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Valentus Immune Boost: This Will Keep Those Pesky Bugs Away!

What's the big deal on this Valentus Immune Boost product? Are you tired of picking up that annual flu bug? Or those seasonal colds every time the weather changes?

Are you fed up with not having the energy to enjoy all the day? What about just feeling off ... like your not running on all cylinders?

Is any of this hitting home?

Maybe you know that "other person" who just seems to always be feeling great? Never sick, never has a cold, always has energy? Do you know that person?

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It's true you know ... some people have stronger immune systems and are not as easy to catch colds or get sick. So what does that person have that you don't?

It could be natural. Strong immunity runs in the family … or … they may be eating healthier, sleeping sounder, exercising more, or supplementing with good health products.

Not to worry ... you can too! And the Valentus Immune Boost product is as good as it gets.

Not All Immune Systems Are Equal. Valentus Immune Boost Will Help

No two immune systems are the same. All people are different and they have different systems. But you can optimize your system with a little TLC.

There are certain obvious things that can contribute to one person being more susceptible to colds and sickness than others. One example is having kids that bring bugs home from school. Or working in an environment that contains unhealthy people.

Some people are just naturally blessed with stronger immune systems than others. Maybe a strong immune pool runs in the family

But not to fear. Living a healthier lifestyle can improve a person's immune system. Anyone can learn to live better and healthier. And adding good supplements like Valentus Immune Boost is a darn good place to start. 

A Prevail Lifestyle Can Help You Be Your Best Self

Many factors can add to a healthier life. It's quite possible to change habits in a way that will maintain a more efficient overall system. You can boost a weak immune system fairly easily.

Adding Immune Boost to your daily regimen is a great way forward to a stronger resistance.

Crammed with antioxidants from vegetables and fruits that are rich in nutrients. Valentus Immune will power you up. Keep reading as we detail how and why that will happen.

Be Your Best With Valentus  Immune Boost

  • Packed with Antioxidants
  • Supports Immune Health
  • High-Grade Vitamins and Minerals

Grape skin, Natural grape powder, Noni fruit, Goji berry, Mangosteen, Ganoderma, Ginseng, Pomegranate, Aloe vera, Stevia (leaf), Inulin Dietary Fiber, Natural flavor.

Prevail Immune Boost™
Simply mix with water. Use daily or when feeling a sickness coming.

Valentus Immune Boost Ingredients

Valentus Immune is full of the goodness of nature. Now we will examine the ingredients list for you. It's important that people know from where all this goodness comes from.

So stay tuned as we break down each ingredient and it's benefits, one at a time. We believe that once you learn what Valentus Immune Boost has to offer you'll be ready to give it a try!.

Inulin Dietary Fiber

Inuline dietary fiber is known to have for health benefits. The fiber is natural and it originates from chicory root. Onions, artichokes, and bananas are also known sources.

It's helps with constipation causing a more bulky stool and bowel movements more often. It's also good for constipation and weight loss. 

It's a prebiotic that slows digestion which allows better absorption of nutrients from the food we eat. Valentus Immune Boost is packed with nutrients so anything that will help those nutrients absorb faster and better is a great benefit.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is known to some as a miracle plant. The health benefits are immense. It is rich in vitamins B1,2, 6, and 12. It's also high in folic acid and in amino and fatty acids.

Aloe Vera addresses burns, including from the sun severe burns. It also treats conditions of the skin like acne and psoriasis. Inflammation and and itchiness have also been improved using aloe.

Aloe Vera can also help with constipation issues and is occasionally used as an oral laxative. There are benefits for people who are detoxing and cleansing and. More benefits include moving toxins and waste out of the system.

Aloe is used regularly to treat several ailments and is well known as an adaptogen. Adaptogens help the bodies reaction to stress as a defense mechanism.

aloe isgreat for the immune system

Aloe also performs like a stabilizer of acid to alkalize the body. And it's inflammatory benefits are not just for skin conditions but for many other inflammation issues.

Enjoy the many Aloe Vera health benefits in every serving of Valentus Immune Boost.


Another great Valentus Immune Boost ingredient is Pomegranate.

Free radicals can do extreme harm to our bodies. The cells and tissues are damaged by a destructive action called oxidative stress. This oxidative stress is the result of our exposure to certain bad elements. Bad diets, idle lifestyles, and worldly pollution are just some of the main contributors to this harmful condition.

pomegranite is an ingredient great for immune

Minerals and vitamins that fight free radicals are antioxidants. Our stress conditions are greatly affected by these antioxidants in a positive way.

Pomegranate is a strong antioxidant. It's also a highly effective mood enhancer. The ability of pomegranate to produce masses of endorphins makes it responsible for us to be content and happy. 

So you can imagine why this would be in a great demand and highly popular.

Grape Skin Extract

Another antioxidant that is well known and extremely rich in resveratrol is the grape skin extract. Resveratrol supports heart health and lowers bad cholesterol level. It can also manage and balance blood sugar irregularities.

A healthier cardiovascular system is something we all could use. It usually means a higher quality and longer lifetime. Strokes and heart attacks contribute to lives ending before they should. So any supplement that can reverse that we would all welcome.

The extracts of grape skin are also good for strengthening bones and is another powerful antioxidant. That's not all it can even boost brain health and adds tremendous value and efficiency to our Valentus Immune Boost.

Panax Ginseng

Ginseng brings numerous health features and is fairly well known in the industry. Once again we have a powerful antioxidant and it fights inflammation too. Encouraging studies show ginseng's anti-inflammation ability and for reducing stress as well. 

That just hints at ginseng's capabilities as an all-around health supplement.

genseng is an immune boost ingredient

The list of many health benefits made available by Ginseng include brain health enhancements, strengthening the immune system, and the potential of extra insulin production and balancing of sugar levels.

Ginseng has also been shown to improve erectile dysfunction conditions with men. Boosting blood circulation while muscles relax play a role in that.

We're done with ginseng yet. Panax ginseng fights free radicals that contribute to skin showing signs of early-aging. his is great news for all the young people that struggle with premature aging appearances.

So you see .... Valentus Immmune Boost is a far better product with panax ginseng added.

Ganoderma Lucidia

Ganoderma Lucidia, also called Reisha,  is a mushroom from Asian regions. In China it's sometimes referred to as the "herb of potency". It has long been known for its health benefits.

As a medicinal mushroom there is dated documentation relating to healthy improvements dating centuries back.

ganoderma mushroon is another ingredient of vlaentus immune boost

The good news is that more recent studies and reports are showing support to a lot of the age-old claims of health benefits from the use of ganoderma.

The studies show the mushroom promoting better health with the many challenges in the world today. We think it's ideal as another added ingredient to the Valentus Immune Boost product.


Mangosteen has a pleasant texture and taste in addition to it's many health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants and looked upon as a superfood. All of the fruit's aspects contribute to the benefits including the bark and rinds and even the twigs of the mangosteen tree.

The special antioxidants from the rind, known as xanthones, get most of the attention. There are multiple ways Xanthones provide protection of the skin. But several other ailments are treated from the anti-inflamatory properties including numerous sorts of infections.

Mangosteen is also mineral and vitamin rich with thiamin, potassium, niacin, riboflavin, zinc folate, and vitamins A, B6, and C. Magnesium, calcium, sodium, and carotene are also minerals found in the fruit.

The Mangosteen juice is used as an ant-aging supplement due to it's abundance of antioxidants.

Noni Fruit

The greenish-white Noni fruit from the Morinda tree is especially known for it's many healing properties.

Healers of the Polynesian tribes used it to treat high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, inflammation, and aches and pains.

The Noni fruit can also improve the quality of skin and it's great for stress reduction. Some people have even used it for breaking fevers. It's used world wide and is totally safe.

In some regions it's called the "starvation fruit" due to it's successful use in times of severe famine. There are islands in the Pacific that depend on it as their staple food. More recently though it's been added into the consumer marketplace as a health supplement.

Noni Fruit from the morina tree for immune boost

Noni is high in antioxidants and provides stable support for immune systems. The wonder fruit benefits all who consume it..

Goji Berry

Another powerful antioxidant for overall wellness, Goji's list of benefits is extensive and includes immunity boost features and energy too.

It's a general understanding that goji berries are great for you. They are jammed with the highest quality minerals and vitamins as well as a protein value.

Just some of the benefits of Goji consist of improved blood glucose control, extra energy, weight loss, and  even anti-aging properties.

Goji berries are at times consumed raw but will more often be in a juice form. The juice has become one of the most sought after in today's supplement marketplace. The berries are also found in trail mix packs are are even used for brewing tea.

They taste great with a mellow sweet-and-sour effect while mildly tart.

goji berries are another great ingredient in immune boost

Because of rich makeup of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, Goji has become known as a superfood, or super fruit. Some even say it's a fountain of youth.

Valentus Immune Boost goes to another level with 3 superfruits and the other awesome ingredients we've listed here today. It's more than a good product, it's an incredible product.

And if you were to add the  Valentus Energy product to that you will supercharge it .... for the days that you need that kick-in-the pants!

Conclusion: Valentus Immune Boost

It's been proven that antioxidants in your diet will boost the immune system and protect you against infections and sickness. And Valentus Immune Boost was designed to do exactly that.

Loaded with antioxidants from vegetable extracts and super nutrients, Immune Boost will ramp up your body to fight colds and illnesses and be healthier!

Valentus Immune Boost works great andwith ThermoROAST coffee. And to really enhance Immune Boost, add the Valentrus Trim. You'll have a supercharged weight loss immune product like never before. BOOM!

Balancing and tuning the immune system helps the body in so many ways. Your digestive tract will thank you and with the aloe vera ingredient added you'll get a mellow mood and baby sleep too.

Valentus Immune is a tasty grape flavor that kids will love as much as you. And I don't think anyone would argue with their kids immune systems fighting off all the crud they could get at school.

So there we go. Immune Boost is a wonderful add-on to the already amazing Valentus product line. Share these awesome wellnesss and weight loss products with your friends they will loved you for it. 

Getting involved with Valentus has so many benefits. We don't see any downsides there whatsoever.