Do People Lose Weight On Emulin?

We get this question a lot. Do people lose weight on Emulin? Weight loss is a huge category and people are always looking for something that really works. Something that’s not just a band-aid but a real solution for the long term.

There’s a lot of stuff out there. Some works and most of it doesn’t. But today we are going to talk about something that we know about. Something that DOES work. Today we will tell you not if people lose weight on Emulin, but how many people lose weight on Emulin. What are the percentages?

girl holding scale is losing weight on emulin

The answer to that is most. Most people lose weight on Emulin. That’s great to know … and I’ll bet you would like to know how and why that happens.

So that’s another thing we are going to tell you about today. How do people lose weight on Emulin, and why do people lose weight on Emulin. So stay tuned and we’ll get right to it.

Weight Loss and Emulin Go Together

people lose weight on emulin

We get our information from the creator of Emulin, Dr. Joe Ahrens. No one else matches his expertise on the subject. Recently he was interviewed for an Emulin FAQ and weight loss was one of the topics. I’ll include the recording of that call in this post. But first, we’ll explain it all in-depth.

Emulin’s main purpose is to manage sugar, carbs, and inflammation. That was the discovery, and that’s how it provides life-changing results for people in pain and in poor health.

But through these processes, people are losing weight on Emulin too. The weight loss happens to be a wonderful side effect. It’s no secret there is a distinct connection with people that have high blood sugar issues and weight problems. Excessive weight is often a by-product of sugar diabetes for example.

Those are the people that are also experiencing weight loss with Emulin. The two go together. With one often comes the other. When sugar levels lower, weight usually does too.

Now we’ll explain how and why.

Sugar Is Toxic To Our Bodies

Experts say that Americans take in as much as 50 teaspoons of sugar on a daily basis, in various forms. This is an absurd amount of sugar to ingest into a body, but with today’s food choices and what people accept to be okay, this is really happening.

When we ingest sugar, our bodies see it and treat it as a poison. And just as it does with any other toxin, the body takes that sugar and dumps it into our fat cells. That is a function of insulin. Unfortunately, when a person is not active enough or is ingesting so much sugar that the body cannot keep up, it turns into fat.

people trying to lose weight on emulin with a sugar addiction

One of the many numerous and wonderful benefits of Emulin is its ability to pull those sugar contaminates and refined carbs back out of the fat cells and into the bloodstream.

Now those sugars have a path to other parts of the body that will utilize them in far more useful ways. Such as food and energy for the muscles and the brain. A process that helps us to be stronger and healthier physically and mentally.

I*’m sure you are beginning to see now the scientific explanation of how this can cause a fat-burning effect as well. People lose weight on Emulin because the fat-causing culprits get burned up as energy. Isn’t that cool? We think it’s really cool.

Losing Weight Is A Side Effect Of Emulin

Here’s something else that’s cool. If Emulin is taken shortly before a meal it will literally block about 1/3 of the calories taken in. So what’s this mean? In addition to Emulin burning fat, it blocks fat too. Those who are losing weight on Emulin are losing even more weight if taken this way.

Emulin and weight loss

And there’s more. In addition to just losing weight on Emulin, include some fringe benefits and fun side effects like more brain focus and clarity, better deeper sleep, less inflammation, faster recovery from workouts, and just being extra energized.

That alone is worth taking Emulin if you ask me. Would you agree?

Dr. Joe Ahrens Explains Why People Lose Weight On Emulin

Now lets hear it from the man himself. The discoverer and creator of Emulin, 2 time Nobel Nominated scientist Dr. Joe Ahrens. I’ll do it in sections and provide some of my own feedback as well. The recording of this interview is down below too.

“As far as Emulin and weight loss goes, the way we’ve approached this is weight loss is a kind of side benefit because there is a direct correlation between blood sugar levels and excess weight.”

joe ahrens creator of emulin

Joe Ahrens

Most people are aware of this connecting between high sugar and excess weight. Often times obesity is a result of diabetes. You might know that one of the first things a doctor will tell you is to lose weight and this will help balance and lower your glucose levels.

The doctor will probably even recommend or provide a low or no-sugar diet to follow. He or she may also instruct you to study and learn about starches and foods that contain sugar … and how to read food labels.

Another culprit is a sedentary lifestyle. That’s another thing your doctor will tell you. You need to get moving! Start an exercise regimen to save your quality of life. Good food will provide good energy. Good energy will get you moving. It’s a win-win.

Remove the sugar from your body, start exercising, get on Emulin, and watch what happens. You can magnify your Emulin weight loss.

Dr. Joe continues …

“ So you may not be pre-diabetic and you may not be diabetic but you might have a little too much sugar in your blood, and insulin is going to look to put that in the fat tissue.”

Lose weight on Emulin with dr. joe ahrens

Joe Ahrens

It would be safe to say that we all have too much sugar in our bodies. It’s almost unavoidable anymore. There was a time when sugar wasn’t in everything we eat but those times are long gone now.

Now we have an obesity epidemic around the globe that is alarming and that is killing people too young. Even our kids are becoming obese now. It’s time to start taking it more seriously.

Dr. Ahrens goes on …

” So we inhibit that action with Emulin. We do not shut it down entirely … we think the body knows what it’s doing … we just inhibit it a little bit. We get the sugar to burn up in muscle tissue and also into your brain. The brain only lives on glucose. In most normal situations it just thrives on glucose. So the result is you feel energized, you feel bright, and you’ll start losing some pounds.”

joe ahrens discovered emulin

Joe Ahrens

This is what our amazing Emulin does. That's why people lose weight on Emulin. It works to regulate the process in our favor. In the near future we’ll include another post that breaks down exactly how this process happens for those that are more technically minded and have to know.

Most of us though are happy just to know what it does not necessarily how.

Do you know where the name Emulin came from? Dr. Joe came up with this when he discovered the characteristics that got his attention. During some studies in the process of another project, he noticed something that was mimicking insulin. This is what originally grabbed his undivided attention

Emulin Emulates Insulin

Emulin … now Prevail Emulin, available exclusively through the Valentus company, emulates insulin. Carbs convert to sugar (glucose) almost immediately upon ingestion. One of the main functions of Insulin has an impact on where this glucose goes next. So does Emulin.

Weight Loss Is Easier With The Help Of Emulin

Insulin directs sugar into the fat cells. That’s it’s job. But when the body is saturated with 10 times more sugar than was designed, stuff goes haywire. It cannot keep up. That’s where Emulin comes in. It right’s the ship so to speak. It provides the missing links to get everything back on track.

With Emulin the excess gets rerouted to parts of the body that can burn it up. The rest gets extracted right out of the body.

Joe Ahrens continues …

“ There are two Emulins out there on the market right now … M and C. M is for people who have no concerns over blood sugar levels. They’re not pre-diabetic, they’re not diabetic, they should take the M. Because M contains more quercetin which is very conducive for glucose to leak out of fat tissue. Quercetin causes glucose and triglycerides to leak out through process of lipolysis back into the bloodstream and then it can be burnt up in the muscle.”

“So that’s great for weight loss but it’s not too good for diabetics. So we have the C which has less quercetin, only a trace amount so that we won’t have to contend with any elevated blood sugar levels.”

dr joe helps lose weight on emulin

Joe Ahrens

So you see now …. burning fat and gaining energy is the usual result from the events that take place, bringing many people to lose weight on Emulin.

And we’ll keep beating that drum. Losing weight on Emulin is a welcomed side effect along with all the other life-changing benefits.

The #1 benefit? Removing damaging inflammation from the body. This is why we say life-changing. It really is. Inflammation is responsible for a lot of diseases, ailments, and pain.

prevail emulin statement

I mentioned the body sees refined carbs and sugars as a toxin. And just like any other danger, the body reaction is the discharge of inflammatory signals. That’s normal and not necessarily bad. When you get a bee sting you want inflammation to be released.

The problem is though, the constant intake of too much sugar resulting in the constant discharge of inflammation. The body can’t keep up the continual release of inflammation day after day after day. It builds up and it compounds and it becomes chronic inflammation which is no longer good. In fact, it is really really bad.

Chronic inflammation is the root cause of most diseases that we suffer from.

So …. Emulin to the rescue. And the weight loss that comes along with it. Just a very rewarding and enjoyable side effect.

There’s something else I’ll mention while I have your attention. It’s not to do with the weight loss but it is to do with another incredible advantage some Emulin takers are experiencing and I fell sits in the same category. Physical fitness and ideal weight kinda go hand in hand.

Weight Loss Is Easier With The Help Of Emulin

Carb-loading is part of the journey for a lot of athletes. It’s one way for them to sustain the energy they need to perform at max to the end of the event. The problem with carb-loading is the carb-crash that follows.

Emulin however, reduces that crash significantly.

We have athletes talking about being able to go further and perform better with less carb … and Emulin. This is great. Not only are people losing weight on Emulin, but they are also performing better too.

more energy when you lose weight on emulin

Think about it. Emulin is a patented carbohydrate manager. It promotes efficient carbohydrate management. Without Emulin we are at a disadvantage. With the carb-filled foods of today, the odds are against us. But Emulin helps. It evens out the highs and lows from carb-loading. You will be able to maintain your energy longer.

That explains the athletes thing. They are reporting on better recovery and improved endurance. They say they can last longer in their sports events and recover faster after those events. They swear by it.

So the question has been answered. Yes, people lose weight on Emulin. Lots of people. But they are also benefitting in numerous other ways. Some that are life-changing and some that are even life-saving. And some say they will never go without their Emulin as long as they live.

But Is Emulin Safe For Everyone?

Yes … Emulin is super safe for everyone … as Joe Ahrens likes to say “everyone, womb to tomb, should be on Emulin”. Joe also says that if Emulin had been discovered years sooner before the “new vitamin restrictive laws” were in place, it would be a vitamin. Emulin is essential just like the other vitamins are.

Even those in perfect health already should be on Emulin. It is good for you and your body.

Ongoing Emulin Research

dr jo and daryl thompson the 2 creators of emulin

A scientist’s work is never done. There is always be room for improvement. That’s what any scientist will tell you. Dr. Joe and his Emulin team are no exception. Emulin is amazing as it is, but they intend to continue perfecting it.

There are ongoing studies and theories as we speak, already showing hugely promising results. It’s exciting stuff and will be fantastic news to share when we are able. Those who understand Emulin and it’s power are excited now. They will be even more excited.

Dr. Joe’s Interview Recorded

Here’s the recorded Dr. Joe Interview call recorded. Or at least a piece of it that pertains to this particular post. Stay tuned to this blog for the rest of the Emulin story!

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