Emulin And The Heart

Prevail Emulin, the new product by Valentus that was discovered by Dr. Joe Ahrens is an amazing product. It manages carbs, sugar, and inflammation. But what about Emulin and the heart?

We know this is a subject of interest for many people. The cardiovascular system including blood flow and kidney function is above all an area that we all need to pay attention to. It’s hard not to notice the statistics regarding heart attacks, especially for Americans.

Emulin and the Heart

We are hearing so much about Emulin and carbohydrates, Emulin for the skin, and Emulin and inflammation. But we are not yet hearing so much about Emulin and the heart or Emulin and the cardiovascular or circulatory system.

So it’s time that we did. We do indeed have some answers for you today. Keep reading (and watch the video) and you’ll get those answers.

Emulin And The Heart Is A Popular Topic

Emulin And The Heart Is A Popular Topic
Emulin is incredible. It’s doing so many good things for so many people. But as you know, the heart is the #1 killer. A lot of people are on drugs for blood thinning and other heart medications. So naturally, they want to know more about Emulin and how it could affect them, either in a positive way or in a negative way.

The fact is, blood clotting is the underlying factor in almost all heart and blood problems. If we can figure out blood clotting behaviors on Emulin, then we’ll have a pretty good picture of Emulin and the heart.

How Does Emulin Affect Blood Clotting?

So how does Emulin affect blood clotting? I mean, after all, the main function of Emulin is to draw those bad nasty carbs and sugars out of fat cells and back into the bloodstream so they can be carried away to more useful places.

Something must be happening there. It’s good for inflammation, but is it good for the blood system?

It just so happens that in one of our interviews with Joe Ahrens he covers this very topic. And I’m going to share it with you here.

Emulin and the heart and the blood

Dr. Joe talks about blood clotting, but he’ll be the first one to tell you that Emulin and blood clotting is a conversation that could just as easily be applied to not just Emulin and the heart, but kidney issues and strokes too.

So it’s a highly valid concern and a darn good question.

Emulin’s Effect On The Heart Is A Positive One

Let’s start it off like this … you’re going to want to keep reading because Emulin has a profoundly positive effect on blood clotting and so, therefore, the heart and all blood system and circulatory functions.

Happy healthy girl

I’ve also included a video recording for you of the interview with Dr. Joe that I’m referencing from. Joe Ahrens discovered Emulin years ago and has been perfecting the product to bring to market since then. He’s now one of the two product formulators for Valentus, and a very smart man. I take great interest in everything he has to say.

I’ve recently read that every 40 seconds an American will have a heart attack and that 14% of those people will die from their heart attack. That’s pretty alarming! Let’s hope that Emulin has enough of an effect on the heart that can help minimize that statistic!

But listen to this. This is what is said on the call.

Over Half Of All Americans Will Die Of A Blood Clot

Dr. Joe Ahrens says this …”Did you know that over half of all Americans will die of a blood clot in either their brain or their heart”? That is an alarming statistic and it’s a very serious topic.

There are no published human studies yet with Emulin and the heart. But regardless, Dr. Joe and his associates have been working with and studying Emulin for years and there’s a whole lot they know about this life-changing product.

Two of the three active ingredients in Emulin have a positive effect on the heart, and the kidneys, and the blood system. Quercetin and Myricetin come from dark berries, particularly tropical berries and they’ve been proven to have favorable results in this area.

The Research

Research on Emulin and the heart can easily be defined by the research on blood clotting as the two are so closely related.

There have been studies on monkeys, dogs and mice, and some computer modeling as well. From this research, they learned about PDI (protein disulfide isomerase) and how it has to be present for blood clotting to happen.

They also learned when given Quercetin and Myricetin from grape juice the blood clots were greatly reduced.

Emulin ingredient Quercetin

Dr. Joe is a great man and he’s not one to hide in his lab and hope people understand what he’s doing and why. Instead, he likes to teach his followers what’s happening and he likes to share his knowledge with others.

And as part of his teachings, he’s been saying all along that we have health issues because we’re not getting enough of these active enzymes in our diets.

He is not saying that Emulin will keep a person from getting strokes. But he is saying that blood clotting should be greatly reduced with Emulin because of its ability in reducing the PDI factor.

Where Else Can We Get These Ingredients?

These poly flavonoids, Quercetin and Myricetin, were intended to be abundant in our diets and they are essential to our diets. And that’s not all. There’s a whole host of molecules and enzymes that were supposed to be included in our food sources but that have been bred out over the years.

That’s why we simply just are not getting enough of them any longer. Through his years of studies and testing that included all of these known flavenoids, he found the 3 that have the most impact on our health. Those are the elements that makeup Emulin.

The Poly Flavonoids in Emulin Were Intended By Nature To Be In Our Foods

Here’s just a couple of examples…

Emulin for Nutrition

A book could be written on just the process that took place in isolating these 3 ingredients and in the exact required proportions with each other. We’ll do another post on that it’s quite interesting and I encourage you to learn all you can about Dr. Joe and Emulin.

It’s not a formulation that was made up to compete with other similar products. Emulin was a discovery of epic magnitude and if it was years earlier before they made it impossible to do, it would have been named a new vitamin.

Emulin Purges Inflammation From The Body

Inflammation is the root cause of so many diseases. Too many to list. This is a well-known fact today.

Your blood system, circulatory system, and the cardio system is no exception. And that’s exactly why we have discussions on Emulin and the heart, and your blood, and your kidney, and anything else involved.

Emulin And The Kidney

Polycystic Kidney Disease is discussed in the video too. Dr. Joe gives a good description of how and why Emulin can have a positive effect on that condition also.

PKD leads to inflammation. And this causes a secondary stage of the disease. Emulin manages inflammation and in fact, one of the ingredients in Emulin restricts the leading enzyme or cause of the kidney issue. This has been found through the studies that have been performed.

Dr. Joe explains it in the video found here on the page. He’ll tell you how the cysts are little hard, hollow nodules filled with water, but they’re like sand. These cysts can grow large and if you develop enough of them they disrupt the kidney function and literally tear the kidney apart.

And so what happens when you have these cysts tearing your kidney apart? What will the body do?

You guessed it. Inflammation.

The Body Releases Inflammatory Signals When It Gets Invaded

Emulin for the heart and the brain

Your body will release huge amounts of inflammatory signals whenever it gets invaded just as it does with toxins and poisons that enter the body. It’s no different from what the body does when we add refined carbs and sugar.

This becomes chronic inflammation that leads to more problems in the kidneys. It’s a secondary avenue of failure. The result of inflammation adding to the kidney failure.

So … Emulin to the rescue.

Is There Science Backing Emulin?

Yes, there certainly is science backing Emulin. Keep following, reading, watching, and learning and you’ll see. There are about a dozen patents too for protecting the manufacturing process. No one else can make Emulin.

The trademark secrets that no other product developers have access to. There is lots more going on here than just a good health product. Emulin may be the most powerful natural health product discovery of modern times.

Emulin backed by science

Emulin and the heart and connected systems are something worth talking about. We could literally be saving lives .. and we for sure are changing lives.

A well-tuned and properly performing body will not overwork the immune system. It’s important to manage stress levels for high-quality living.

And we all want better health and a higher quality of life.

Does Emulin Positively Affect The Heart and Blood System? Watch The Video

Yes, it does. And now you know that it does. The science and the measured results don’t lie. And I’m quite certain that future ongoing studies will paint an even brighter and clearer picture. Remember, a scientist’s job is never done. Dr. Joe and his associates are hard at work behind the scenes … that we know for sure.

Now here’s the video of Dr. Joe Ahrens interview section on Emulin and the heart and blood and kidney … for your education. Enjoy.

Dr. Joe Ahrens Presentation Emulin and the Heart and Blood

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