Emulin For Skin – Does Emulin Promote Healthy Skin?

Is Emulin Good For Skin Health?

Emulin helps your body manage refined carbohydrates, sugar, and inflammation.

Skin problems are a popular topic. Especially for those getting on in their years. We all want to do whatever we can to stay somewhat young-looking. And for those who are on or familiar with Emulin, the question often arises. Is Emulin for skin? Can it be for skin? Does it help with skin problems or does it promote healthy skin?

Those afflicted with allergies often wonder the same thing. A lot of allergies result in skin rashes and irregularities.

If you have skin issues you know what we are talking about. A lot of people suffer and experience discomfort and sometimes even embarrassment. To know that Emulin works towards healthy skin on top of everything else it does. That would be quite exciting for many.

Inflammation Triggers Skin Conditions

Emulin for Skin

There is some good news in all of this. Skin conditions and skin ailments are often brought on by inflammation. That’s not the good news …. but the good news is that Emulin can help. Yes, Emulin is for skin in many cases and it can provide relief.

Emulin removes inflammation from the body. Inflammation that we all have. It’s in every one of us to some degree. It starts slow, builds up, and compounds. So you can’t go wrong taking Emulin. It’s for every human young or old. As the creator himself likes to say, 2 time Nobel nominated scientist Dr Joe Ahrens … from womb to tomb.

So if inflammation triggers skin ailments, to say Emulin for skin is a no brainer. Of course it is!

Dr. Joe says, “those people that started taking Emulin for high blood sugar, end up telling me, my Psoriasis is gone”.

Dr. Joseph Ahrens

Dr. Joe Breaking It Down In A Recorded Interview

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I’ve included something cool for you today. Dr. Joe breaking it down in a recorded interview. Dr. Joe always explains things in a way that anyone can relate to and understand. Newbie or techie, it does not matter. If you listen to him long enough, he’ll open your world to the amazement of Emulin.

In this particular snippet of the interview I’ve included today he talks about Emulin for skin. So lend an ear and learn about Emulin and the many advantages Emulin brings … regardless if it’s Emulin for skin or for allergies, and apply it to all things that inflammation is responsible. Which by the way is a HUGE percentage of all our ailments.

The audio recording is below but I’ll also summarize it for you now. The question was this … “some of the conditions on the skin like eczema and psoriasis are more immune-related … would Emulin have any positive effect over time at reducing the skin manifestations of those diseases?”

Dr. Joe Ahrens, 2 Time Nobel Nominated Scientist and Product Formulator
Joe Ahrens presents Emulin for skin

“Yes, very excellent results because even though it’s an autoimmune response, it’s part of the inflammatory response. And the problem with something like psoriasis is that your body goes overboard.

Joe continues … “There’s two general steps to inflammation. One of them is the dilation of capillaries and other vascular tissue. That is what produces the redness and the warmth. And then the second step is flooding your body with white blood cells. 

That is the inflammatory response.

Those people that started taking Emulin for high blood sugar end up telling me, my psoriasis is gone. 

We may one day focus on that and do some adequate clinicals. But that’s why. It’s because we are shutting down that inflammatory response.”

DR. Joseph Ahrens

Emulin And Allergies

We get this too. People want to know. So we got the info on Emulin for skin, but what about Emulin for allergies? If inflammation is involved we could probably assume the same result from the use of Emulin. Because why? Right! Because Emulin is the inflammation assassin.

So how do we find out? We ask Dr. Joe of course.

Joe Ahrens presents Emulin for skin

“Those with allergies are more sensitive to allergens than a common run of the mill average person. And if you have an allergy of something, you end up with low-grade inflammation. 

 Dr, Ahrens also says … “And people have said the same thing to me. I have less hay fever, this thing used to bother me when I eat it and it no longer bothers me, I have less asthma, etc.”

Dr. Joseph Ahrens

What occurs with allergies? Inflammation! And we know now what Emulin does with inflammation, don’t we?

We All Have Low-Grade Inflammation

Emulin beats inflammation

I know we said that already, but let’s explain it a little. It’s happening in all of us. Slowly but surely. Day after day after day. A constant pounding of inflammatory signals the body is sending out to battle the toxins we take in every day.

But we don’t realize it because it’s so gradual.

Emulin for skin and controls inflammation

You see, our bodies recognize sugars (refined carbs) as a poison. And just as it does any other poison, the sugar gets dumped into the fat cells while omitting inflammatory signals to fight those poisons. Just like when you get a bee sting.

But the thing is, we are all taking these carbs and sugars every day. It’s impossible not to with all the processed food-like substances. Environmental toxins add to it. So it becomes a daily barrage that builds up over time to eventually go from low-grade inflammation to chronic inflammation. And that’s when we get into trouble. That’s when diseases begin to occur.

Emulin to the rescue. Emulin steers the body back to where it’s supposed to be, so it can do what it’s supposed to do. Emulin doesn’t fight disease, our bodies do. When our immune systems are in tip-top shape.

So It’s Not Just Emulin For Skin, It’s Emulin For Everything.

Dr. Joe Ahrens says it like this … “any of the inflammatory responses are going to be inhibited, not because we are tackling all these myriad of diseases, but because we are inhibiting inflammation at its source“.  And for you techies, he continues with this … “in our work, we never start out with plant extracts to see what they did in general, we actually modeled this and we know where the myricitrin and quercetin and chlorogenic acid actually dock, where are the docking sites on the enzymes that are openly causing the inflammatory response

Dr. Joseph Ahrens

You’ll hear in the audio that Dr. Joe is also asked about men with ED and if Emulin can help. Once again we are dealing with the circulatory system of which a lot of issues are also inflammation-related. So tune in and you’ll hear his explanation on that as well.

Dr. Joe Ahrens Answers the Question about Emuli​n and Skin Problems

Emulin for skin recorded interview

If you were wondering about Emulin for skin problems, you now have your answer. You know that most skin issues are caused by excess inflammation, and you know what Emulin does with inflammation. Just as it does for weight issues, blood issues, and everything else.

You might be getting excited about Emulin like the rest of us now. Emulin is only available through one company and one company only and that is the Valentus company. But it can only be purchased through a Valentus rep.

So to learn more about Emulin, purchase Emulin, or to get involved with Team United and Emulin or Valentus in any way, please get back with the person that showed you this blog post. Feel free to leave us a comment as well. Thanks.

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