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We are a group of Valentus reps and customers. Some of us are content using the products for better health and longevity. Others are building a business with Valentus to supplement our incomes or to create a full-time income. We are excited about our future with Valentus and the new products on the horizon.


Emulin Benefits – 15 Untold Benefits of Emulin You Need To Know About

We believe the Emulin benefits are so rewarding the supplement will become one of the highest discussed health and wellness products of  modern times.

In this post we will focus on those benefits. Which is okay by us ... we find it an easy topic. After all, the benefits are so impactful they almost seem too good to be true.

The truth is, all these amazing benefits are the result of the three main functions of Emulin.

Before continuing let me just clarify there is only one Emulin (with two variations M & C). Also known as Prevail Emulin, it is available from one company only. Prevail Emulin M and Prevail Emulin C are available now through the Valentus Direct Sales Company in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

So keep reading and you will get some facts about Emulin benefits.

Valentus Emulin Exclusive Rights

The Emulin Jouney Begins With A Story Of Discovery

A discovery for the ages. It starts with a Nobel nominated scientist working with grapefruits for weight loss. During his studies, Dr Joe Ahrens recognized something that caught his attention. There was an activity occurring that resembled insulin.

Identifying the cause of this activity was not going to be easy, but it had to be done. After all, Dr Joe is a scientist and it's not something he could ignore. He had to know what was going on. What had he stumbled upon?

It took years of research, but finally he and his crew isolated and identified the compounds creating this insulin-like activity.

Joe Ahrens Creates Emulin Benefilts

The active compounds, he discovered, work together in synergy. The combination was concealed well but their diligence paid off. And now, years later, we are reaping the benefits that Emulin provides.

This breakthrough has been epic. The Emulin benefits are changing lives.

The conclusion: Emulin Benefits are Life Changing

Emulin Plus (now Prevail Emulin) manages three conditions that are always occurring in our bodies.  These three things are significant contributors to many if not most of the health problems that take place today. The Emulin benefits come from the management of these three conditions.

Valentus Prevail Emulin Plus manages  these 3 things:
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Refined carbohydrates
  • Sugar Levels
Hear Dr. Joe's Announcement Of their discovery that emulin not only manages sugar but inflammation as well

Inflammation Is  good ... and bad

Here's something that we want to make sure everyone realizes. Ingesting refined carbohydrates leads to inflammation. And inflammation leads to a huge number of health issues including diseases.

Inflammation dangers can be hard to understand because it is good and needed, but bad too. Short term, or Acute inflammation is good. There is a reason for it. It is part of our body's defense against injuries and stress.

Short term Inflammation assists our immune systems and is considered to be a necessary body function.

Inflammation Relief One Of Emulin Benefits

Chronic or excessive inflammation is just the opposite. It's a killer. It wreaks havoc and is proven to contribute to life threatening illnesses.Consuming a lot of refined carbs frequently brings on chronic inflammation.

Sadly for us, we are overwhelmed by triggers of acute inflammation (the good kind) in today's society. It's just too much. The inflammation becomes out of control and instead of protecting our organs it  attacks them. This is when acute inflammation becomes chronic inflammation, and chronic inflammation is very bad.

But we have Emulin, and the Emulin benefits often overcome the dangers of chronic inflammation. Keep reading to see what some of those benefits are.

Refined Carbohydrates are hazardous to our Health

It's true. Refined carbs ARE a hazard. They become unwanted sugar and ultimately chronic inflammation.

Refined Carbohydrates are "Empty Calories"

“Also referred to as "empty calories", refined carbohydrates are empty of anything beneficial and have absolutely no nutritional worth, yet the majority ingest them excessively day-to-day.

They are refined to be more user friendly with all the more chemical substances included so they taste great. They are also developed for easier storage and a long life span.

Not being actual food they can sit on a shelf a very long time and still pass on as digestible. The body just can not preserve itself in a healthy and balanced way after long term consuming of these non-nutritional food-like chemicals..”

Prevail Emulin Plus  - the first and The only patented all-natural carbohydrate manager

Emulin Blend for Emulin Benefits

The discovery of the compounds that make up Emulin led to the creation and then the production of Prevail Emulin C and Prevail Emulin M. It is an unequaled finding and the Emulin benefits are changing lives.

Emulin gives our bodies the ability to manage refined carbohydrates, thus controlling the resulting inflammation.

Carbohydrates become sugar shortly after ingestion.  That sugar stores in cells and triggers the discharge of inflammation. 

The three compounds in Prevail Emulin work together to keep us safe by providing a better path for carbohydrates to follow. Those carbs then become food and energy for muscles and in the brain. They are burned up in the process. Whatever remains is discharged from the body.

Clearing poisons from our system brings a ripple effect resulting in wonderful health benefits that excited Emulin users are describing.  The stories are impressive and exciting.

These are just a few of the incredible Emulin benefits when we manage carbs and inflammation in the body.
  • Healthier Heart
  • Healthier Skin
  • More Energy
  • Less Cancer Risk
  • Better Digestion
  • Better Sleep
  • Improved Dental 
  • Flatter Stomach
  • Liver Protection
  • Crushed The Cravings

And there's plenty more. Weight loss is one, and better brain health is another. Better brain health includes sharper clarity, clearer focus, and less fog.

Those that exercise should see better workouts and faster recovery times. Another huge one is pain relief brought on by inflammation. Joint pain, headaches,  and even migraines are reported.

Another fantastic Emulin benefit is it's ability to block carbs . Emulin creator Joe Ahrens talks about this. A person taking Emulin 15 minutes before meals can expect 1/3 of the calories not making it into the body.

And lets not forget blood glucose. Some of you with blood glucose challenges will be pleasantly surprised when you get on Emulin. Blood sugar is managed too.

Emulin Benefits are the result of a properly working immune system

 Emulin corrects the body so it can perform the way nature intended. It tunes the immune system. So technically, Emulin is not fixing issues and fighting disease. That's what the body does. An immune system operating up to par can ward off just about any invaders.

Yoga Another Benefit of Emulin

The human body is super resilient. It will normally function well for a very long time without giving in to illness and disease. But the continual slamming of inflammation will compromise  the immune systems over time.

Emulin helps the body fight off disease. The Emulin benefits are the result. 

So I'll say it again. We are hearing product stories from Emulin users that are enough to make you want to cry in joy for that person.  

Get back with the Team United member that gave you this information. Ask to see some of those stories yourself!


How Good Is Emulin for Inflammation? Does It Really Help?

What a great question! Who wouldn’t want to know? Emulin for inflammation is a subject we need to cover. 

I think we all suffer from some degree of inflammation. 

Wouldn’t you agree? So let’s explore further this topic. Because if Emulin is good for inflammation there’s a heck of a lot of people in the world who need to know about it.

emulin for inflammation image

You may have heard us say that Emulin purges inflammation from the body. Yes, we sure have said that but we’re glad that you are here. We don’t want you taking our word for it. We want instead for you to read this and learn just exactly how and why Emulin is for inflammation.

Our goal is to educate people about Emulin and why it works so well. And that is just what we are going to do. In this post, we will explain the relationship Emulin has with inflammation. That will require explaining what inflammation is.

Consequently, you will know exactly why we talk so much about Emulin for inflammation. It will all make sense to you.

Emulin is not a fabricated product

 We love telling the Emulin story. After all, this is not your average fabricated product like so many others on the market today. Rather, Emulin is a discovery. A discovery of unmatched proportions in recent times.

Emulin would be classified as a vitamin if not for modern regulations that prohibit that from happening.

Two scientists in Florida discovered Emulin. These two Nobel nominated scientists did the unthinkable to pursue something they knew was unprecedented. They didn’t know exactly what it was yet. But they knew what it was doing and that was enough to go all in.

The image below will give you a good idea why there was excitement by whatever it was they found ...

emulin for inflammation tutorial

That's a little technical and it says a lot. Don't worry, today we will keep it simple for you and we will keep to the Emulin for inflammation topic.

So the two doctors quit good corporate positions, took their own savings, started a company, and went to work for a decade to bring Emulin to the world. And now we have Emulin for inflammation, for carb management, for sugar control, for losing weight, for better skin, and for more life-changing benefits.

That barely covers the birth of Emulin. Sometime you’ll want to do yourself a favor and hear the rest of the Emulin story.

But just what is taking place that makes Emulin for inflammation?

but what exactly is inflammation?

Another great question. Because if we know that, we will understand better why Emulin for inflammation. It will make far more sense.

So now we'll take a couple minutes and explain what inflammation is, where it comes from, and why it's bad. Then we'll talk more about why or how Emulin is good for inflammation.

So keep reading! 

There are two kinds of inflammation. Acute and Chronic. We all have Acute inflammation. Whether we are diseased or not, it's there. It's part of our body's defense. 

But there are different stages of it. It starts as Acute, which is good, and often becomes Chronic, which is bad.

Acute inflammation is what comes to our rescue when we are being invaded by something. That can be an injury, a bee sting, stress maybe, or toxicities in the air we breathe or the food we eat. They also call this low grade inflammation. It helps our bodies fight back and heal or overcome whatever the event is.

Low-grade or acute inflammation is easy to recognize. It goes through a process while fighting whatever is invading. We think the process is the injury but it's really the inflammation healing the injury.

5 typical results of acute inflammation are:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Heat
  • Pain
  • Loss of Function

what causes inflammation?

Acute inflammation doesn't kick in just for injuries. Stress causes inflammatory chemicals to release as well. The stress could happen from our emotions, or a bad diet, or even the environment that we live in.

Even those who are healthy have inflammation building up to dangerous levels. It's just no match for today’s toxin-filled world. There's no getting around it.

We are fortunate today. We have Emulin for inflammation. Keep reading and we'll explain how it can change your life.

Emulin for inflammation human

There's so many triggers today causing the body to continually release these inflammation chemicals. Our bodies just cannot keep up. Eating sugar products and refined carbs is a good example. The body sees those food like substances as a toxin. And as with any other toxins coming in, the soldiers come out to battle.

So the constant bombarding of inflammatory signals builds up and turns dangerous. Over time it becomes "chronic inflammation" and this is the bad stuff. Chronic inflammation is known to promote disease. 

It's so gradual we don't know it's happening. We think the signs are normal for aging. Not until it becomes problematic do we even realize it.

 acute inflammation is good and we all have it

So let me just say again. Acute inflammation is normal and good. A response to injury or trauma. We all have it. Every one of us. It's something we need to function and stay well. 

The problems begin when acute inflammation becomes chronic inflammation. The environment we live in today is a recipe for this occurrence and for most of us is unavoidable. Unlike acute inflammation, chronic inflammation is not good. It's dangerous and it leads to disease.

And that is exactly why we are so blessed to have access to Emulin for inflammation now. 

 Inflammation was coined as the "silent killer by time magazine in 2004

Chronic inflammation is the reason why inflammation was called the "Silent Killer" on the cover of Time magazine in 2004. They knew back then that chronic inflammation played a huge role in a lot of different health conditions. Some of those conditions are dangerous and even deadly.

So we all need something to combat chronic inflammation. For some of us it is Emulin for inflammation. For others it is lifestyle changes. We believe the magic formula is those two things combined.

Silent Killer Time Magazine Cover 2014

And as word gets out more and more of us will be using Emulin for inflammation in our daily regimens, along with those lifestyle changes. Emulin disrupts the process that takes place allowing acute inflammation to store and build into dangerous levels

As a result, we'll be enhancing the quality of our lives and extending the length of our lives..

So When Does Acute Inflammation Become Chronic?

Here's the layman's definition: Toxins are stress events that the body takes action to defend. Most of us consume massive amounts of carbohydrates (which immediately turn to sugar upon ingestion).

These carbs and most sugars are not natural foods so the body sees them as the toxins. And like all toxins they get dumped into fat cells to store. Meanwhile inflammatory signals are released.  But it's occurring constantly and this creates a problem.

This continual bombardment of inflammation day after day after day eventually becomes chronic inflammation.

The body just cannot keep up. It's all day every day. A constant pounding and bombarding of inflammation. Day in and day out, a silent war, compounding and multiplying. This is when it becomes chronic inflammation.

And here's some of the techie version:

Dr. Joe Ahrens Creator of Emulin

"Our bodies discharge white blood cells to help restore injured tissues which in turn releases potent substances or chemicals. Chronic inflammation works similarly. When we eat processed foods those chemicals confuse our bodies and resemble a threat which causes a discharge of white blood cells. Those white blood cells over time begin to attack the healthy tissue".

 Dr. Joe Ahrens

what are the dangers of chronic inflammation?

This ongoing attack on our organs greatly raises the risk of several severe health issues like diabetes, heart disease and strokes. It's now known that diabetes and heart attacks are often associated with chronic inflammation. Kidneys and lungs and other crucial organs are at risk too.

It's become a problem of huge proportions. The world is in a carb crisis. There's an incredible need for Emulin for inflammatioand the problem is growing across the globe.

Each day tens of millions of people consume massive amounts of sugars and carbs like rice, noodles, bread, and refined sugars. It's creating epidemics with weight gain, organ failures, heart troubles, and more.

Some conditions linked to chronic inflammation:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Some Autoimmune diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Depression
  • Dementia
  • Inflammatory bowel disease and Crohns

Check out the video below it's a serious eye-opener. 5 Warning Signs Your Body Has Hidden Inflammation

emulin for inflammation to the rescue

This is where Emulin takes part. Emulin for inflammation is an answer. It might not be the only answer, and like I said earlier in combination with lifestyle changes.  But it's definitely one answer and a very powerful one at that.

When combined with other anti inflammation habits, changes can be dramatic and fast.

At the top of this post I told you about a discovery that was named Emulin. I said Emulin was for inflammation and mentioned Dr. Joe Ahrens.

Joe Ahrens is still highly engaged in taking Emulin to the world. We have ample access to Emulin now and that is a blessing. The Emulin for inflammation story has been heard by thousands of people now. But we are just getting started.

This patented combination of plant extracts called Emulin is helping scores of people control their glucose levels and reduce their inflammation with positive effects on weight loss and high blood pressure as well.

Emulin will purge the body of inflammation. But how does that happen?

How Is Emulin For Inflammation? How Does it work?

When discussing inflammation we have to discuss Emulin too. For those who have experienced Emulin, the two go together. They are often part of the same conversations because we know how well Emulin works for inflammation.

So here's Your Emulin for inflammation explanation.

You got this far so you know sugar and carbs get routed to fat cells triggering inflammatory signals. This is the problem we've been discussing.

But with Emulin on board, those sugars and carbs are sent to different areas of the body. That's what Emulin does when these foods are consumed. It provides a different pathway and steers the toxic culprits to places they will burn up, not stored.

But there's more to it than that. Not only will Emulin reroute the sugars we eat when we eat them, but will draw existing (stored sugar) out of fat cells and back into the blood stream. Those sugars are then become food and energy for the muscles and the brain.

What's not burned up this way leaves the body through the skin and the urine.

So the inflammation is not released, and we stay inflammation free. The body is no longer tricked into going into war zone and therefore we become free of inflammation.. The danger is gone.

Simply brilliant.

That is a simple explanation of course, but is what occurs.

Joe Ahrens Presents His Emulin For Inflammation Discovery

The Valentus direct sales company has exclusive rights to Emulin. The owner and creator of Emulin, Dr. Joe Ahrens, did an "Emulin launch" announcement call for the Valentus members recently.

On that call Dr. Joe announced he was "all-in" with Valentus, but that's not all he did. He also told his Emulin story. Something that everyone should get to know.

The Emulin for Inflammation Story Story

He shared his discovery of Emulin and particularly the time when he and his partner came to know without any doubt that in addition to Emulin managing sugar, it managed inflammation too. Dr. Joe was very excited about this discovery of Emulin for inflammation.

That moment of realization about Emulin's effect on inflammation was huge. It was a stepping stone to the production of what we know today as Prevail Emulin M and Prevail Emulin C.

I have include for you today a transcript of that part of the call, and the recording as well.

Here's the transcript:

Dr. Joe Ahrens Creator of Emulin

"Using supercomputers that we rented at UCLA, we found out there was a family of naturally occurring compounds that is in all fruits and vegetables whenever they have a high sugar load.

What we found out through human clinical studies, which are also published, is it appears that nature intended us to consume these natural compounds whenever we ate the sugar.

They are a family of natural ingredients that are much like vitamin, that are there to manage sugar in your body.

But once we saw this, we started to get reports from people telling us a lot of their inflammatory issues were going away. "My psoriasis is gone away". We kept hearing this, "oh, I have less arthritis". So we went back to the laboratory and we looked. What is going on here.

Turns out it wasn't just sugar. There was something else happening.

And we made the biggest discovery of our lives. It was one of the reasons my research group was nominated for the Nobel. Yes, this product does manage sugar in your body.

More importantly, it manages inflammation. 

Inflammation is a very important thing. We all need it. It is is the second step in our first line of defense. Whenever we are attacked by a disease organism, or even a splinter or a bee sting, you get inflammation. That is just the body sending out soldiers inside your body to take care of whatever that incident was, whether it was a poison, or a pathogen or splinter, it sends out its soldiers.

Unfortunately, without inflammation managers in your body that inflammation runs away like a runaway train. And it keeps attacking that wound site. It goes overboard and it starts attacking your own self. This is really what we discovered. We now have a vitamin like compound that regulates sugar, and it regulates inflammation. And it's important that those two are tied together in your body.

Why would a vitamin manage sugar and also manage inflammation?

Because refined sugars are perceived by your body as a poison, which results in inflammation. So it's a two step process. Regulates sugar, regulates inflammation, and it makes sure that your body knows what to do with sugar when it comes into your body.

So you need these compounds in your body to properly respond to sugar. To tell your body how to process the sugar, and to regulate any inflammation that would show up.

We named this product Emulin"

 Dr. Joe Ahrens

And here is a recording of that call. Hear it yourself straight from the man who made the Emulin and inflammation discoveries, Dr. Joseph Ahrens

Emulin For Inflammation Will Become A hot topic 

Every day people will become more aware of the complications of inflammation. And of the dangers associated with it. We believe people will also become more aware every day of Emulin and the advantages of Emulin for inflammation.

The Valentus direct sales company are the sole providers of Prevail Emulin. Both versions. If you didn't know there is an Emulin M, and an Emulin C. These two products have different targets but they are essentially the same in formulation. Slightly different ratios for slightly different purposes.

Here's a little explanation of Emulin C vs Emulin M.

Valentus wants to help improve the health of people around the world. That is their vision. They know that by improving people's health they will improve their lives.

And now Valentus is quickly becoming known worldwide because of Emulin. Whatever your goals are, be it a healthier life or financial freedom, Valentus and Prevail Emulin can be your vehicle to reach these goals.

If you ever wanted to be in a company before they reach critical mass now is the time. We have just begun. So Learn more about Prevail Emulin, and why Emulin for inflammation will become a topic spoken often and globally. And join our winning team today.

Thank You for visiting,

Emulin For Skin – Does Emulin Promote Healthy Skin?

Is Emulin Good For Skin Health?

Emulin helps your body manage refined carbohydrates, sugar, and inflammation.

Skin problems are a popular topic. Especially for those getting on in their years. We all want to do whatever we can to stay somewhat young-looking. And for those who are on or familiar with Emulin, the question often arises. Is Emulin for skin? Can it be for skin? Does it help with skin problems or does it promote healthy skin?

Those afflicted with allergies often wonder the same thing. A lot of allergies result in skin rashes and irregularities.

If you have skin issues you know what we are talking about. A lot of people suffer and experience discomfort and sometimes even embarrassment. To know that Emulin works towards healthy skin on top of everything else it does. That would be quite exciting for many.

Inflammation Triggers Skin Conditions

Emulin for Skin

There is some good news in all of this. Skin conditions and skin ailments are often brought on by inflammation. That’s not the good news …. but the good news is that Emulin can help. Yes, Emulin is for skin in many cases and it can provide relief.

Emulin removes inflammation from the body. Inflammation that we all have. It’s in every one of us to some degree. It starts slow, builds up, and compounds. So you can’t go wrong taking Emulin. It’s for every human young or old. As the creator himself likes to say, 2 time Nobel nominated scientist Dr Joe Ahrens … from womb to tomb.

So if inflammation triggers skin ailments, to say Emulin for skin is a no brainer. Of course it is!

Dr. Joe says, “those people that started taking Emulin for high blood sugar, end up telling me, my Psoriasis is gone”.

Dr. Joseph Ahrens

Dr. Joe Breaking It Down In A Recorded Interview

Live Well graphic

I’ve included something cool for you today. Dr. Joe breaking it down in a recorded interview. Dr. Joe always explains things in a way that anyone can relate to and understand. Newbie or techie, it does not matter. If you listen to him long enough, he’ll open your world to the amazement of Emulin.

In this particular snippet of the interview I’ve included today he talks about Emulin for skin. So lend an ear and learn about Emulin and the many advantages Emulin brings … regardless if it’s Emulin for skin or for allergies, and apply it to all things that inflammation is responsible. Which by the way is a HUGE percentage of all our ailments.

The audio recording is below but I’ll also summarize it for you now. The question was this … “some of the conditions on the skin like eczema and psoriasis are more immune-related … would Emulin have any positive effect over time at reducing the skin manifestations of those diseases?”

Dr. Joe Ahrens, 2 Time Nobel Nominated Scientist and Product Formulator
Joe Ahrens presents Emulin for skin

“Yes, very excellent results because even though it’s an autoimmune response, it’s part of the inflammatory response. And the problem with something like psoriasis is that your body goes overboard.

Joe continues … “There’s two general steps to inflammation. One of them is the dilation of capillaries and other vascular tissue. That is what produces the redness and the warmth. And then the second step is flooding your body with white blood cells. 

That is the inflammatory response.

Those people that started taking Emulin for high blood sugar end up telling me, my psoriasis is gone. 

We may one day focus on that and do some adequate clinicals. But that’s why. It’s because we are shutting down that inflammatory response.”

DR. Joseph Ahrens

Emulin And Allergies

We get this too. People want to know. So we got the info on Emulin for skin, but what about Emulin for allergies? If inflammation is involved we could probably assume the same result from the use of Emulin. Because why? Right! Because Emulin is the inflammation assassin.

So how do we find out? We ask Dr. Joe of course.

Joe Ahrens presents Emulin for skin

“Those with allergies are more sensitive to allergens than a common run of the mill average person. And if you have an allergy of something, you end up with low-grade inflammation. 

 Dr, Ahrens also says … “And people have said the same thing to me. I have less hay fever, this thing used to bother me when I eat it and it no longer bothers me, I have less asthma, etc.”

Dr. Joseph Ahrens

What occurs with allergies? Inflammation! And we know now what Emulin does with inflammation, don’t we?

We All Have Low-Grade Inflammation

Emulin beats inflammation

I know we said that already, but let’s explain it a little. It’s happening in all of us. Slowly but surely. Day after day after day. A constant pounding of inflammatory signals the body is sending out to battle the toxins we take in every day.

But we don’t realize it because it’s so gradual.

Emulin for skin and controls inflammation

You see, our bodies recognize sugars (refined carbs) as a poison. And just as it does any other poison, the sugar gets dumped into the fat cells while omitting inflammatory signals to fight those poisons. Just like when you get a bee sting.

But the thing is, we are all taking these carbs and sugars every day. It’s impossible not to with all the processed food-like substances. Environmental toxins add to it. So it becomes a daily barrage that builds up over time to eventually go from low-grade inflammation to chronic inflammation. And that’s when we get into trouble. That’s when diseases begin to occur.

Emulin to the rescue. Emulin steers the body back to where it’s supposed to be, so it can do what it’s supposed to do. Emulin doesn’t fight disease, our bodies do. When our immune systems are in tip-top shape.

So It’s Not Just Emulin For Skin, It’s Emulin For Everything.

Dr. Joe Ahrens says it like this … “any of the inflammatory responses are going to be inhibited, not because we are tackling all these myriad of diseases, but because we are inhibiting inflammation at its source“.  And for you techies, he continues with this … “in our work, we never start out with plant extracts to see what they did in general, we actually modeled this and we know where the myricitrin and quercetin and chlorogenic acid actually dock, where are the docking sites on the enzymes that are openly causing the inflammatory response

Dr. Joseph Ahrens

You’ll hear in the audio that Dr. Joe is also asked about men with ED and if Emulin can help. Once again we are dealing with the circulatory system of which a lot of issues are also inflammation-related. So tune in and you’ll hear his explanation on that as well.

Dr. Joe Ahrens Answers the Question about Emuli​n and Skin Problems

Emulin for skin recorded interview

If you were wondering about Emulin for skin problems, you now have your answer. You know that most skin issues are caused by excess inflammation, and you know what Emulin does with inflammation. Just as it does for weight issues, blood issues, and everything else.

You might be getting excited about Emulin like the rest of us now. Emulin is only available through one company and one company only and that is the Valentus company. But it can only be purchased through a Valentus rep.

So to learn more about Emulin, purchase Emulin, or to get involved with Team United and Emulin or Valentus in any way, please get back with the person that showed you this blog post. Feel free to leave us a comment as well. Thanks.

Team United
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Do People Lose Weight On Emulin?

We get this question a lot. Do people lose weight on Emulin? Weight loss is a huge category and people are always looking for something that really works. Something that’s not just a band-aid but a real solution for the long term.

There’s a lot of stuff out there. Some works and most of it doesn’t. But today we are going to talk about something that we know about. Something that DOES work. Today we will tell you not if people lose weight on Emulin, but how many people lose weight on Emulin. What are the percentages?

girl holding scale is losing weight on emulin

The answer to that is most. Most people lose weight on Emulin. That’s great to know … and I’ll bet you would like to know how and why that happens.

So that’s another thing we are going to tell you about today. How do people lose weight on Emulin, and why do people lose weight on Emulin. So stay tuned and we’ll get right to it.

Weight Loss and Emulin Go Together

people lose weight on emulin

We get our information from the creator of Emulin, Dr. Joe Ahrens. No one else matches his expertise on the subject. Recently he was interviewed for an Emulin FAQ and weight loss was one of the topics. I’ll include the recording of that call in this post. But first, we’ll explain it all in-depth.

Emulin’s main purpose is to manage sugar, carbs, and inflammation. That was the discovery, and that’s how it provides life-changing results for people in pain and in poor health.

But through these processes, people are losing weight on Emulin too. The weight loss happens to be a wonderful side effect. It’s no secret there is a distinct connection with people that have high blood sugar issues and weight problems. Excessive weight is often a by-product of sugar diabetes for example.

Those are the people that are also experiencing weight loss with Emulin. The two go together. With one often comes the other. When sugar levels lower, weight usually does too.

Now we’ll explain how and why.

Sugar Is Toxic To Our Bodies

Experts say that Americans take in as much as 50 teaspoons of sugar on a daily basis, in various forms. This is an absurd amount of sugar to ingest into a body, but with today’s food choices and what people accept to be okay, this is really happening.

When we ingest sugar, our bodies see it and treat it as a poison. And just as it does with any other toxin, the body takes that sugar and dumps it into our fat cells. That is a function of insulin. Unfortunately, when a person is not active enough or is ingesting so much sugar that the body cannot keep up, it turns into fat.

people trying to lose weight on emulin with a sugar addiction

One of the many numerous and wonderful benefits of Emulin is its ability to pull those sugar contaminates and refined carbs back out of the fat cells and into the bloodstream.

Now those sugars have a path to other parts of the body that will utilize them in far more useful ways. Such as food and energy for the muscles and the brain. A process that helps us to be stronger and healthier physically and mentally.

I*’m sure you are beginning to see now the scientific explanation of how this can cause a fat-burning effect as well. People lose weight on Emulin because the fat-causing culprits get burned up as energy. Isn’t that cool? We think it’s really cool.

Losing Weight Is A Side Effect Of Emulin

Here’s something else that’s cool. If Emulin is taken shortly before a meal it will literally block about 1/3 of the calories taken in. So what’s this mean? In addition to Emulin burning fat, it blocks fat too. Those who are losing weight on Emulin are losing even more weight if taken this way.

Emulin and weight loss

And there’s more. In addition to just losing weight on Emulin, include some fringe benefits and fun side effects like more brain focus and clarity, better deeper sleep, less inflammation, faster recovery from workouts, and just being extra energized.

That alone is worth taking Emulin if you ask me. Would you agree?

Dr. Joe Ahrens Explains Why People Lose Weight On Emulin

Now lets hear it from the man himself. The discoverer and creator of Emulin, 2 time Nobel Nominated scientist Dr. Joe Ahrens. I’ll do it in sections and provide some of my own feedback as well. The recording of this interview is down below too.

“As far as Emulin and weight loss goes, the way we’ve approached this is weight loss is a kind of side benefit because there is a direct correlation between blood sugar levels and excess weight.”

joe ahrens creator of emulin

Joe Ahrens

Most people are aware of this connecting between high sugar and excess weight. Often times obesity is a result of diabetes. You might know that one of the first things a doctor will tell you is to lose weight and this will help balance and lower your glucose levels.

The doctor will probably even recommend or provide a low or no-sugar diet to follow. He or she may also instruct you to study and learn about starches and foods that contain sugar … and how to read food labels.

Another culprit is a sedentary lifestyle. That’s another thing your doctor will tell you. You need to get moving! Start an exercise regimen to save your quality of life. Good food will provide good energy. Good energy will get you moving. It’s a win-win.

Remove the sugar from your body, start exercising, get on Emulin, and watch what happens. You can magnify your Emulin weight loss.

Dr. Joe continues …

“ So you may not be pre-diabetic and you may not be diabetic but you might have a little too much sugar in your blood, and insulin is going to look to put that in the fat tissue.”

Lose weight on Emulin with dr. joe ahrens

Joe Ahrens

It would be safe to say that we all have too much sugar in our bodies. It’s almost unavoidable anymore. There was a time when sugar wasn’t in everything we eat but those times are long gone now.

Now we have an obesity epidemic around the globe that is alarming and that is killing people too young. Even our kids are becoming obese now. It’s time to start taking it more seriously.

Dr. Ahrens goes on …

” So we inhibit that action with Emulin. We do not shut it down entirely … we think the body knows what it’s doing … we just inhibit it a little bit. We get the sugar to burn up in muscle tissue and also into your brain. The brain only lives on glucose. In most normal situations it just thrives on glucose. So the result is you feel energized, you feel bright, and you’ll start losing some pounds.”

joe ahrens discovered emulin

Joe Ahrens

This is what our amazing Emulin does. That's why people lose weight on Emulin. It works to regulate the process in our favor. In the near future we’ll include another post that breaks down exactly how this process happens for those that are more technically minded and have to know.

Most of us though are happy just to know what it does not necessarily how.

Do you know where the name Emulin came from? Dr. Joe came up with this when he discovered the characteristics that got his attention. During some studies in the process of another project, he noticed something that was mimicking insulin. This is what originally grabbed his undivided attention

Emulin Emulates Insulin

Emulin … now Prevail Emulin, available exclusively through the Valentus company, emulates insulin. Carbs convert to sugar (glucose) almost immediately upon ingestion. One of the main functions of Insulin has an impact on where this glucose goes next. So does Emulin.

Weight Loss Is Easier With The Help Of Emulin

Insulin directs sugar into the fat cells. That’s it’s job. But when the body is saturated with 10 times more sugar than was designed, stuff goes haywire. It cannot keep up. That’s where Emulin comes in. It right’s the ship so to speak. It provides the missing links to get everything back on track.

With Emulin the excess gets rerouted to parts of the body that can burn it up. The rest gets extracted right out of the body.

Joe Ahrens continues …

“ There are two Emulins out there on the market right now … M and C. M is for people who have no concerns over blood sugar levels. They’re not pre-diabetic, they’re not diabetic, they should take the M. Because M contains more quercetin which is very conducive for glucose to leak out of fat tissue. Quercetin causes glucose and triglycerides to leak out through process of lipolysis back into the bloodstream and then it can be burnt up in the muscle.”

“So that’s great for weight loss but it’s not too good for diabetics. So we have the C which has less quercetin, only a trace amount so that we won’t have to contend with any elevated blood sugar levels.”

dr joe helps lose weight on emulin

Joe Ahrens

So you see now …. burning fat and gaining energy is the usual result from the events that take place, bringing many people to lose weight on Emulin.

And we’ll keep beating that drum. Losing weight on Emulin is a welcomed side effect along with all the other life-changing benefits.

The #1 benefit? Removing damaging inflammation from the body. This is why we say life-changing. It really is. Inflammation is responsible for a lot of diseases, ailments, and pain.

prevail emulin statement

I mentioned the body sees refined carbs and sugars as a toxin. And just like any other danger, the body reaction is the discharge of inflammatory signals. That’s normal and not necessarily bad. When you get a bee sting you want inflammation to be released.

The problem is though, the constant intake of too much sugar resulting in the constant discharge of inflammation. The body can’t keep up the continual release of inflammation day after day after day. It builds up and it compounds and it becomes chronic inflammation which is no longer good. In fact, it is really really bad.

Chronic inflammation is the root cause of most diseases that we suffer from.

So …. Emulin to the rescue. And the weight loss that comes along with it. Just a very rewarding and enjoyable side effect.

There’s something else I’ll mention while I have your attention. It’s not to do with the weight loss but it is to do with another incredible advantage some Emulin takers are experiencing and I fell sits in the same category. Physical fitness and ideal weight kinda go hand in hand.

Weight Loss Is Easier With The Help Of Emulin

Carb-loading is part of the journey for a lot of athletes. It’s one way for them to sustain the energy they need to perform at max to the end of the event. The problem with carb-loading is the carb-crash that follows.

Emulin however, reduces that crash significantly.

We have athletes talking about being able to go further and perform better with less carb … and Emulin. This is great. Not only are people losing weight on Emulin, but they are also performing better too.

more energy when you lose weight on emulin

Think about it. Emulin is a patented carbohydrate manager. It promotes efficient carbohydrate management. Without Emulin we are at a disadvantage. With the carb-filled foods of today, the odds are against us. But Emulin helps. It evens out the highs and lows from carb-loading. You will be able to maintain your energy longer.

That explains the athletes thing. They are reporting on better recovery and improved endurance. They say they can last longer in their sports events and recover faster after those events. They swear by it.

So the question has been answered. Yes, people lose weight on Emulin. Lots of people. But they are also benefitting in numerous other ways. Some that are life-changing and some that are even life-saving. And some say they will never go without their Emulin as long as they live.

But Is Emulin Safe For Everyone?

Yes … Emulin is super safe for everyone … as Joe Ahrens likes to say “everyone, womb to tomb, should be on Emulin”. Joe also says that if Emulin had been discovered years sooner before the “new vitamin restrictive laws” were in place, it would be a vitamin. Emulin is essential just like the other vitamins are.

Even those in perfect health already should be on Emulin. It is good for you and your body.

Ongoing Emulin Research

dr jo and daryl thompson the 2 creators of emulin

A scientist’s work is never done. There is always be room for improvement. That’s what any scientist will tell you. Dr. Joe and his Emulin team are no exception. Emulin is amazing as it is, but they intend to continue perfecting it.

There are ongoing studies and theories as we speak, already showing hugely promising results. It’s exciting stuff and will be fantastic news to share when we are able. Those who understand Emulin and it’s power are excited now. They will be even more excited.

Dr. Joe’s Interview Recorded

Here’s the recorded Dr. Joe Interview call recorded. Or at least a piece of it that pertains to this particular post. Stay tuned to this blog for the rest of the Emulin story!

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Emulin And The Heart

Prevail Emulin, the new product by Valentus that was discovered by Dr. Joe Ahrens is an amazing product. It manages carbs, sugar, and inflammation. But what about Emulin and the heart?

We know this is a subject of interest for many people. The cardiovascular system including blood flow and kidney function is above all an area that we all need to pay attention to. It’s hard not to notice the statistics regarding heart attacks, especially for Americans.

Emulin and the Heart

We are hearing so much about Emulin and carbohydrates, Emulin for the skin, and Emulin and inflammation. But we are not yet hearing so much about Emulin and the heart or Emulin and the cardiovascular or circulatory system.

So it’s time that we did. We do indeed have some answers for you today. Keep reading (and watch the video) and you’ll get those answers.

Emulin And The Heart Is A Popular Topic

Emulin And The Heart Is A Popular Topic
Emulin is incredible. It’s doing so many good things for so many people. But as you know, the heart is the #1 killer. A lot of people are on drugs for blood thinning and other heart medications. So naturally, they want to know more about Emulin and how it could affect them, either in a positive way or in a negative way.

The fact is, blood clotting is the underlying factor in almost all heart and blood problems. If we can figure out blood clotting behaviors on Emulin, then we’ll have a pretty good picture of Emulin and the heart.

How Does Emulin Affect Blood Clotting?

So how does Emulin affect blood clotting? I mean, after all, the main function of Emulin is to draw those bad nasty carbs and sugars out of fat cells and back into the bloodstream so they can be carried away to more useful places.

Something must be happening there. It’s good for inflammation, but is it good for the blood system?

It just so happens that in one of our interviews with Joe Ahrens he covers this very topic. And I’m going to share it with you here.

Emulin and the heart and the blood

Dr. Joe talks about blood clotting, but he’ll be the first one to tell you that Emulin and blood clotting is a conversation that could just as easily be applied to not just Emulin and the heart, but kidney issues and strokes too.

So it’s a highly valid concern and a darn good question.

Emulin’s Effect On The Heart Is A Positive One

Let’s start it off like this … you’re going to want to keep reading because Emulin has a profoundly positive effect on blood clotting and so, therefore, the heart and all blood system and circulatory functions.

Happy healthy girl

I’ve also included a video recording for you of the interview with Dr. Joe that I’m referencing from. Joe Ahrens discovered Emulin years ago and has been perfecting the product to bring to market since then. He’s now one of the two product formulators for Valentus, and a very smart man. I take great interest in everything he has to say.

I’ve recently read that every 40 seconds an American will have a heart attack and that 14% of those people will die from their heart attack. That’s pretty alarming! Let’s hope that Emulin has enough of an effect on the heart that can help minimize that statistic!

But listen to this. This is what is said on the call.

Over Half Of All Americans Will Die Of A Blood Clot

Dr. Joe Ahrens says this …”Did you know that over half of all Americans will die of a blood clot in either their brain or their heart”? That is an alarming statistic and it’s a very serious topic.

There are no published human studies yet with Emulin and the heart. But regardless, Dr. Joe and his associates have been working with and studying Emulin for years and there’s a whole lot they know about this life-changing product.

Two of the three active ingredients in Emulin have a positive effect on the heart, and the kidneys, and the blood system. Quercetin and Myricetin come from dark berries, particularly tropical berries and they’ve been proven to have favorable results in this area.

The Research

Research on Emulin and the heart can easily be defined by the research on blood clotting as the two are so closely related.

There have been studies on monkeys, dogs and mice, and some computer modeling as well. From this research, they learned about PDI (protein disulfide isomerase) and how it has to be present for blood clotting to happen.

They also learned when given Quercetin and Myricetin from grape juice the blood clots were greatly reduced.

Emulin ingredient Quercetin

Dr. Joe is a great man and he’s not one to hide in his lab and hope people understand what he’s doing and why. Instead, he likes to teach his followers what’s happening and he likes to share his knowledge with others.

And as part of his teachings, he’s been saying all along that we have health issues because we’re not getting enough of these active enzymes in our diets.

He is not saying that Emulin will keep a person from getting strokes. But he is saying that blood clotting should be greatly reduced with Emulin because of its ability in reducing the PDI factor.

Where Else Can We Get These Ingredients?

These poly flavonoids, Quercetin and Myricetin, were intended to be abundant in our diets and they are essential to our diets. And that’s not all. There’s a whole host of molecules and enzymes that were supposed to be included in our food sources but that have been bred out over the years.

That’s why we simply just are not getting enough of them any longer. Through his years of studies and testing that included all of these known flavenoids, he found the 3 that have the most impact on our health. Those are the elements that makeup Emulin.

The Poly Flavonoids in Emulin Were Intended By Nature To Be In Our Foods

Here’s just a couple of examples…

Emulin for Nutrition

A book could be written on just the process that took place in isolating these 3 ingredients and in the exact required proportions with each other. We’ll do another post on that it’s quite interesting and I encourage you to learn all you can about Dr. Joe and Emulin.

It’s not a formulation that was made up to compete with other similar products. Emulin was a discovery of epic magnitude and if it was years earlier before they made it impossible to do, it would have been named a new vitamin.

Emulin Purges Inflammation From The Body

Inflammation is the root cause of so many diseases. Too many to list. This is a well-known fact today.

Your blood system, circulatory system, and the cardio system is no exception. And that’s exactly why we have discussions on Emulin and the heart, and your blood, and your kidney, and anything else involved.

Emulin And The Kidney

Polycystic Kidney Disease is discussed in the video too. Dr. Joe gives a good description of how and why Emulin can have a positive effect on that condition also.

PKD leads to inflammation. And this causes a secondary stage of the disease. Emulin manages inflammation and in fact, one of the ingredients in Emulin restricts the leading enzyme or cause of the kidney issue. This has been found through the studies that have been performed.

Dr. Joe explains it in the video found here on the page. He’ll tell you how the cysts are little hard, hollow nodules filled with water, but they’re like sand. These cysts can grow large and if you develop enough of them they disrupt the kidney function and literally tear the kidney apart.

And so what happens when you have these cysts tearing your kidney apart? What will the body do?

You guessed it. Inflammation.

The Body Releases Inflammatory Signals When It Gets Invaded

Emulin for the heart and the brain

Your body will release huge amounts of inflammatory signals whenever it gets invaded just as it does with toxins and poisons that enter the body. It’s no different from what the body does when we add refined carbs and sugar.

This becomes chronic inflammation that leads to more problems in the kidneys. It’s a secondary avenue of failure. The result of inflammation adding to the kidney failure.

So … Emulin to the rescue.

Is There Science Backing Emulin?

Yes, there certainly is science backing Emulin. Keep following, reading, watching, and learning and you’ll see. There are about a dozen patents too for protecting the manufacturing process. No one else can make Emulin.

The trademark secrets that no other product developers have access to. There is lots more going on here than just a good health product. Emulin may be the most powerful natural health product discovery of modern times.

Emulin backed by science

Emulin and the heart and connected systems are something worth talking about. We could literally be saving lives .. and we for sure are changing lives.

A well-tuned and properly performing body will not overwork the immune system. It’s important to manage stress levels for high-quality living.

And we all want better health and a higher quality of life.

Does Emulin Positively Affect The Heart and Blood System? Watch The Video

Yes, it does. And now you know that it does. The science and the measured results don’t lie. And I’m quite certain that future ongoing studies will paint an even brighter and clearer picture. Remember, a scientist’s job is never done. Dr. Joe and his associates are hard at work behind the scenes … that we know for sure.

Now here’s the video of Dr. Joe Ahrens interview section on Emulin and the heart and blood and kidney … for your education. Enjoy.

Dr. Joe Ahrens Presentation Emulin and the Heart and Blood

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New Valentus 2020 – New Products Is The Next Generation Valentus

Valentus is a 5-year-old MLM company offering weight loss and wellness products. But recently they've added some new products that are stellar and that has put Valentus on a whole new level. It's why I say the New Valentus.

We are Team Valentus United and this is our team blog. We will be reporting on the new age Valentus in this post and in subsequent posts.

All the products are great. But the two newest products will be our focus today.

It is these two additions that we believe have put the New Valentus into the class of "elite". The Slimroast weight loss/healthy coffee has been their flagship for years. In mid-2018 they upgraded Slimroast to Slimroast Optimum with a new formula.

Now the testimonials were not just coming in regularly as with the original, but they were flying in and sales took a sharp rise up. The Optimum was a hit!

The New Valentus Is Here And It's Amazing

Which brings us to today. Call it what you want. The new Valentus, Valentus 2.0, Valentus the next generation, Valentus 2020. You get the idea. The point is that what Valentus has now is not just worthy of talking about, but shouting about.

Orlando Convention Showcases the New Valentus Next Generation

At the 2019 Valentus International Convention in Orlando, FL they took the wrapping off two new products that got the immediate attention of networkers and health advocates all over the world.

Slimroast Formulator Kevin Thomas' newest upgrade "Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine". This is a completely revamped and much-improved formula (hard to believe given the results from the former).

But yes it's true. Dynamine is one of the hottest new supplements on the market and we have it now in our happy healthy weight loss coffee, and cocoa. So that was one of the big announcements for the new Valentus 2020.

Secondly, and to some even more importantly ... the announcement and introduction of Prevail Emulin. The life-changing discovery by 2-time Nobel nominated scientist and product formulator Dr. Joe Ahrens.

So we have LOTS to talk about. Trust me when I say with these two top-notch and world-renowned formulators on board, the New Valentus is just getting started shocking the world. There's a lot more coming!

New products For The New Valentus

New and Improved Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine

New For Valentus Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine
Dynamine Logo

There's no doubt in my mind this new Kevin Thomas invention will break sales records for the new Valentus, just like his last version of Slimroast did for the old Valentus.

Kevin is a genius when it comes to staying at the forefront of the latest and greatest product ingredients available in the world today.

And with the new Valentus growth explosion and sales through the roof he's adding on to his production facility to accommodate. What do you do when you can hardly keep up with the demand? Why that's simple you build a new $10 million dollar addition to warehousing and production.

And that's exactly what Kevin is in the process of doing right now.

New Valentus Research Center Alternative Laboratories Logo

Yes the new Slimroast Optimum with Dynaime is a new and improved formulation with additional and even more powerful benefits. But some things won't change. The new formula will continue to provide the following ...

  • Crushes cravings

  • Increases energy

  • Metabolizes fat to energy

  • Helps to reduce blood sugar

  • Boosts circulation and oxygen delivery through VASO 6

  • Promotes increased Nitric Oxide levels for serious fat burning and body sculpting

What Is Dynamine?

Dynamine Methylliberine is an all-natural ingredient. It is fast-acting and will boost energy and sharpen your focus. It comes from a Chinese tea called Kucha and has similarities to an all-natural energy supplement named TeaCrine. They both have some characteristics inline with caffeine. But consumers that don't tolerate caffeine are doing fine with Dynamine while enjoying the energy, focus, and mood enhancements.

Dynamine Methylliberine

Although there is ongoing research on Dynaime, what has been done is very promising and those using the ingredient say they love it. It is safe and seems to work even better in conjunction with some other ingredients. The formulation put together by Kevin Thomas for Valentus is based on these premises.

Something worthy to mention ... bodybuilders and athletes using Dynamine supplements are raving on the results. Here are 10 great reasons why they love Dynamine ...

  • Increased Energy

  • Mental Alertness

  • Improved Physical Performance

  • Boosted Mood

  • Long-Lasting

  • No Crash

  • No Stimulant Side Effects

  • Improved Mind-Muscle Connection

  • Increased Fat and Calorie Burn

  • No Impact on Sleep

So now I hope you can see why we are all excited about the new Valentus Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine!

Valentus 2020 Introduces Joe Ahrens and Prevail Emulin

For those of us who know already about Joe Ahrens and Emulin, we couldn't be more excited to know they are with a good company now. For those that didn't know of them before the announcement, it's just a matter of time before they are also shouting from rooftops about Emulin. Because that's what people do when they learn what it is, and when they experience it. They talk about it, shout about it, share it, and use it.

Emulin For New Valentus

Try as I may, to teach you all about Emulin and the wonders it provides in a blog post, would be an impossible achievement. I'll say this though ... it's an incredible addition to the company and really does take Valentus to the status of the New Valentus.

So, for now, you'll just get an introduction. But not to worry, we'll be blabbing all about it in future posts. Lots of them.

The Discovery of Emulin

Dr. Joe Ahrens Formulator For New Valentus

Dr. Joe Ahrens, a two-time Nobel nominated scientist, discovered Emulin by accident while working on another project. At the time he was Director of Research for the Florida Department of Citrus. They were in the process of studying to prove Grapefruit could cause weight loss.

During the research and while performing their studies on grapefruit, Dr. Joe noticed an occurrence happening with the test subjects resembling the behavior of insulin. This mimicking of insulin per say, as you can imagine had the good doctors' attention in a big way. What was going on?

He was excited to inform his employers about this phenomenon he happened across, to get a go-ahead and additional funding for more studies. This was something that could have a major impact on changing people's lives ... he knew that. So, of course, they would want to know as well.

But to his surprise, they didn't. They were perfectly happy and content with his conclusions on grapefruit and weight loss. That's all they were concerned about.

As you can imagine Dr. Joe was not satisfied. He's a scientist. It's in his blood, and he wasn't about to give up on something this important.

ATM Metabolics Is Formed

So Dr. Joe Ahrens broke away from FDOC and formed their own company ATM Metabolics with the sole intent of finding out exactly what it was they discovered earlier.

Joe Ahrens Company ATMMet

This was not by any means a fast easy process. For a decade they went through an elimination process to identify the compounds causing the effects they witnessed. Countless hours, sleepless nights, a lot of dead ends and plenty of fatigue eventually paid off. They got their answers finally. Now it was a matter of isolating the compounds and forming a product.

Joe Ahrens Presenting
New Valentus Prevail Emulin

Fast forward to now. New Valentus 2020 has the exclusive rights to Joe Ahren's formula which is now called Prevail Emulin.

It's an amazing product that changes people's lives. But we're not done by any means. There will be more products coming from Joe Ahrens utilizing the Emulin foundation and technology. 

Stay tuned for further posts as we educate the world on Emulin and it's many health and life-changing benefits.

Valentus is a 5 1/2-year-old health and wellness MLM company. It's always been a good company with good people and good products, in a highly competitive space. The only thing that will ever set a company apart in this area are better-than-good unique products backed by science and exclusive to only one company.

And that's exactly what the New Valentus 2020 is. We have some things no other company has nor will they ever have. Joe Ahrens and his products for one, Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine for another, and CEO Dave Jordan for yet another.

Thank you for your time. Please get back with the Team Valentus United member that showed you this blog post and get your questions answered.

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