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2 Hot New Valentus Products To Review From Team United

These new Valentus products were first showcased at the last big Valentus Convention in 2019. So technically they are not all that new. But as the world knows, public conventions did not happen in 2020 which is how Valentus prefers to announce new products.

We are looking forward to that part of the business occurring again. 

Valentus Convention

Valentus Convention

There is always a lot of activity at the events. Speakers, company updates, product announcement, and distributor training just to name a few.

These New Product Launches  Were Center Stage

The highlights for some of us are the new product announcements and the products that are launched. It's always exciting to hear the presentations from the scientists and product developers themselves.

So for now, I'll just share with you these relatively new products so you can catch you up if needed.

new valentus products

New Valentus Products

A Highlight  Was Dr Joe Ahrens' Announcement

Some new Valentus products launched recently. My highlight was Dr. Joe Ahrens and his grand  announcement. Dr. Joe is a highly regarded product formulator. Some of you might be familiar with Emulin already.

But today we'll talk about his new 24/7 product that frames a new partnership with Valentus Wellness. We'll also discuss 2 new ones from Valentus' other product formulator Kevin Thomas.

If you're not aware of Joe Ahrens, we'll do a little catch-up..

We met Dr Joe in another company before Valentus. He was the product formulator there too. Joe Ahrens is a plant scientist. He has been nominated for Nobel Prizes twice already in his career. One of those was for his studies and conclusions that led to life-changing health discoveries..

And some of those discoveries became the foundation of his blockbuster. Emulin A lot of us are familiar with Emulin and a lot more will be soon.

Dr. Joe Ahrens Creator of Emulin

Dr, Joe Ahrens

Twice Nobel Nominated Dr. Joe Ahrens. Researcher, Scientist, and Formulator of Health Products

Learn more about Dr. Joe Ahrens' Story of Emulin.

Dr. Joe Chose Valentus To Launch His New Product

Joe Ahrens decision to partner with Valentus is a game changer. For us and for the company. Valentus was rapidly becoming one of the hotter companies in the MLM industry. This partnership will only speed things up.

Like adding gasoline to a fire.

Needless to say we were over the moon excited to hear the announcement. Hearing it from him personally was extra special.

Seeing a live presentation of his new released and latest creation being added to the Valentus product lineup is a moment to remember. Excitement was in the air for sure.

DR. Joe Ahrens
prevail 24/7 logo
prevail 24/7 logo

New Joe Ahrens Valentus  product  "Prevail 24/7"

Dr. Joe's new Prevail 24/7 product launch is everything they say it is  .... amazing!

So let's discuss 24/7 in more detail. There are similarities to Emulin in it's foundation and technology. In fact Joe's 24/7 product launch presentation began with the story of Emulin. 

If you don't know that story it's quite impactful to the health industry. A discovery of all-natural plant enzymes that mimic insulin when consumed together.

A discovery that caught the attention of not just the scientists and formulators, but average health seekers as well.

That discovery is changes lives every day now ..... and the technology behind it is being incorporated into the new Prevail 24/7 product.

24/7 Showing  Amazing Results

Our 24/7 trials results are coming in and we are amazed. But why not? A number of the ingredients are in line with ingredients of Emulin.

So it makes sense that a lot of the 24/7 product stories resemble those of Emulin with the benefits of weight loss.

The bottom line is that Prevail 24/7 is powerful and it works. Another life-changing product from Joe Ahrens. Once again he's bringing quality to the health product industry.

So that's a winning situation. It's easy to see that 24/7 will positively impact the wellness MLM industry.

There's no doubts.

24/7 is new valentus product

Prevail 24/7 AM and PM

Benefits of New Valentus Prevail  24/7 

Let's discuss now some of the main benefits of Prevail 24/7 as outlined by Dr. Joe, and as experienced from product users.

Remember 24/7 is a two part system: An AM and a PM dose as instructed.


 24/7   Benefits   -   AM Dose

  • Burns Carbs
  • Blocks Carbs
  • Promotes Well Being
  • Mental Alertness
  • Appetite Control


24/7 Benefits - PM Dose

  • Burns Carbs
  • Blocks Carbs
  • Promotes Well Being
  • Promotes Sleep
  • Shrinks Fat Tissue

Does 24/7 Compare With  Products Making Like Claims?

compare new valentus products

Valentus 24/7 is created by a leading product formulator notable for receiving Nobel Nominations for his expertise. This new product was designed to work along with our body's natural processes. It does not force anything rather it makes the normal functions easier. 

It was also created to work in tandem with the other Valentus products. Multiplied effects occur with this partnership.

24/7 burns carbs without using stimulants. The management of numerous weight control actions as opposed to one or two give 24/7 the advantage.

It means you get a complete and thorough weight management system.

24/7 doesn't work just part of the time. It works all the time. Throughout the day and the night.


Compare to other 'weightloss' products

  • 24/7 is safe
  • No artificial non-dietary stimulants
  • Natural normal plant ingredients
  • Promotes mental alertness
  • Promotes Sleep
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Reduces cortisol and anxiety
  • 15 years  research
  • Nobel nominated
  • Advanced disruptive technology
  • Proprietary formulas practically impossible to copy
  • Intelligent market penetration
  • Synergistic with current Valentus products
  • Targeted to fit an optimal metabolic cycle

The Henderson convention included the first showing of 24/7 and we were there. It was exciting.

But never fear we'll be sharing plenty more on this amazing product. Stay tuned for updates on this post as they become needed. And of course I'll be publishing posts on the upcoming new products as well.

Follow this post and this blog for continuous ongoing Valentus news and product information.

#2 New Valentus Product [M.O.R.E. Detox]

Now we'll switch to the #2 new product brought to us by Kevin Thomas the creator of SlimRoast Optimum.

M.O.RE. Detox is exciting. Another product based heavily on nutritional science there is much going on here with this one.

Categorized as an H20 Enhancer Prevail MORE Detox works by simply adding drops to water or to any other beverage. This completely tasteless miracle for water immediately transforms the water into a nutritional powerhouse.

MORE Detox new valentus products

Prevail MORE Detox

Now your beverage is optimized for complete body mineral, oxygen, rejuvenated, and electrolytes (M.O.R.E.)

Adding these active alkaline minerals helps control health conditions negatively effected by abnormal acidity.

The M.O.R.E Technology Is Not Ionized Water Or Black Water

Maybe you've heard of black water, or ionized water. That's not what this is. M.O.R.E. Detox uses Carbon-60 minerals and activated charcoal, but it's much more.

Here's just a small amount of the science behind the MORE Detox product.

Humic and Fulvic minerals derived from plants ...

Fulvic Acid: electrolytes for the body, along with fatty acids, trace minerals, and probiotics. All of which aid in the digestive health system.

Humic Acid: contains an abundance of nutrients for a healthy gut including minerals, faty acids, electrolytes, and probiotics.

Bioavailability: nutrients and minerals that effortlessly make it into the cells.

MORE Detox info

M.O.R.E. Detox H2) Enhancer

MORE Detox Contains Nutrients  Our Bodies Can And Will Absorb

m.o.r.e. Detox

benefits of new valentus product M.O.R.E.

  • Stimulate immune system
  • Helps limit inflammation
  • Promotes blood system and cell  oxygenation
  • Boost energy & increase metabolic function
  • Assists to lower acidity
  • Help restore Ph balance
  • Eliminate heavy metal & poisons
  • High in antioxidants
  • Supportsand assists cardio  function
  • Balance hormone and endocrine production
  • Boosts healthy gut
  • Balances electrolytes

Stacking these benefits with the benefits of charcoal and carbon60 creates  a M.O.R.E. Detox anti-aging powerhouse!

Do You Know About Carbon-60 Yet?

Loaded with health benefits it's getting popular since it's discovery. There's a ton of info coming online about it now. Some are calling it one of the most incredible and amazing discoveries this century.

Carbon-60 studies remain ongoing since it was originally found some 20 years or so ago. At that time now a lot was known about it. Now the scientists are uncovering exciting secrets.

Here's What  Carbon-60 Does


  • Passes Through The blood brain barrier
  • Guards cells from  "aging"
  • Assists With  mitochondrial dysfunction 
  • Used to track and remove radiation

M.O.R.E. Benefits

  • Total body detox
  • Cellular efficiency and energy
  • Maintain alkalization
  • Replenish Nutrients
  • Tasteless and Odorless
  • relieves stomach acid challenges

This was just a quick overview of two new Valentus products.

But the blog will serve serve as an ongoing source for future new products from Valentus.  

So bookmark the site and check back often! 

valentus wellness

Valentus Immune Boost: This Will Keep Those Pesky Bugs Away!

What's the big deal on this Valentus Immune Boost product? Are you tired of picking up that annual flu bug? Or those seasonal colds every time the weather changes?

Are you fed up with not having the energy to enjoy all the day? What about just feeling off ... like your not running on all cylinders?

Is any of this hitting home?

Maybe you know that "other person" who just seems to always be feeling great? Never sick, never has a cold, always has energy? Do you know that person?

valentus logo

It's true you know ... some people have stronger immune systems and are not as easy to catch colds or get sick. So what does that person have that you don't?

It could be natural. Strong immunity runs in the family … or … they may be eating healthier, sleeping sounder, exercising more, or supplementing with good health products.

Not to worry ... you can too! And the Valentus Immune Boost product is as good as it gets.

Not All Immune Systems Are Equal. Valentus Immune Boost Will Help

No two immune systems are the same. All people are different and they have different systems. But you can optimize your system with a little TLC.

There are certain obvious things that can contribute to one person being more susceptible to colds and sickness than others. One example is having kids that bring bugs home from school. Or working in an environment that contains unhealthy people.

Some people are just naturally blessed with stronger immune systems than others. Maybe a strong immune pool runs in the family

But not to fear. Living a healthier lifestyle can improve a person's immune system. Anyone can learn to live better and healthier. And adding good supplements like Valentus Immune Boost is a darn good place to start. 

A Prevail Lifestyle Can Help You Be Your Best Self

Many factors can add to a healthier life. It's quite possible to change habits in a way that will maintain a more efficient overall system. You can boost a weak immune system fairly easily.

Adding Immune Boost to your daily regimen is a great way forward to a stronger resistance.

Crammed with antioxidants from vegetables and fruits that are rich in nutrients. Valentus Immune will power you up. Keep reading as we detail how and why that will happen.

Be Your Best With Valentus  Immune Boost

  • Packed with Antioxidants
  • Supports Immune Health
  • High-Grade Vitamins and Minerals

Grape skin, Natural grape powder, Noni fruit, Goji berry, Mangosteen, Ganoderma, Ginseng, Pomegranate, Aloe vera, Stevia (leaf), Inulin Dietary Fiber, Natural flavor.

Prevail Immune Boost™
Simply mix with water. Use daily or when feeling a sickness coming.

Valentus Immune Boost Ingredients

Valentus Immune is full of the goodness of nature. Now we will examine the ingredients list for you. It's important that people know from where all this goodness comes from.

So stay tuned as we break down each ingredient and it's benefits, one at a time. We believe that once you learn what Valentus Immune Boost has to offer you'll be ready to give it a try!.

Inulin Dietary Fiber

Inuline dietary fiber is known to have for health benefits. The fiber is natural and it originates from chicory root. Onions, artichokes, and bananas are also known sources.

It's helps with constipation causing a more bulky stool and bowel movements more often. It's also good for constipation and weight loss. 

It's a prebiotic that slows digestion which allows better absorption of nutrients from the food we eat. Valentus Immune Boost is packed with nutrients so anything that will help those nutrients absorb faster and better is a great benefit.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is known to some as a miracle plant. The health benefits are immense. It is rich in vitamins B1,2, 6, and 12. It's also high in folic acid and in amino and fatty acids.

Aloe Vera addresses burns, including from the sun severe burns. It also treats conditions of the skin like acne and psoriasis. Inflammation and and itchiness have also been improved using aloe.

Aloe Vera can also help with constipation issues and is occasionally used as an oral laxative. There are benefits for people who are detoxing and cleansing and. More benefits include moving toxins and waste out of the system.

Aloe is used regularly to treat several ailments and is well known as an adaptogen. Adaptogens help the bodies reaction to stress as a defense mechanism.

aloe isgreat for the immune system

Aloe also performs like a stabilizer of acid to alkalize the body. And it's inflammatory benefits are not just for skin conditions but for many other inflammation issues.

Enjoy the many Aloe Vera health benefits in every serving of Valentus Immune Boost.


Another great Valentus Immune Boost ingredient is Pomegranate.

Free radicals can do extreme harm to our bodies. The cells and tissues are damaged by a destructive action called oxidative stress. This oxidative stress is the result of our exposure to certain bad elements. Bad diets, idle lifestyles, and worldly pollution are just some of the main contributors to this harmful condition.

pomegranite is an ingredient great for immune

Minerals and vitamins that fight free radicals are antioxidants. Our stress conditions are greatly affected by these antioxidants in a positive way.

Pomegranate is a strong antioxidant. It's also a highly effective mood enhancer. The ability of pomegranate to produce masses of endorphins makes it responsible for us to be content and happy. 

So you can imagine why this would be in a great demand and highly popular.

Grape Skin Extract

Another antioxidant that is well known and extremely rich in resveratrol is the grape skin extract. Resveratrol supports heart health and lowers bad cholesterol level. It can also manage and balance blood sugar irregularities.

A healthier cardiovascular system is something we all could use. It usually means a higher quality and longer lifetime. Strokes and heart attacks contribute to lives ending before they should. So any supplement that can reverse that we would all welcome.

The extracts of grape skin are also good for strengthening bones and is another powerful antioxidant. That's not all it can even boost brain health and adds tremendous value and efficiency to our Valentus Immune Boost.

Panax Ginseng

Ginseng brings numerous health features and is fairly well known in the industry. Once again we have a powerful antioxidant and it fights inflammation too. Encouraging studies show ginseng's anti-inflammation ability and for reducing stress as well. 

That just hints at ginseng's capabilities as an all-around health supplement.

genseng is an immune boost ingredient

The list of many health benefits made available by Ginseng include brain health enhancements, strengthening the immune system, and the potential of extra insulin production and balancing of sugar levels.

Ginseng has also been shown to improve erectile dysfunction conditions with men. Boosting blood circulation while muscles relax play a role in that.

We're done with ginseng yet. Panax ginseng fights free radicals that contribute to skin showing signs of early-aging. his is great news for all the young people that struggle with premature aging appearances.

So you see .... Valentus Immmune Boost is a far better product with panax ginseng added.

Ganoderma Lucidia

Ganoderma Lucidia, also called Reisha,  is a mushroom from Asian regions. In China it's sometimes referred to as the "herb of potency". It has long been known for its health benefits.

As a medicinal mushroom there is dated documentation relating to healthy improvements dating centuries back.

ganoderma mushroon is another ingredient of vlaentus immune boost

The good news is that more recent studies and reports are showing support to a lot of the age-old claims of health benefits from the use of ganoderma.

The studies show the mushroom promoting better health with the many challenges in the world today. We think it's ideal as another added ingredient to the Valentus Immune Boost product.


Mangosteen has a pleasant texture and taste in addition to it's many health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants and looked upon as a superfood. All of the fruit's aspects contribute to the benefits including the bark and rinds and even the twigs of the mangosteen tree.

The special antioxidants from the rind, known as xanthones, get most of the attention. There are multiple ways Xanthones provide protection of the skin. But several other ailments are treated from the anti-inflamatory properties including numerous sorts of infections.

Mangosteen is also mineral and vitamin rich with thiamin, potassium, niacin, riboflavin, zinc folate, and vitamins A, B6, and C. Magnesium, calcium, sodium, and carotene are also minerals found in the fruit.

The Mangosteen juice is used as an ant-aging supplement due to it's abundance of antioxidants.

Noni Fruit

The greenish-white Noni fruit from the Morinda tree is especially known for it's many healing properties.

Healers of the Polynesian tribes used it to treat high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, inflammation, and aches and pains.

The Noni fruit can also improve the quality of skin and it's great for stress reduction. Some people have even used it for breaking fevers. It's used world wide and is totally safe.

In some regions it's called the "starvation fruit" due to it's successful use in times of severe famine. There are islands in the Pacific that depend on it as their staple food. More recently though it's been added into the consumer marketplace as a health supplement.

Noni Fruit from the morina tree for immune boost

Noni is high in antioxidants and provides stable support for immune systems. The wonder fruit benefits all who consume it..

Goji Berry

Another powerful antioxidant for overall wellness, Goji's list of benefits is extensive and includes immunity boost features and energy too.

It's a general understanding that goji berries are great for you. They are jammed with the highest quality minerals and vitamins as well as a protein value.

Just some of the benefits of Goji consist of improved blood glucose control, extra energy, weight loss, and  even anti-aging properties.

Goji berries are at times consumed raw but will more often be in a juice form. The juice has become one of the most sought after in today's supplement marketplace. The berries are also found in trail mix packs are are even used for brewing tea.

They taste great with a mellow sweet-and-sour effect while mildly tart.

goji berries are another great ingredient in immune boost

Because of rich makeup of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, Goji has become known as a superfood, or super fruit. Some even say it's a fountain of youth.

Valentus Immune Boost goes to another level with 3 superfruits and the other awesome ingredients we've listed here today. It's more than a good product, it's an incredible product.

And if you were to add the  Valentus Energy product to that you will supercharge it .... for the days that you need that kick-in-the pants!

Conclusion: Valentus Immune Boost

It's been proven that antioxidants in your diet will boost the immune system and protect you against infections and sickness. And Valentus Immune Boost was designed to do exactly that.

Loaded with antioxidants from vegetable extracts and super nutrients, Immune Boost will ramp up your body to fight colds and illnesses and be healthier!

Valentus Immune Boost works great andwith ThermoROAST coffee. And to really enhance Immune Boost, add the Valentrus Trim. You'll have a supercharged weight loss immune product like never before. BOOM!

Balancing and tuning the immune system helps the body in so many ways. Your digestive tract will thank you and with the aloe vera ingredient added you'll get a mellow mood and baby sleep too.

Valentus Immune is a tasty grape flavor that kids will love as much as you. And I don't think anyone would argue with their kids immune systems fighting off all the crud they could get at school.

So there we go. Immune Boost is a wonderful add-on to the already amazing Valentus product line. Share these awesome wellnesss and weight loss products with your friends they will loved you for it. 

Getting involved with Valentus has so many benefits. We don't see any downsides there whatsoever.

Valentus Energy Product Is A Massive Hit For 2020! Here Are 7 Reasons Why:

Valentus products are superb but their Energy product is a favorite of mine! Get energized with Valentus Energy! Add to that a  clean calm mind focus and an awareness jolt every time!.

The 7 ingredients make that happen.

Problem: Long sessions in front of the computer can be draining. There's trouble when the eyes become glazed. And that's not productive. We all need our energy,attention and focus for the job. We have to stay focused do we not?

Valentus Energy Product

Solution: Valentus Energy product. And it works. Every time! A shot or two of Valentus Energy and you'll keep that focus.

Our Valentus Energy is a wonderful health product that you will want to continue ordering each month ... take it along with your SlimRoast Optimum and you can't go wrong.

What Makes  Valentus Energy Such A Great Product?

Why is Valentus Energy product so great? Let's get down to basics to see

The 7 reasons driving this is awesomeness. You want to know more right?

Well lets do it then.

How about a list of ingredients that are active, and then we'll discuss each ... that sound good?

valentus energy ingredients
Prevail Energy

Prevail Energy

Valentus Prevail Energy™ is a nutritional breakthrough that allows absorption of nutrients at a cellular level and provides the support needed for all day sustained energy.

Now It's Time For  The 7 Reasons

Guarana Seed

Guarana is named after the South American Guarani tribe. It is a plant that grows in the Amazon forest. Traditional uses include as a drink brewed form the seeds and provides energy, stamina, and endurance.

To this day, guarana seeds continue to be used as a medicine.

Guarana is great for mental performance, weight loss, and athletic performance.  An aphrodisiac energy, among other things can also result from Guarana.

Although there are no scientific studies on record to back this up, years of use and literature says so. It just means there are no "published" studies.

guarana seen ingredient

Image credit to A C Moraes from Brasília, Brasil

But this is why people take and love guarana.

Guarana seeds, like coffee seeds, provide caffeine ... but in an amount greater than coffee. About twice as much actually. The Valentus Energy product contains both guarana and coffee seeds for caffeine.

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system (CNS), and muscles, and the heart too. That's how it works. Theophylline and theobromine are two more chemicals similar to caffeine that are also actives in Guarana.

Guarana is also rich antioxidant properties. The seeds contain theobromine, tannins, saponins and catechins (3, 4, 5).

Guarana and Green  Tea Are Actually Quite Similar

Tannins are popular because of the trickle release effect of caffeine. This creates effects that are longer lasting. It's easy to see why people love it for easy energy and as a natural stimulant.

You can spend the entire day  bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Now you know why guarana is such a regular ingredient in a lot of energy products out there. It's actually one of the few natural ingredients in many of these products.

And ... why it's a staple ingredient in Valentus Energy.

Being able to enjoy a long lasting all-natural steady energy through the day is a big deal!  And with no crash! Needless to say the active crowd just love it.

Maqui Berry

The Valentus Energy Product includes Maqui as an ingredient for for several reasons. 

Maqui berries are purple in color. A deep purple. They are grown in Southern Chile on mini evergreen trees. They've made a great medicine for the tribes of Mapuche Indians for centuries.

Maqui Ingredient

Photo by Chris Kilham

Maqui is considered a superfruit because of super-high concentration of antioxidants. Higher than any other known fruit or substance for that matter..

That's not all. Also known to be exceptionally high in Anthocyanins (proteins that assist the body produce insulin), and for stabilizing and balancing sugar levels. Anthocyanins are good for even more.

They have anti-viral and anti-inflammatory abilities and maybe even anti-cancerous.

Here's A Summary Of Some Strong Points Of Maqui Berry

Valentus Energy Ingredients list

On top of all that, Maqui Berry has also been used effectively for sore throats, headaches, brain clarity, and even tumors. The indigenous tribes that harvest maqui over the years have benefitted greatly.

Green Tea

Green Tea is used around the world as a highly powerful antioxidant for health benefits.

It's a fitting addition to the Valentus Energy product and works well with all the other amazing ingredients.

Heart health and cholesterol management are two big ones that Green Tea provides.

Green Tea Energy

Some will argue it's one of the healthiest supplements available anywhere for it's super dense nutrient factors.

Nutrition and antioxidants at this high of a level cam also contribute to brain health along with weight loss and may even lower risk of cancer.

It's also used for energy. A great natural energy that can add energy through the day without crashing. 

Green tea is packed with compounds that promote good health. Research shows regular use may reduce the risk of diseases like diabetes and heart failure.

Green tea is known to elevate metabolism because it contains nearly zero calories while improving the body's efficiency to energize itself.

That's why drinking the tea on a regular basis can melt body fat by up to 20 percent. The caffeine levels also contribute to losing weight..

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is not super well known but it brings tremendous benefits to those that use it. Anyone familiar with Ayurvedik medicines would know about it. Gotu Kola is generally used for viral, bacterial or even parasitic infections.

In addition it's been used successfully for brain clarity and function, memory improvements, anxiety, fatigue, depression, and even depression and anxiety, fatigue, and even dementia or Alzheimer's

Gotu Kola Ingredient

Occasionally it's even applied topically for helping to heal scars and wounds … including stretch marks.

Trauma relief and circulatory issues like blood clotting and varicose veins are other uses for Gotu Kola. It's even known to promote collagen growth and helping with firmer tighter skin. So it's amazing for it's skin health care.

These are reasons why Gotu Kola is often times credited as a "fountain of life".


The super-root Maca is rich in Vitamin B, and C, and E ... and it contributes to healthy blood-flow. It does so across the brain and to other parts of the body. For the warriors of Incan used it provided boosts of energy and extra stamina on the battlefield.


Maca is a main ingredient in several ED meds. Together with it being an enhancer of moods from the delivery of endorphins. The calm and natural "feel-good" is strongly preferred over pharmaceuticals.

Maca powder is even full of phyto-chemicals that help with high energy levels. Additionally balances fertility, and controlling healthy libido and sexual performance in both women and men.

See why it's called a super-root?. We are fortunate that Valentus includes it in their energy product!

Rhodiola Rosea

A top-seller in a lot of health stores, Rhodiola Rosea contains many health benefits.

The roots are known as adaptogens. Adaptogens assist the body in adapting to anxiety and stress. It works amazingly well on nervous conditions.

Additionally, Rhodiola is an arctic root. More than 140 effective ingredients live in those roots. Including two of the most potent salidroside and rosavin.

rhodiola rosea

There are many benefits of Rhodiola. Less fatigue and reduced stress and depression. And that's not all ... better, clearer, brain function and improved exercise performance. It's even known to help balance and manage sugar levels.

Some people love Rhodiola Rosea for fighting altitude illness. Plus increases in work production from the all-natural mood enhancements. It's even known to assist with strained muscles.

But it's mostly used to boost energy, increase strength, add endurance, and even lessen mental fatigue. It's also used for weight-loss and to burn fat. Just another well-rounded superfood!

Siberian Ginseng

Another amazing ingredient supplement of Valentus Energy product is Siberian Ginseng. It's popular for all the extraordinary health benefits. And similar to many of the others it also sells good in wellness and health stores..

ginseng ingredietn valentus evergy

Originally from China and the orient it's used generously for centuries to guard against common colds and flus. It can help boost immune systems and relieve stress. More benefits include increased endurance and mental clarity.

Some even experience body strength gains, but the big one is improvements of varicose veins. That is a popular benefit for many!

Another highly trendy use of Siberian Ginseng is for athletic improvements  and to better work performance. It's even used to relieve insomnia and herpes simplex type-2 breakouts.

Valentus Energy Product Is Packed With  SuperFood Power

And so there you go. I think you'll agree that Valentus Energy is seriously jammed with high quality ingredients that bring benefits. Is it any wonder the results people are getting?.

Don't take my word for it though. Order some yourself and give it a try!  

For more Valentus Energy information ... and to learn more about the rest of the Valentus product line, including incredible PrevailMAX, get subscribed to our V-News below.

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Prevail Max Product by Valentus | This Product Will AMAZE You!

We have some good stuff for you today! The Prevail Max product by Valentus is a simple spray that can add value to your life. AKA PrevailMAX ... and in this post we will give you the skinny on this amazing new product!

You haven't heard a lot about the Prevail Max product yet, but you will. Valentus has some amazing products, let by Emulin and ThermoRoast and sometimes those flagship products overshadow the others. 

But make no mistake, Valentus has a powerfully stacked lineup and Prevail Max is a front runner as well! And PrevailMax is getting more attention every day.

What's So Great About This  Prevail Max Product by Valentus?

Great question. Let em tell you what it is, and then you be the judge how's that?

So first ... what Prevail Max will do for your body and your health. And then .... how it does it.

Valentus Logo

How Does The Valentus Prevail Max Product Improve My Health

  1. 1
    PrevailMAX's main function is to maximize and increase blood flow.
  2. 2
    When the cardiovascular system and blood flow is functioning properly amazing things happen.
  3. 3
    Increases in blood circulation and flow promote better organ function and cell growth.
  4. 4
    Muscles benefit big time when blood flow is increased. If you lift weights you know all about the famous "pump". But have you noticed it's harder to come the more you age?
  1. 5
    Heart protection. A healthy heart is a stronger heart. 
  2. 6
    A strong pumping heart relaxes, lowering the heart rate, and the blood flows more smoothly and evenly.
  3. 7
    Healthier skin is more protected against bacteria and infections.
  4. 8
    Improved brain function can be a result of a good circulatory system. Have a clearer, more focused, and sharper mind. Less stress.
  5. 9
    Improving blood flow could be the most beneficial thing you ever do for your body.

Poor Blood Cell Health Is Something That Most Of Us Suffer From

Maximize and increase your blood flow with Prevail Max . Most of us have blood cells that are not the greatest and that could be in better condition. The cells are not able to do their jobs as best that they could.

And according to the creator of the Valentus Prevail Max product, Dr Shawn Mueller, this is something that affects all of us.

Value Bomb

"A healthy blood cells most important feature is maintaining full hydration. This "osmotic pressure" is similar to a fully inflated basketball – the cell becomes round and tight".

The Valentus Prevail Max spray product fixes that problem. Max is a next-generation nutritional development that gives new life to failing blood cells. Add it to your daily regimen and bring your circulatory system back to it's prime.

Healthy Blood Cells Help Your Body Deliver Nutrients Better

Your body will deliver nutrients better, faster, and more efficiently with healthier blood cells. And not only does a proper blood flow allow better delivery of nutrients, but it also assists in a more complete absorption of those nutrients.

The result:  more energy and better focus.

The valentus prevail max product improves blood flow

Here's a more scientific answer: "Charging the cells electromagnetically magnifies their osmotic pressure, thus improving cellular hydration to more efficiently carry vitamins and minerals into the cells."

Ok that was a mouthfull ... did you get it all? That's okay we'll break it down. Most people are just looking for better health and to feel energized.

Our Secret: Prevail Max Spray Product by Valentus

PrevailMAX spray is your secret weapon. Small enough to penetrate straight to the cells membranes the Nano sized particles spray straight into the mouth. Super easy.

10 trace elements of minerals that have been charged electromagnetically at the molecular level. The manufacturing methods used are proprietary. The process promotes added osmotic pressure and homeostasis.

These trace amounts include copper, potassium, iodine, silica, sodium, chromium, boron, selenium, and zinc.

What does it all mean? PrevailMAX oxygenates the blood stream!

The Prevail Max  spray bottle

Lets have more discussion about red blood cells, and particularity what makes a healthy blood cell healthy and what is an unhealthy one?

Would you agre that's a good question?

The answer is ... a fully hydrated blood cell is a healthy blood cell. And it keeps that full hydration.  This blood cell that has a full state of "hydration", or "osmotic pressure" is full, round, and tight. Like I said above it simulates a completely inflated basketball.

But most people don't have this full range of ideal blood cells, and that is the problem.

Prevail Max by Valentus: The Miracle For Unhealthy Blood Cells

Red blood cells that are unhealthy and under-inflated do not flow smoothly. They turn elongated, ovulated, and odd shaped. They stick and clump together. It is not at all the best scenario for our health. We want bloods cells that are full round and tight so they flow quickly and freely.

This is where the Valentus Prevail Max product comes in. Max immediately goes to work to begin a process that charges the cells electromagnetically. This process of osmotic pressure promotes full hydration.

That is the ideal scenario that we all want to achieve. Full hydration allows the blood stream to transport vitamins and minerals much more effectively to where they need to go.

This might sound somewhat complex. But no worries ... the Prevail Max product does all the work. We just let it! And I'm providing two short videos that explain everything.

But first ...

10 Noteworthy Features Of PrevailMAX!

  1. 1
    PrevailMAX™ ignite your cells with supercharged electrolytes. Inflating tand spacing them so they freely float freely through your blood stream.
  2. 2
    With the cells new Max induced inflated shape and fluidity, they use nutrients and dispose of toxins at a much higher capacity.
  3. 3
    Delivery of nutrients within the cells happen better and faster with the Prevail Max product.
  4. 4
    Fast and easy to use and tastes amazing (with a splash of mint for fresh breath) Just four shots 3 times a day and you're done!
  5. 5
    Instant results. Benefits start in mere minutes and will last for hours at a time.  
  1. 6
    Easy to share. Just tell your own product story and offer others to try it! 
  2. 7
    A unique technology that is patent-pending. No one else has anything like it.
  3. 8
    Valentus has secured the exclusive rights to Prevail Max for network marketing in the global markets.
  4. 9
    The average person has what Prevail Max addresses ... "sticky blood". 
    Bad eating and poor health habits makes sticky blood "stack", blocking nutrients from being absorbed properly.
  5. 10
    Valentus' PrevailMAX has a fevolutionary technology so ground-breaking that the results are visible under a microscope in just minutes.

The Valentus Prevail Max Product's Secret Lies In It's Manufacturing  And The Delivery Method

Secrets behind Prevail Max lie in manufacturing and the delivery method. Max cannot be duplicated by copying the ingredients or by consuming it's ingredients without the processes used to make the product.

Prevail Max Product banner

Micro elements delivered in nano-sized aerosol amounts work together to enter the cells in record time. This is working at the cellular level.

Prevail Max is unique with these patented processes. But not just unique ... it's also exclusively Valentus.  No other company has this product nor will they. It was formulated specifically for Valentus So enjoy!

And now for some notes from the MAX creator Dr. Shawn Meuller. The notes were taken from one of his videos which I've also included below.

 Prevail Max Product by Valentus Works Like This :

From Dr. Shawn ... I will show you this product works and exactly how ... and you'll know then why it's as effective as it is.

He continues ... it performs at the cellular level. This engaging our red blood cells (called the erythrocytes) is the primary function.

Dr. Mueller draws a erythrocyte which is a circle. He names the circle a healthy red blood cell.

And goes on to say "here's where Prevail Max affects all of us. Unhealthy blood cells are something that we all have. Usually this is what they look like ( draws a deformed circle).

Then explains blood that is "sticky". Blood cells that are not health and full do not flow well. They cling together and their flow becomes erratic and slow.

Smooth Blood Flow Is Essential

Our blood needs to flow smoothly and quickly for top performance. One of our goals is the smooth and efficient transport of essential nutrients. Blood that is flowing smoothly will ensure that happens.

If you can image, blood that is not flowing well will not transport anything well. You might know that being in a state of nutrient deficiency will lead to a lack of energy, a poor immune system, and weak brain performance.

you can see the provail max product work under a microscope

It is essential the vital nutrients reach the brain for focus, mental clarity and positive thoughts. No one wants to waste time and money taking minerals and nutrient supplements if they don't get to where they are needed.

Makes sense right?

And that is exactly what is occurring with blood that lacks oxygen and osmotic pressure. The nutrients are not being carried. We absolutely need those big round basketball looking blood cells

We All Need PrevailMAX  In Our Bodies

Our blood system is designed to take in the good, send it where it's needed, while getting rid of the bad. That's what it's supposed to be doing, and that's what it does when it's working right. A constant renewing and filtering cycle.

If we don't purge the bad, risky toxin levels build up. It can cause negative effects that lead to sickness and disease.

Valentus Prevail Max is high-tech nutrition involving nano particles that work at the molecular level. The tiny particles of minerals absorb directly into cells and go to work immediately. 

There's nothing else like it. You can literally see it working under a microscope. 

This is the ultimate. For peak performance we absolutely must have a healthy foundation. And it all begins with getting those crucial minerals and vitamins where they need to go. To the cells.

Prevail Max Starts Working Immediately 

Here's how super easy Prevail Max is to take. 4 sprays into the mouth. That's all there is to it. No mixing, no drinking, no chewing, no swallowing and no waiting for results. Just open the mouth and spray. 2 minutes and it's working.

Prevail Max logo

You can watch MAX spray work under a microscope. It's really something to see.  The blood cells begin flowing quickly and smoothly. There will be a glow or halo around the cell. Science calls it an electromagnetic radiant ring. Whatever it's called it's a definite sign of efficient and proper osmotic pressure.

Now the cell is ready for complete absorption and transfer of nutrients. Regardless if the nutrients come from food or supplements.

Our blood cells must be in prime condition to carry out the necessary functions they are meant for. If they are not we are wasting effort. It's much like spinning the wheels but not getting anywhere.

I Just Want Good Health. Is The Valentus Prevail Max Product For Me? 

This is easy ... good blood flow and healthy cardiovascular systems bring massive benefits to everyone. Necessary growth of cells and normal organ functions will return. And the heart will be healthier and beat longer.

You'll most likely be more energized and your body can work hard with less effort and recover quicker. You will perform better in everything you do.

Your skin will do amazing things. You might appear younger. There are so many positives to enhancing your flow of blood. You might have better focus, clearer thoughts, and less stress.

Including Valentus Prevail Max with your daily health routines might be the smartest move you could make. Who doesn't want to add to their quality and longevity of health and life?

Okay. Are  You Ready For Those  Two  Max Videos  I Promised?

Valentus Prevail Max Product Review Video 1

PrevailMAX Formulator and Creator Dr. Shawn Mueller Explains The Product

Valentus Prevail Max Product Review Video  2

Dan Wilson, A Professional Blood Microscopist Does An Amazing PrevailMAX Demonstration

Try PrevailMAX and do your body right!

I hope you got value from this Valentus Prevail Max product review.

And remember, Prevail Max, or PrevailMAX, is exclusive to only one company in the world and that company is Valentus.

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