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We have some good stuff for you today! The Prevail Max product by Valentus is a simple spray that can add value to your life. AKA PrevailMAX ... and in this post we will give you the skinny on this amazing new product!

You haven't heard a lot about the Prevail Max product yet, but you will. Valentus has some amazing products, let by Emulin and ThermoRoast and sometimes those flagship products overshadow the others. 

But make no mistake, Valentus has a powerfully stacked lineup and Prevail Max is a front runner as well! And PrevailMax is getting more attention every day.

What's So Great About This  Prevail Max Product by Valentus?

Great question. Let em tell you what it is, and then you be the judge how's that?

So first ... what Prevail Max will do for your body and your health. And then .... how it does it.

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How Does The Valentus Prevail Max Product Improve My Health

  1. 1
    PrevailMAX's main function is to maximize and increase blood flow.
  2. 2
    When the cardiovascular system and blood flow is functioning properly amazing things happen.
  3. 3
    Increases in blood circulation and flow promote better organ function and cell growth.
  4. 4
    Muscles benefit big time when blood flow is increased. If you lift weights you know all about the famous "pump". But have you noticed it's harder to come the more you age?
  1. 5
    Heart protection. A healthy heart is a stronger heart. 
  2. 6
    A strong pumping heart relaxes, lowering the heart rate, and the blood flows more smoothly and evenly.
  3. 7
    Healthier skin is more protected against bacteria and infections.
  4. 8
    Improved brain function can be a result of a good circulatory system. Have a clearer, more focused, and sharper mind. Less stress.
  5. 9
    Improving blood flow could be the most beneficial thing you ever do for your body.

Poor Blood Cell Health Is Something That Most Of Us Suffer From

Maximize and increase your blood flow with Prevail Max . Most of us have blood cells that are not the greatest and that could be in better condition. The cells are not able to do their jobs as best that they could.

And according to the creator of the Valentus Prevail Max product, Dr Shawn Mueller, this is something that affects all of us.

Value Bomb

"A healthy blood cells most important feature is maintaining full hydration. This "osmotic pressure" is similar to a fully inflated basketball – the cell becomes round and tight".

The Valentus Prevail Max spray product fixes that problem. Max is a next-generation nutritional development that gives new life to failing blood cells. Add it to your daily regimen and bring your circulatory system back to it's prime.

Healthy Blood Cells Help Your Body Deliver Nutrients Better

Your body will deliver nutrients better, faster, and more efficiently with healthier blood cells. And not only does a proper blood flow allow better delivery of nutrients, but it also assists in a more complete absorption of those nutrients.

The result:  more energy and better focus.

The valentus prevail max product improves blood flow

Here's a more scientific answer: "Charging the cells electromagnetically magnifies their osmotic pressure, thus improving cellular hydration to more efficiently carry vitamins and minerals into the cells."

Ok that was a mouthfull ... did you get it all? That's okay we'll break it down. Most people are just looking for better health and to feel energized.

Our Secret: Prevail Max Spray Product by Valentus

PrevailMAX spray is your secret weapon. Small enough to penetrate straight to the cells membranes the Nano sized particles spray straight into the mouth. Super easy.

10 trace elements of minerals that have been charged electromagnetically at the molecular level. The manufacturing methods used are proprietary. The process promotes added osmotic pressure and homeostasis.

These trace amounts include copper, potassium, iodine, silica, sodium, chromium, boron, selenium, and zinc.

What does it all mean? PrevailMAX oxygenates the blood stream!

The Prevail Max  spray bottle

Lets have more discussion about red blood cells, and particularity what makes a healthy blood cell healthy and what is an unhealthy one?

Would you agre that's a good question?

The answer is ... a fully hydrated blood cell is a healthy blood cell. And it keeps that full hydration.  This blood cell that has a full state of "hydration", or "osmotic pressure" is full, round, and tight. Like I said above it simulates a completely inflated basketball.

But most people don't have this full range of ideal blood cells, and that is the problem.

Prevail Max by Valentus: The Miracle For Unhealthy Blood Cells

Red blood cells that are unhealthy and under-inflated do not flow smoothly. They turn elongated, ovulated, and odd shaped. They stick and clump together. It is not at all the best scenario for our health. We want bloods cells that are full round and tight so they flow quickly and freely.

This is where the Valentus Prevail Max product comes in. Max immediately goes to work to begin a process that charges the cells electromagnetically. This process of osmotic pressure promotes full hydration.

That is the ideal scenario that we all want to achieve. Full hydration allows the blood stream to transport vitamins and minerals much more effectively to where they need to go.

This might sound somewhat complex. But no worries ... the Prevail Max product does all the work. We just let it! And I'm providing two short videos that explain everything.

But first ...

10 Noteworthy Features Of PrevailMAX!

  1. 1
    PrevailMAX™ ignite your cells with supercharged electrolytes. Inflating tand spacing them so they freely float freely through your blood stream.
  2. 2
    With the cells new Max induced inflated shape and fluidity, they use nutrients and dispose of toxins at a much higher capacity.
  3. 3
    Delivery of nutrients within the cells happen better and faster with the Prevail Max product.
  4. 4
    Fast and easy to use and tastes amazing (with a splash of mint for fresh breath) Just four shots 3 times a day and you're done!
  5. 5
    Instant results. Benefits start in mere minutes and will last for hours at a time.  
  1. 6
    Easy to share. Just tell your own product story and offer others to try it! 
  2. 7
    A unique technology that is patent-pending. No one else has anything like it.
  3. 8
    Valentus has secured the exclusive rights to Prevail Max for network marketing in the global markets.
  4. 9
    The average person has what Prevail Max addresses ... "sticky blood". 
    Bad eating and poor health habits makes sticky blood "stack", blocking nutrients from being absorbed properly.
  5. 10
    Valentus' PrevailMAX has a fevolutionary technology so ground-breaking that the results are visible under a microscope in just minutes.

The Valentus Prevail Max Product's Secret Lies In It's Manufacturing  And The Delivery Method

Secrets behind Prevail Max lie in manufacturing and the delivery method. Max cannot be duplicated by copying the ingredients or by consuming it's ingredients without the processes used to make the product.

Prevail Max Product banner

Micro elements delivered in nano-sized aerosol amounts work together to enter the cells in record time. This is working at the cellular level.

Prevail Max is unique with these patented processes. But not just unique ... it's also exclusively Valentus.  No other company has this product nor will they. It was formulated specifically for Valentus So enjoy!

And now for some notes from the MAX creator Dr. Shawn Meuller. The notes were taken from one of his videos which I've also included below.

 Prevail Max Product by Valentus Works Like This :

From Dr. Shawn ... I will show you this product works and exactly how ... and you'll know then why it's as effective as it is.

He continues ... it performs at the cellular level. This engaging our red blood cells (called the erythrocytes) is the primary function.

Dr. Mueller draws a erythrocyte which is a circle. He names the circle a healthy red blood cell.

And goes on to say "here's where Prevail Max affects all of us. Unhealthy blood cells are something that we all have. Usually this is what they look like ( draws a deformed circle).

Then explains blood that is "sticky". Blood cells that are not health and full do not flow well. They cling together and their flow becomes erratic and slow.

Smooth Blood Flow Is Essential

Our blood needs to flow smoothly and quickly for top performance. One of our goals is the smooth and efficient transport of essential nutrients. Blood that is flowing smoothly will ensure that happens.

If you can image, blood that is not flowing well will not transport anything well. You might know that being in a state of nutrient deficiency will lead to a lack of energy, a poor immune system, and weak brain performance.

you can see the provail max product work under a microscope

It is essential the vital nutrients reach the brain for focus, mental clarity and positive thoughts. No one wants to waste time and money taking minerals and nutrient supplements if they don't get to where they are needed.

Makes sense right?

And that is exactly what is occurring with blood that lacks oxygen and osmotic pressure. The nutrients are not being carried. We absolutely need those big round basketball looking blood cells

We All Need PrevailMAX  In Our Bodies

Our blood system is designed to take in the good, send it where it's needed, while getting rid of the bad. That's what it's supposed to be doing, and that's what it does when it's working right. A constant renewing and filtering cycle.

If we don't purge the bad, risky toxin levels build up. It can cause negative effects that lead to sickness and disease.

Valentus Prevail Max is high-tech nutrition involving nano particles that work at the molecular level. The tiny particles of minerals absorb directly into cells and go to work immediately. 

There's nothing else like it. You can literally see it working under a microscope. 

This is the ultimate. For peak performance we absolutely must have a healthy foundation. And it all begins with getting those crucial minerals and vitamins where they need to go. To the cells.

Prevail Max Starts Working Immediately 

Here's how super easy Prevail Max is to take. 4 sprays into the mouth. That's all there is to it. No mixing, no drinking, no chewing, no swallowing and no waiting for results. Just open the mouth and spray. 2 minutes and it's working.

Prevail Max logo

You can watch MAX spray work under a microscope. It's really something to see.  The blood cells begin flowing quickly and smoothly. There will be a glow or halo around the cell. Science calls it an electromagnetic radiant ring. Whatever it's called it's a definite sign of efficient and proper osmotic pressure.

Now the cell is ready for complete absorption and transfer of nutrients. Regardless if the nutrients come from food or supplements.

Our blood cells must be in prime condition to carry out the necessary functions they are meant for. If they are not we are wasting effort. It's much like spinning the wheels but not getting anywhere.

I Just Want Good Health. Is The Valentus Prevail Max Product For Me? 

This is easy ... good blood flow and healthy cardiovascular systems bring massive benefits to everyone. Necessary growth of cells and normal organ functions will return. And the heart will be healthier and beat longer.

You'll most likely be more energized and your body can work hard with less effort and recover quicker. You will perform better in everything you do.

Your skin will do amazing things. You might appear younger. There are so many positives to enhancing your flow of blood. You might have better focus, clearer thoughts, and less stress.

Including Valentus Prevail Max with your daily health routines might be the smartest move you could make. Who doesn't want to add to their quality and longevity of health and life?

Okay. Are  You Ready For Those  Two  Max Videos  I Promised?

Valentus Prevail Max Product Review Video 1

PrevailMAX Formulator and Creator Dr. Shawn Mueller Explains The Product

Valentus Prevail Max Product Review Video  2

Dan Wilson, A Professional Blood Microscopist Does An Amazing PrevailMAX Demonstration

Try PrevailMAX and do your body right!

I hope you got value from this Valentus Prevail Max product review.

And remember, Prevail Max, or PrevailMAX, is exclusive to only one company in the world and that company is Valentus.

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