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The Emulin Process | Is Emulin A Magic Pill Or Just A Darned Good Supplement

In this post we will discuss the Emulin process. What it does and how it works. Some think Emulin is magic. They call it Magic Pills.  But the Emulin process isn't magic at all. It's scientific. The results on the other hand, are magical. 

Emulin is just an incredible discovery that came from 2 scientists who studied hard and worked even harder.

So how does it work? What is this Emulin process we talk about? We know it's not magic, but what makes it so amazing?

Valentus Prevail Emulin is next-generation high-tech health technology. A product unmatched by any other.

The first ever all-natural patented carbohydrate manager. 

Emulin Process Description

Joe Ahrens is a great achiever. Some of those achievements led to the discovery and creation of Emulin. He's been recognized worldwide for his work including 2 nominations for a Nobel prize. 

All types of organizations have taken notice. Including medicine. I don't think I have to tell you the medical and science fields would be horrified if they heard Emulin called magic pills. But the magic that Emulin brings to peoples lives has been around a long time

What Is This Emulin   Process  That Brings About The Magic Pill Like Results?

Well ... let's have a look. Here are the 3 main stages that occur when Emulin enters your system.

emulin m and emulin c

Emulin Process #1: Emulin Obstructs  The Starch To Sugar Transition

Starch becomes sugar shortly after eating it. And because of that we see and hear a lot about how starch is a bigger problem than fat. Emulin blocks starch from converting into sugar. This is the first step of the Emulin process.

Emulin Process #2: The Sugar Pathways   To Your Bloodstream Are Blocked By Emulin

Ingested sugar passes through little doorways in your stomach and in your intestines going to the bloodstream. That process is considerably slowed when Emulin closes some of those doors. The sugar can't get through.

This forces the sugar to take a different path. Incidentally this is also a function of insulin. Providing a pathway for sugars to travel to get where it needs to go.

The same thing occurs with Emulin. Directing the sugar to where it's needed. Mainly to the muscles and the brain where it's used as food and energy. That's what we want the sugar to do. Now it has a positive function.

Consequently, this keeps it from depositing in the fat tissues. Which of course is where we don't want it to go. This in turn stops the development of more fat tissue.

Emulin Process #3: Emulin Pulls Sugar From Fat Tissue

With no Emulin, sugar enters and is stored in our fat tissue. There the body sees those sugars as a poison and releases inflammatory signals as a protector.

But amazingly enough Emulin pulls the sugar that is already in those cells and tissues and releases it to follow the better path as mentioned above.

Reducing Sugar Consumption To Lower Blood Glucose Doesn't Work By Itself

The human body has a built in memory. It will return back to it's initial state. We make our own sugar when we are deprived of it. But Emulin slows the process. Incidentally, the #1 prescribed diabetes medicine. Metformin, works in much the same way. 

Notably, Emulin does even more yet. A Type 2 diabetic's insulin does not work properly. The doorways to direct the sugar traffic are not opening. Emulin increases insulin's function so it works better. The doors will begin opening again. That is another piece of the Emulin process.

emulin process

Studies have shown Emulin to…

  • Reduce the transfer of carbs to  sugar
  • Slow the absorption of sugar to the bloodstream
  • Minimize gluconeogensis by the liver
  • Speed dilution of lipids in fat tissue
  • Increase insulin sensitivity by adding glucose to muscle
  • Stop insulin release tissue

Human clinical trials proved Emulin can overcome insulin resistance, and can reduce blood glucose up to 25%

  • A test on rats conducted at Eurofins Labs in 2007 showed blood glucose reduction of 27%
  • Cetero Research studies in 2008 showed an increase in Metformin efficacy when used in conjunction with Emulin.
  • A 28% reduction in bood glucose was observed in that same study

People feel good on Emulin. They feel good when their sugars get into balance. And they feel good when inflammation and pain is reduced.

Cool things also happen in your brain on Emulin that bring about a good mood.

So all things considered with Emulin, it's no wonder some people call them magic pills. And I'm totally okay with it.

Having a supplement so darn good that people want to call them magic isn't necessarily a bad thing. At least not in my book. Call them magic pills all you want.

Just keep taking them and you will continue to benefit from the Emulin process.

Emulin Is Available Now Through Valentus

Thanks for your time. Emulin can be purchased now from Valentus. They have exclusive rights to the product so you'll need to buy through a rep of Valentus.

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