in a carb crisis. There's an incredible need for Emulin for inflammatioand the problem is growing across the globe.

Each day tens of millions of people consume massive amounts of sugars and carbs like rice, noodles, bread, and refined sugars. It's creating epidemics with weight gain, organ failures, heart troubles, and more.

Some conditions linked to chronic inflammation:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Some Autoimmune diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Depression
  • Dementia
  • Inflammatory bowel disease and Crohns

Check out the video below it's a serious eye-opener. 5 Warning Signs Your Body Has Hidden Inflammation

emulin for inflammation to the rescue

This is where Emulin takes part. Emulin for inflammation is an answer. It might not be the only answer, and like I said earlier in combination with lifestyle changes.  But it's definitely one answer and a very powerful one at that.

When combined with other anti inflammation habits, changes can be dramatic and fast.

At the top of this post I told you about a discovery that was named Emulin. I said Emulin was for inflammation and mentioned Dr. Joe Ahrens.

Joe Ahrens is still highly engaged in taking Emulin to the world. We have ample access to Emulin now and that is a blessing. The Emulin for inflammation story has been heard by thousands of people now. But we are just getting started.

This patented combination of plant extracts called Emulin is helping scores of people control their glucose levels and reduce their inflammation with positive effects on weight loss and high blood pressure as well.

Emulin will purge the body of inflammation. But how does that happen?

How Is Emulin For Inflammation? How Does it work?

When discussing inflammation we have to discuss Emulin too. For those who have experienced Emulin, the two go together. They are often part of the same conversations because we know how well Emulin works for inflammation.

So here's Your Emulin for inflammation explanation.

You got this far so you know sugar and carbs get routed to fat cells triggering inflammatory signals. This is the problem we've been discussing.

But with Emulin on board, those sugars and carbs are sent to different areas of the body. That's what Emulin does when these foods are consumed. It provides a different pathway and steers the toxic culprits to places they will burn up, not stored.

But there's more to it than that. Not only will Emulin reroute the sugars we eat when we eat them, but will draw existing (stored sugar) out of fat cells and back into the blood stream. Those sugars are then become food and energy for the muscles and the brain.

What's not burned up this way leaves the body through the skin and the urine.

So the inflammation is not released, and we stay inflammation free. The body is no longer tricked into going into war zone and therefore we become free of inflammation.. The danger is gone.

Simply brilliant.

That is a simple explanation of course, but is what occurs.

Joe Ahrens Presents His Emulin For Inflammation Discovery

The Valentus direct sales company has exclusive rights to Emulin. The owner and creator of Emulin, Dr. Joe Ahrens, did an "Emulin launch" announcement call for the Valentus members recently.

On that call Dr. Joe announced he was "all-in" with Valentus, but that's not all he did. He also told his Emulin story. Something that everyone should get to know.

The Emulin for Inflammation Story Story

He shared his discovery of Emulin and particularly the time when he and his partner came to know without any doubt that in addition to Emulin managing sugar, it managed inflammation too. Dr. Joe was very excited about this discovery of Emulin for inflammation.

That moment of realization about Emulin's effect on inflammation was huge. It was a stepping stone to the production of what we know today as Prevail Emulin M and Prevail Emulin C.

I have include for you today a transcript of that part of the call, and the recording as well.

Here's the transcript:

Dr. Joe Ahrens Creator of Emulin

"Using supercomputers that we rented at UCLA, we found out there was a family of naturally occurring compounds that is in all fruits and vegetables whenever they have a high sugar load.

What we found out through human clinical studies, which are also published, is it appears that nature intended us to consume these natural compounds whenever we ate the sugar.

They are a family of natural ingredients that are much like vitamin, that are there to manage sugar in your body.

But once we saw this, we started to get reports from people telling us a lot of their inflammatory issues were going away. "My psoriasis is gone away". We kept hearing this, "oh, I have less arthritis". So we went back to the laboratory and we looked. What is going on here.

Turns out it wasn't just sugar. There was something else happening.

And we made the biggest discovery of our lives. It was one of the reasons my research group was nominated for the Nobel. Yes, this product does manage sugar in your body.

More importantly, it manages inflammation. 

Inflammation is a very important thing. We all need it. It is is the second step in our first line of defense. Whenever we are attacked by a disease organism, or even a splinter or a bee sting, you get inflammation. That is just the body sending out soldiers inside your body to take care of whatever that incident was, whether it was a poison, or a pathogen or splinter, it sends out its soldiers.

Unfortunately, without inflammation managers in your body that inflammation runs away like a runaway train. And it keeps attacking that wound site. It goes overboard and it starts attacking your own self. This is really what we discovered. We now have a vitamin like compound that regulates sugar, and it regulates inflammation. And it's important that those two are tied together in your body.

Why would a vitamin manage sugar and also manage inflammation?

Because refined sugars are perceived by your body as a poison, which results in inflammation. So it's a two step process. Regulates sugar, regulates inflammation, and it makes sure that your body knows what to do with sugar when it comes into your body.

So you need these compounds in your body to properly respond to sugar. To tell your body how to process the sugar, and to regulate any inflammation that would show up.

We named this product Emulin"

 Dr. Joe Ahrens

And here is a recording of that call. Hear it yourself straight from the man who made the Emulin and inflammation discoveries, Dr. Joseph Ahrens

Emulin For Inflammation Will Become A hot topic 

Every day people will become more aware of the complications of inflammation. And of the dangers associated with it. We believe people will also become more aware every day of Emulin and the advantages of Emulin for inflammation.

The Valentus direct sales company are the sole providers of Prevail Emulin. Both versions. If you didn't know there is an Emulin M, and an Emulin C. These two products have different targets but they are essentially the same in formulation. Slightly different ratios for slightly different purposes.

Here's a little explanation of Emulin C vs Emulin M.

Valentus wants to help improve the health of people around the world. That is their vision. They know that by improving people's health they will improve their lives.

And now Valentus is quickly becoming known worldwide because of Emulin. Whatever your goals are, be it a healthier life or financial freedom, Valentus and Prevail Emulin can be your vehicle to reach these goals.

If you ever wanted to be in a company before they reach critical mass now is the time. We have just begun. So Learn more about Prevail Emulin, and why Emulin for inflammation will become a topic spoken often and globally. And join our winning team today.

Thank You for visiting,