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Team Valentus United is a group of Valentus Independent Representatives. Valentus' vision has been to create a company, products, and opportunity built on integrity. That is their passion and their commitment. Our Team United members are huge advocates of Valentus, and our vision is right in line with theirs. 

The Name:

'Valentus' means 'prevail'. Those who prevail are strong and powerful with a characteristic of strong leadership.

A proper name for a company in an industry that creates leaders. Their V logo could be seen as being victorious, or as Victory. "At VALENTUS our mission is to help people PREVAIL in ALL aspects of their life!"

The Problem:

Losing weight and living healthy is a highly difficult task for most people. Millions of people struggle with it every day. We wish to make it a lot easier. So we created a company with products that can do that.

The Solution:

With Valentus Prevail Products, people all over the world are experiencing a new kind of vitality and health.


Made with the best natural ingredients from some of the most pristine areas on earth, we pride ourselves on creating products that are good for your body and that get results. 


Why Valentus:

People around the globe are gaining better health and fitness with our Valentus products. Containing all-natural high-tech health ingredients, Valentus offers products that create goodness and longevity. And they bring real results to everyday people.

Our Flagships:

The Valentus flagship products, SlimROAST® Optimum, and Prevail Emulin are known to be the best health products available today. Together with their existing lineup of high-tech health products, the Prevail line by Valentus is as good as it gets!

About Team Valentus United

Team Admins

Brett Gurney Team Valentus leader

Brett Gurney

Internet Marketer - Team Leader

Brett's passion is marketing online with SEO, blogs, video's and heavy Facebook engagement.

Jackie Boyle Team Valentus leader

Jackie Boyle

Network Marketer - Team Leader

Jackie is super active on Facebook and Social Media and an expert people connector and networker. 

Dori ONeill Team Valentus leader

Dori  ONeill

Network Marketer - Team Leader

Dori has all-around experience in all phases of networking and is a former successful MLM company owner.

Team Resources

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Team Valentus  United

A gathering spot for Team Valentus United members to support, train, and assist their fellow team members.

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Team Members  Site

Educational Valentus content for member education, training, sharing and prospecting.

About Valentus

Company Standards

Valentus Proven Effective

Proven Effective

Valentus will only offer proven products that are safe and effective. They are produced in well known established facilities and always backed by credible science .

Valentus Satisfaction-Guaranteed

Satisfied Customers

Satisfaction is the lifeblood of any product company. Valentus agrees. That is why they accept nothing less than the highest standards in quality and effective products that work.

Valentus Reliable research

Reliable Research

Valentus works hard at creating strong partnerships for ongoing research and development. They will continue providing exceptional health products that are safe and effective.

Flagship Products

kevin thomas valentus formulato

SlimROAST Optimum With Dynamine

SlimROAST Optimum with Dynamine requires more than a single nutrient. It needs a "stack" of many different high-performing nutrients working together. This stack of nutrients must be delivered to the right places in the brain. 

Made with all-natural appetite suppressants, "happy feel-good "ingredients, and detox elements, 
SlimROAST Optimum is powered by VASO6™. An antioxidant, nitrous oxide blend designed for optimal circulation and oxygen delivery. It's the perfect add-on to your weight loss regimen!

Valentus SlimROAST Optimum with Dynamine by Kevin Thomas

Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine
5 of 5 Stars
joe ahrens valentus formulato

Prevail Emulin M & C

Imagine this. A daily supplement that makes every kind of [carbohydrate] sugar behave properly in your body. An all-natural, patented blend of compounds that were meant by nature to be ingested with nearly everything we eat. But those compounds have been bred out of our modern, processed, diets.

Introducing  Prevail EMULIN™. The missing link to your health. Prevail EMULIN is a scientific breakthrough that has restored what nature intended.

"Everyone should be on Emulin. It should be a vitamin"  Joe Ahrens

Prevail Emulin C & M
5 of 5 Stars

Additional Products

Introducing our flagship products Prevail Emulin and SlimROAST Optimum, to Joe Ahrens' 24/7 Carb Burner and Kevin Thomas' M.O.R.E.+Detox, and the amazing PrevailMAX, accompanied by Prevail Energy™, Prevail Trim™, Prevail ImmunePrevail-K9™, Optimum COCOA, Breakthrough AM/PM™,and Prevail KETO Creamer™. With more coming!  The Prevail line of products by Valentus are second to none!

AND NOW .. the new line of skin care led by Instant Youth and Ageless! Keep an eye for the new never-seen-before Instant Youth sample program!

Valentus Products lineup

Most Recent Product Launches

Valentus has recently launched Dr. Joe Ahrens' Prevail Emulin and 24/7 Carb Burner ... and Kevin Thomas' M.O.R.E. + Detox and SlimRoast Optimum Cocoa.

Valentus Products recently Launched

The health and wellness space is a crowded and competitive category to be in these days. Any company will need to be a cut above the rest if they are going to make it.  We think Valentus fits that bill. They have set themselves apart from the crowd with unique products that give real results. The many testimonials are proof of this.

Dave Jordan, Valentus CEO and founder, began his career as a distributor in the direct sales industry.  So he knows well the struggles and what is needed in the field. We've been part of companies before with owners and management that had extensive corporate track records, but that were unfamiliar with MLM business models.

Those companies did not end well. The MLM experience is needed and really does matter. Dave has become a very successful company owner with his experience in all facets of the industry. And it's making a huge difference in the success of Valentus.

Valentus CEO & Founder Dave Jordan

Dave Jordan Valentus CEO

Dave Jordan

Valentus CEO & Founder

The ability to lead by example is one of Dave's most  ideal characteristics; rubbing elbows with the team to make great things happen. And he does it with passion and enthusiasm.

Dave was raised in a large family. He has 14 siblings. To say he is not a stranger to hard work would be an understatement. His principles have driven him to an exceptional success story. Starting with zero experience, no team, and no following, his hard work and determination served him well. With a genuine commitment to building the company of his dreams he has managed to establish himself as one of the most in demand network marketing leaders today.

Now, he is taking Valentus to become one of the hottest companies in the industry.

The Valentus Oppportunity

As proud Valentus team members, we proudly represent the company's innovative products. And we believe the opportunity is second to none for those that want to earn a serious part-time income or make a full-time career out of it. Watch the video below and learn exactly how the Valentus Powerline Marketing System can help anyone create in income with this great company.

Team Valentus United

The Power Of The Powerline

Valentus Launched In The Summer Of 2014

From July 2014 to January 2015, the company generated over $300,000. In 2015, with the addition of Prevail SlimROAST™, the company generated $3 million in sales and then made over $32 million in 2016. And then in 2019 it exploded. The company did more sales volume in 2019 then they did the entire 5 years combined before that. And it's only just beginning. Now with Dr. Joe Ahrens and his Prevail Emulin in combination with the new Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine it's almost unimaginable what is about to happen. 

Valentus Headquarters

 Valentus Headquarters

“Leader after leader are choosing to build with Valentus,” Dave says. “These are people who were making strong incomes at other companies but they want the Valentus culture.”

"This is a business, a company and products that can change your life. You can be all you want to be. It’s your business.” – Dave Jordan

Thank You

Thank you for visiting our Team Valentus United page. We appreciate your interest and hope you continue to follow this great company and their life-changing products. We think you should conduct a thorough inspection of everything that Valentus has to offer. We believe the Valentus MLM opportunity has massive potential and a high degree of probability for becoming and remaining a front runner in this category. We've included some easy to access articles below to make your Valentus evaluation easier for you.

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 Team Valentus United

"We are a group of Valentus reps and customers. Some of us are content using the products for better health and longevity. Others are building a business with Valentus to supplement our incomes or to create a full-time income. We are excited about our future with Valentus and the new products on the horizon.."