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Emulin History – Emulin on TV – Emulin In The News

Today we'll be talking about some Emulin history. It goes way back. Over a dozen years with TV appearances.

I had no idea there was such an extensive Emulin history. But it's a good a story and the track record is worth sharing. 

There shouldn't be any surprise of Emulin in the news. Nutritional products are advertised everywhere now. On TV, in the news, online, on billboards and in the mail.

Emulin In A Class Of It's Own

But Emulin is different. Much of the media attention is about the discovery more so than a sales pitch or advertisement. The re-discovery of a lost vitamin that every human needs to regulate the bad stuff we take in daily.

We just want to share the Emulin story and sharing the Emulin history is a great way to do it. The creators thought so too and that's why Emulin is in the news.

The Emulin history is what makes it unique

There's a big demand for good nutritional products these days. More people are getting it every day. Good health means longer life but today's food is nothing like it used to be. So we have to supplement if we want the right amount of nutrients.

It's also a saturated market. Everyone trying to get a piece of the pie. And let's face it there are some products out there that are not high quality.

But how does the average person know what's good and what's not? Who has time to take a course in nutritional and ingredient education?

They are all made to sound amazing. Anyone good at ad copy can do that. But, they are not all amazing. Some are great, some are okay, and some are just lousy.

 learn How to get to the facts

Yes we do want good nutritional supplements but we have to learn the difference.

Study the products and who developed them. Find out their history and what studies have been published.

This will tell you how credible and worthwhile the product is.

Peeling back the layers will reveal what's laying underneath. A little due diligence will go a long way. 

Emulin backed by Nobel Nominated Scientists

So let's learn how to determine what products are real and beneficial, and which ones are simply backed by good advertising.

Any company you are looking at should be transparent with their documentation of the science and research that's been conducted. You should also be able to follow the journey of the development of the product.

If a product is new be well aware of the gamble. It's all a gamble but when backed by good science and good documented research the chances of it failing are reduced dramatically. 

Most health products on the market are offshoots of one another

They might have ingredients resembling each other but in varying doses.

Ingredients can have various names as well but the bottom line is that like products can be made to sound very different or new. 

Therefore it can be difficult to know which ones are truly unique. New product discoveries that will have an above average impact on peoples health and on their lives are quite rare.

Consider yourself lucky for finding Emulin. The Emulin history and it's track record being on TV and in the news is almost unheard of for an MLM product.

Emulin M and Emulin C Are Life Changing Products

knowing The Difference

Research over a number of years is a good indicator that a product is unique and special. We are all after a game changer are we not? If a product were not that, chances are the creators would not spend the money to research it for multiple years.

To do that with a run-of-the-mill product wouldn't make a lot of sense.

Emulin is one of those life changer products. The Emulin history, science, and published studies prove that.

But the Emulin owners are not done yet. Truthfully, they are just getting going. They will keep working hard to make Emulin, an already incredible life-changing product, even better.

We expect to see Emulin on TV and in the news many more times. We think the history of Emulin is just starting.

Emulin History - Emulin In The News

Today you get a treat of seeing some of this Emulin History. We have some videos of Emulin in the news for your enjoyment. The videos are old and  a little grainy but that's part of the attraction. It's obvious the creators have been at this a long time.

This is just the beginning as we gather all the Emulin history we can. So stay tuned to this page in the future for ongoing updates.

The Emulin history and the news coverage of Emulin and Emulin on TV  had an impact on me. It had a lot to do with holding my attention when I first began checking Emulin out.

There are ongoing Emulin studies too so it's going to get exciting. This is what we say the Emulin history is just starting.

And now that Emulin is out and available to anyone the testimonials are pouring in and they are amazing.

The product creators and scientists are right to keep updating Emulin. It is an incredible product that is only going to get better.

Emulin Discovery | Emulin In The News | Local 6 News Orlando | Jan 7, 2009

Emulin In The News video #1

In 2003 Dr. Ahrens  discovered the physiological insulin changing  activity with grapefruit users that ultimately led to Emulin. Local 6 News Station in Orlando, FL first reported on Emulin in the year 2009

Emulin on the Orlando news
Emulin Discovery | Emulin In The News | Local 6 News Orlando | Jan 7, 2009

Emulin Discovered | Emulin on Fox 13 News | Tampa Bay | Jan 18, 2011

Emulin In The News video #2

In 2011 FOX 13 News in Tampa Bay did a piece on Emulin and Dr. Joe Ahrens. This is the first of many news coverage for 2011 and beyond which we will share .

>mulin on FOX News

Emulin Discovered | Emulin on Fox 13 News | Tampa Bay | Jan 18, 2011

Emulin In The News | Denver Channel 7 | Joe Ahrens Emulin Presentation

Emulin In The News video #3

Channel 7 News in Orlando interviews with Joe Ahrens.   Dr. Joe explains the discovery and the effects and benefits of Emulin.  He states "we recognized that when people ate things that had high sugar in them, they did not develop diabetes".

Emulin on Denver News

Emulin In The News | Denver Channel 7 | Joe Ahrens Emulin Presentation

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